Best Mosquito Magnet Reviews

Best Mosquito Magnet Reviews in 2019 & Buying Guide

According to me, the Mega-Catch Pro 900 ULTRA Mosquito Trap is the most effective as it finishes the mosquitoes instantly. It uses a very practical method which not only kills mosquitoes but also prevents further infestation.

Post a full-fledged research, I have come up with a list of top mosquito magnets that are very good in what they do. Have a look at this mosquito magnet review and make an informed choice.

6 Best Mosquito Magnet Comparison

Mosquitoes get on our nerves, literally. They land on us, suck our blood and leave behind an itchy sensation and cause malaria in extreme situations.

Mosquitoes can ruin our outdoor sports or summer evenings. This is where mosquito magnets come to our rescue.

Mosquito magnets, presently, are world’s best long-term solution that provides a full proof mosquito free environment around you.

 It is not a temporary repelling machine, but an effective trap that executes mosquitoes. Besides this, these also damage the breeding cycle of the mosquitoes.

Mosquito magnets curb the violence of mosquitoes by attracting them towards themselves. Gradually the mosquitoes are trapped and killed.

If not prevented, mosquito bites can lead to numerous diseases. Hence, it is wise to curb these disease causing fatal organisms.

The best mosquito magnets not only gets you rid of mosquitoes in the blink of an eye but also saves you the time and effort of trying different magnets again and again.

An ineffective mosquito magnet will only drain your money without any results.

Check Out below Reviews

#1. Mega-Catch Pro 900 ULTRA Mosquito Trap

This is the best mosquito killer for both indoor and outdoor uses.

When it comes to repelling mosquitoes, everyone craves for a more permanent solution than mosquito nets.

The Ultra Mosquito Trap, will not only clear off your immediate area but regular and timed usage will work towards diminishing their breeding cycles as well.

The advanced Mosquito Attracting Guide targets not just mosquitoes in general, but proves lethal to particular species, when tuned to be so.

While in an indoor setting, it renders the room effectively mosquito free, the real purpose of this magnet is to banish mosquitoes outdoors.

It has an optional CO2 cylinder that, when operated outdoor, will interrupt the maliciously expanding mosquito population at its very root.

The possibility of attracting all the pests in the vicinity increases exponentially which more or less translates to an ensured mosquito-free environment for a few days at least.

I usually repeat this every few days in my garden, so as to put the stopper on any newly born mosquitoes.

However, the downside to this amazing technology comes in the lack of an included CO2 cylinder.

That is a purchase that you would have to make separately. But if you do find yourself motivated to go the extra mile, it works like an anti-mosquito charm.

That is something all of us, the garden-owners, can only dream about.

Feature We Like

  • Increases attraction rate by 400% with the CO2 cylinder.
  • Targets specific species.
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor.
  • Interrupts the breeding process

We Dislike

  • Ensemble does not include a CO2 cylinder.

#2. Toddler and Pet-Friendly Magnetic Screen Door, Mesh Curtain

I could not have afforded to miss this Toddler and Pet-Friendly Magnetic Screen Door out from the list of mosquito magnet reviews.

This magnetic screen door comes with a very convenient installation process.

Anybody, irrespective of whether it is a human or a pet, can walk through it without hindering the effectiveness of the equipment.

It is built out of super quality mesh. It even closes automatically in case you have a habit of forgetting to close doors.

This product is an overall winner and comes with very effective features.

Like the previous product, this too has been designed keeping in mind the optimal safety of the pets and young kids.

Feature We Like

  • It is very easy to clean..
  • You can install and remove it as per your convenience.
  • It is very effective and keeps the mosquitoes out of the house.
  • It opens and closes automatically.

We Dislike

  • For tall people, it becomes quite difficult to easily pass through this curtain as it only opens up fully at the bottom.

#3. Mosquito Magnet MM3300 Executive Mosquito Trap

As sadistic as it sounds, it is a pleasure to sit back that watch those tiny blood-thirsty annoyances called mosquitoes marching or rather, flying to their deaths.

And it is even better, if the expense is minimum from your end.

A bit different in its technology than the Ultra Mosquito Trap, it does not use a direct infusion CO2 to attack the mosquitoes.

