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Best Mouse Trap Reviews in 2020 – A Complete Guide


The Electronic Mouse Trap by Pestrax tops my list of the best mouse trap. It provides a long-term solution against mice infestation without using any harmful chemicals. However, if the infestation is severe, you can resort to a powerful treatment like Mouse Size Glue Traps Sticky Boards for the best results.

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With the invention of mouse traps, it has become very easy to get rid of rodents infesting your house. Different kinds of traps depending on your needs are available and all aim at catching mice.

The most common mouse trap is a snap trap which once baited can appeal to mice and prove to be very effective. Then there are glue traps. However effective, these can be quite inhumane.

Nowadays with the advent of technology, electric traps are also available. These use safe and humane ways of getting rid of the rodents.

With the help of an effective mouse trap, you can easily get rid of infestations. However, an ineffective trap only takes a toll on your efforts as well as your pocket besides the fact that the rodents are still there in your house.

I think the Electric Mouse Trap by Pestrax is the most effective mouse trap as it is harmless and chemical free. However, its very good alternative is the Pest Soldier

Go through this mouse trap review below to get the most effective trap for your home.

Editor’s Pick : Best Mouse Trap In 2017

Image Trap Editor’s Rating Price
best mouse trap Pestrax Electronic Mouse Trap 9.8/10 Default button text
best mouse trap Vensmile Humane Smart Mouse Trap 9.8/10 Default button text
best mouse trap
The AtomicBarbie Humane Rat Trap
9.5/10 Default button text
best mouse trap
Ultrasonic Repeller by Pest Mania for Rodents and Insects
9.4/10 Default button text

Pest Soldier Electronic Plug Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller for Insects

9.4/10 Default button text
Pest Control Ultrasonic Rodents & Insects Repellent
9.6/10 Default button text
best mouse trap
Ultrasonic Electronic Indoor Pest Control Plug-for Insects and Rodents
9.6/10 Default button text
best mouse trap
Mouse Glue Traps Sticky Boards by CRANACH
9.7/10 Default button text
The Amazing Starter Bait Humane Rat Trap
9.5/10 Default button text

Pestrax Electronic Mouse Trap

best mouse trap

Rodent infestation itself causes a lot of mess. You wouldn’t want to take it up a notch higher with rat carcass and bloodshed, would you?

This is why electronic mouse traps are a way better alternative to snap traps or mouse zappers.

This electronic mouse trap by Pestrax exerts 7000 volts electric shock to paralyze and eventually kill the rodents.

Although it is not practically possible to kill a living creature painlessly, the best you can do is giving it a quick death. Once the rats are trapped and terminated, you just have to dump the carcasses into the trash. As simple as that.

Now you must be wondering whether it is safe to use when you have children and pet in the house. Well, thankfully, the device is completely kids-safe as you won’t be using rat poison as bait.

As far as the pet-safety is concerned, the paws of dogs or cats are too large to fit into the trap. Even if a kitten or puppy gets zapped, they won’t be able to reach the bottom metal plate of the trap.

The equipment won’t generate the electric shock unless that plate is touched. So, no worries about that. The trap uses two different signals to alert you when the mice are zapped and killed. Red light to indicate that the rodent has been caught and green to imply termination.


  • Generates 7000 voltage electric shock to quickly kill the rodents.
  • Other than rats and mice, it also works on squirrels and chipmunks.
  • Kids and pet-safe.
  • Light indicators.


Sometimes, the green light would beep even when there’s no dead mouse inside the trap. The probable reason might be high humidity.

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Vensmile Humane Smart Mouse Trap

best mouse trap

It’s not easy for everyone to just kill an innocent creature for something they are genetically predisposed to do.

Mice, rats are other rodents infest our properties merely in search of food. Since the idea of living with rats in pretty insane, you need to drive them away in some way or the other.

This unique mouse trap by Vensmile only traps the mouse, it doesn’t kill them. Once the prey is caught, you can set them free in a far-off place. No pain, no bloodshed.

You have to put the bait, ideally peanut butter or cheese inside the chamber. Keep one door open from where the mice can enter. Once they enter the trap, they would be drawn towards the bait which is close to the trap.

So, once they reach far enough inside the chamber, the trap is triggered and tsh! The inside of the chamber has air holes so, they will remain alive and frisky even if they are trapped inside for a while day.

To release the rodents, bring the trap to an open place, lift the end compartment and say goodbye to the little menaces.

To prepare the trap for future use, wash the chamber with hot water to remove the odor left behind by the rodents.

The equipment is completely safe to use both indoors and outdoors. Since no harmful chemical is used as bait, your children and pets won’t be at risk too.


  • Doesn’t kill the rats, only traps them.
  • You need a small amount of peanut butter as bait.
  • The trap has air holes.
  • Easy to clean.


The size of the trap is too small for rodents larger than rats and mice.

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Atomicbarbie Humane Rat Trap (Best Rat Trap)

best mouse trap

When it comes to choosing the best rat traps, the Atomic Barbie Rat Trap is the first one that comes to my mind.

It is a light weight trap build of aluminum and is very resistant to corrosion. All thanks to its design, it is capable of catching even small rodents.

It is built efficiently with a spring door mechanism that comes with a latch.

The door of this rat trap is triggered by spring and comes with a latch. It has an innovative design and runs on an effective mechanism that successfully catches rats.

This rat trap is made of a very fine quality wire mesh. The best thing about this trap is that it is safe for everybody.



  • It is built of a fine wire mesh hence it is equally harmless even for the catch.
  • It is very easy to handle as the cage handle that is attached, is bent at a right angle in a way that it can be shipped along with the box without taking any extra space.
  • The trigger mechanism is quick and easily helps you to catch a rodent irrespective of however fast it is moving.


