Best Humane mouse Trap

Best Humane Traps for Squirrel, Rat, and Mouse

At times our houses get infested with an attack of mice and we are clueless as to how to get rid of them. Most of the mouse traps kill the mice as soon as they come in contact with them. However then disposing of the body of the mouse becomes a cause of concern. This is because even after ample protection this way of removing them opens up your chances of contracting an infection.

In such situations, people look for humane rat traps to solve their mouse problem. These humane traps are the most primitive traps available and here the mice only get caught and are not killed. Here we will tell you more about the best humane traps available and how you can make them at home.

1. The Atomic Barbie Rat Trap – Small Animal Humane Live Cage

Endowed with a highly clever design the atomic Barbie rat trap is a convenient mode to catch mice, rat, squirrels, opossums, chipmunks, and rabbits. Since the product has been made of lightweight aluminum it is rust and corrosion resistant making it best for long time usage.

The atomic Barbie rat trap has a spring mechanism door which once closed does not open up easily hence reducing chances of any rodent escaping. The wire mesh present in the product is made of fine material and there is no damage to the rodent once he is inside the trap.

Humane mouse traps

However, some users complain that the quality of trap is not as per mark and their traps have broken after only one or two usages. This could be though just one of cases and hence if you are amongst those who are ready to take the pain of catching a rodent alive then the Atomic Barbie rat trap is the best option available to you.

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2. Humane Electronic Mouse Trap

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This electronic rat trap is marketed and distributed by Sav home and is provided with advanced smart circuit technology. This ensures that whichever rodent is caught inside the trap gets killed due to electrical current almost instantly. The electronic mouse trap has been divided into two sections.

One is the portion which has the circuit and the second one is the area where the rat gets trapped eventually. This ensures that the portion where the rat is caught can be cleaned with water without harming the electrical circuit inside.

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This trap also comes with an inbuilt indicator light and beeper alarms so once the kill is done you are informed immediately of the same. However, since the trap uses an electrical circuit it is not considered very safe for use in places where there are kids. Keeping this fact aside the electronic mouse trap is an almost flawless method of getting rid of the little pests in your house.

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3. Havahart 0745 One-Door Animal Trap

This live trap has dimensions of 16.8 in x 6.8 in x 7.1 in hence making it comfortable for trapping animals like rats, mice, chipmunks, squirrels etc. The patented design of the trap is such that the trigger rod is located outside the trap which reduces chances of the animals breaking the same once they are caught inside.

The Havahart 0745 One-Door Animal Trap comes with a fast gravity action door which quickly falls into place as soon as the trigger rod is pulled. The mesh provided in the trap has small openings hence the rodent does not get a chance to come out of the trap from that side.

However, one thing that is problematic here is that since the trigger rod is located outside even a slight bird brushing against it can cause the trap to trip over. In spite of that, the product is a worthwhile choice in case you are amongst those who are against cruelty against animals.

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Step by Step description to make a best humane traps

Step 1

First set up the items needed

  1. 18 ½ inch wood plank
  2. ​2-litre soft drink bottle
  3. ​Cloth hanger
  4. 3 Screws and 3 nuts

Step 2

Remove the label from the bottle. After cleaning up the bottle properly pick up the wood plank and cut a 2 ½ inch block from it. Then take the cloth hanger and cut its longest side apart. Reduce the size of the wire to 9 ½ inch size. You can then cut the remaining piece of the wire to 5 inches. Take the longer piece and bend it from around one inch towards the other side to make a U.

Then from the other side bend the other piece to form an L-shaped design. Again pick up the shorter piece and fold it 1 inch from both sides. Once that is done bend the piece again to make a V.

Step 3

Place the bottle on a pencil and find its balancing point. When found mark it on both sides of the bottle using a black marker. Mark another point almost half an inch above that point and circle with the marker. Using a drill make a hole in both the points marked.

Step 4

Humane mouse traps

Next, mark a point at 5 inches on the wood plank and fit one set of screw and nut there. After fitting the first L-shaped piece we made in step 2 tighten the screw and nut. Remember the tall side of the wire should be facing the upward side. Balance the bottle and let the wire pass between both its holes. Make sure that the mouth of the bottle should be at least 2 inches above the wooden plank.

Step 5

Pick up the small piece of wood left and fix the second set of screw and nut along with the V-shaped piece of wire there. On the plank which holds the bottle make a one-inch mark and fix the third set of screw and nut there. Next place the second piece of wood such that the open side of the wire fits well into the third screw set. Make sure that the bottle has enough space to move around but not enough for the mouse to escape from its mouth.

Humane mouse traps

You might have to make a few adjustments to get the position right. Next, use a paper clip or cloth clip to close the other side of the wire passing through the bottle. In the end place, strong smelling bait at the tip of the bottle and your humane bottle trap is ready to use.

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