What this beauty requires is a separate propane tank, whereupon it converts the propane to CO2 and kills mosquitoes.

It is relatively a bit more complicated.

It is cleverly designed with the propane, converting the gas into what emulates as human breath.

That draws the mosquitoes to itself even more effectively before it kills them off.

This trap is equipped to note the temperature variance and suitable turn on or turn off timings without causing any damage to itself.

Moreover, this maneuver saves you the trouble of purchasing a more than proportionate amount of propane tanks. It reduces the fuel usage and saves your money in the process.

It comes equipped in a set that includes a Northern Region Season Bundle. This consists of a very thoughtful Replacement Net that spares you the horror of sorting out a mass of dead bugs.

You can just empty the net without touching the bugs. Moreover, the Octenol Insect Attractant stimulates a version of the human breath that attracts the insects to itself.

Feature We Like

  • Comes with a net to catch the mosquitoes.
  • Comes with an octenol insect attractant.
  • Emulates human breath to attract mosquitoes.
  • Turns off by itself at high temperatures.

We Dislike

  • Have to buy as separate propane cylinder.

#4. Blue Rhino SV3100 SkeeterVac Mosquito Eliminator

When it first purchased this, I have to admit that I was less impressed after the legacy left behind by the Ultra mosquito Magnet.

But this was my first venture into propane tanks and I was curious.

It worked as well as I expected with a CO2 conversion rate of 27000 cc per hour.

Like the previous Executive Mosquito Magnet, this too lacks the additional propane tank that I would have preferred to be equipped with.

But the extra purchase is not that much of an expense.

I was a bit squinty about its waterproofing, considering that this is primarily and outdoor appliance.

But it comes with a rain cover, which as minor as it may sound, was a blessing in disguise.

The mosquitoes are rendered incapacitated by a vacuum setting. A step ahead of those magnets which are generic to mosquito species and their flying patterns, the knob can be set to attune to the one that afflicts your garden the most.

Of course, for that, you have to know the specific species of mosquitoes that you suffer through each day.

Nevertheless, it does clear off about an acre of land and keeps it pest-free. There is a special motion-lightning design that further draws the mosquitoes in to ensure their death.

Feature We Like

  • High CO2 rate.
  • Vacuum setting and sticky traps.
  • Comes with a rain cover.
  • Can be attuned to specific species.
  • Motion lightning design to draw in pests.

We Dislike

  • Propane tank not included.

#5. Mosquito Magnet MM4200 Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap

The CounterFlow technology incorporated in this mosquito magnet is pretty straightforward and highly effective.

It basically releases carbon dioxide, moisture, and heat in a correct proportion to attract mosquitoes towards the magnet.

This unit is an ideal suit for you if the infested area measures around 1 acre.

It also contains a large bug trap bag which can easily capture a huge number of mosquitoes as well as midgets and some other insects.

What really makes this product stand above the rest is the fact that it breaks the breeding cycle of the mosquitoes.

This is certainly the most sensible and full-proof method to eliminate these pesky creatures.

I loved the 50-feet long power cord. It let me position the trap in any corner of the property.

For best results, place the trap in an open area, close to the presumed breeding ground for the mosquitoes.

The self-contained mosquito net of this trap is crafted to perfection. It not only minimizes the risk of escaping.

The trap is well-built using premium marine-grade materials. The mosquitoes can be littered with ease too.

Feature We Like

  • Durable construction.
  • Large bug trap bag for trapping a lot of mosquitoes and easy disposal.
  • Uses scientifically proven the technology to nip the problem in the bud.

We Dislike

  • Takes a while to start up.


There is no wisdom in purchasing magnets after magnets in search of that one right mosquito magnet that actually does its job.

Mosquitoes do not come with a warning but they do bring in a list of fatal diseases and epidemics that are sure to harm your lives after a certain point of time.

Hence, it will not be a good idea to let this matter pass for now. It will only harm your health or that of your loved ones.

Once you have an informed knowledge of your needs, not a single mosquito can harm you. In this mosquito magnet review, I have compiled a list of effective mosquito magnets that you can purchase without a single doubt.

These magnets are very good at their job. Hope this guide lets you make the right decision.

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