  • Even though it has amazing functions, the product used for its construction is of a poor quality. This built has a room for improvement.

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JT Eaton 409BULK Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap (This Product Is Out Of Market)

Best Mouse trap

The Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap is very small in size and can be used for both solid and liquid bait. As compared to traditional baits, this is the best mouse trap bait and is easier to set up. It has a red label that indicates whether the trap is properly set.

This way it becomes easier to set than, at least easier than setting more than one trap. The high-tension spring in this model exterminates rats and other rodents as well.

It is built using long lasting plastic and has a small size. Thus, you can easily place it in narrow places. The Eaton rat trap works best with solid and liquid bait.

I would strongly recommend using the trap with JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block for optimal impact. First-generation anti- coagulants like this have to be consumed for about a week to show its effects. This is the best mouse trap bait for small mice scurrying around the basement and garage.

To sum it up, the company’s motto is to design and distribute products that have the capability to eliminate pests and this product seem to do just that



  • It is built using durable plastic which implies that it can even be placed in small and congested places.
  • The biggest advantage with this rat trap is that can be reused.
  • Once this trap is appropriately set up, the label indicates whether the trap is ready to use. This enables you to set up numerous traps and even lessens the chances of false alarms.


  • Even though these traps effectively catch mice, they do not seem to kill them which is a bit of a trade-off.

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Ultrasonic Repeller by Pest Mania for Rodents and Insects

best mouse trap

More photo & price on

This is one of the best mouse traps that comes with the latest design and is a new rodent repellent. Its ultrasonic frequencies chase all the rodents out of the house.

We usually spend a lot of bucks and time on searching for the right poison traps and once we have found one, it becomes a matter of grave danger as it is very harmful.

But with this Ultrasonic Repeller , there is no such issue. It is absolutely safe for children and pets. You simply need to plug it in and all kinds of small and big rodents escape from the house.

This Rodent Repeller is eco-friendly as well as chemical free and requires a minimum level of maintenance. You won’t find the need to clean up the dead rodents and mice as it shoos them away instantly.


  • This trap is very safe to use even by the kids and does not harm anybody except the rodents.
  • Besides that, it is very much eco-friendly and unlike other repellents, it is chemical free too.
  • It comes with attached guidelines that require you to install a repellent for each floor.
  • It is absolutely easy to use.


  • That only disadvantage that tags along with it is that it takes up to one to two weeks to completely erase the prints of rodents from your home.

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Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap

best mouse trap

More photo & price on

This is another product that can be counted among the best baits for a mouse trap.

This is a different kind of a go to trap that has been built using certified wood.

On top of that, it has been used in the most environment-friendly way possible.

Once your job is done, you can easily throw these traps away or store them for re-use as they remain efficient even after multiple uses.

You can blindly trust this rat trap as it hails from a very old brand. It has a base made of original wood which is assisted by wire trap that has a trip pedal made of metal.

It is the perfect trap for trapping a mouse while it’s running away. It can be of much use both indoors and outdoors. It can be used even around pets and children as it has no poison.


  • This bait is effective, simple and absolutely reliable.
  • Unlike its competitors that have fancy attractions and complex setting up methods, this trap is easy to use.
  • Besides these functions, it has the best kill rate too.
  • It catches the rodents quickly and doesn’t even make the place messy.


  • Nonetheless, one thing you should be carefully dealing with is over-baiting. If left unattended, it can turn out to be its biggest disadvantage.

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Pest Soldier Electronic Plug Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (Best Ultrasonic mouse trap )

best mouse trap

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This electric mouse trap has been designed for a double impact. It instantly chases away the rodents from your house.

Its range of ultrasonic frequency has been fine tuned which increases its intensity that makes the pests to rush out from your house.

It works great and gives significant results. It ensures a full proof home protection. You won’t feel the need to use any kind of poisonous traps or citronella candles.

These repellers make use of secure and inaudible sound waves that are pet-friendly, to keep the rodents miles away from your house.

The electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves that cross through your walls, furniture or any kind of assets can drive away the bugs and rats without causing any harm to your family members. Also, it does not leave behind any messy situation for you to clean up.


  • It ensures entire home protection and detects the presence of pests before they enter the house.
  • With the help of electromagnetic radiations that will pass through the assets in your house, you can easily drive out the rodents.
  • It even takes off the worry of your little ones and pets.
  • It also helps you get rid of the roaches along with keeping your house clean.


  • One disadvantage that comes with it is that its effect stays on for a short period of time.

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Pest Control Ultrasonic Rodents & Insects Repellent

best mouse trap

More photo & price on

This ultrasonic pest controller is the best bait for mouse trap. It produces low frequency waves that cannot be heard by humans.

The rodents that reside in the house are not immune to this sound and will hence, leave your house within three weeks of its usage.

It basically uses the electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves combined together to drive the rodents away. For effective results, you will need to use one such repellent for each room.

It is not accompanied by any poisonous chemicals or sprays, hence this trap does not kill the pests, instead it only makes them go away.

It needs the least maintenance and creates no mess, the sole reason being that it does not kill pests. An added advantage is that it emits no false odor unlike other kinds of traps.


  • It is very non-violent and a clean system. It only chases away the rodents from your house. Hence, you don’t need to worry yourself with cleaning the traps every time a rodent dies.
  • It is environment friendly and not at all toxic.
  • It comes with a control button for controlling the night light. It also comes with glue straps using which you can get rid of the rodents faster.


  • It can only be used for indoor purposes.

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Ultrasonic Electronic Indoor Pest Control Plug-( Best humane mouse trap )

best mouse trap

More photo & price on

This is the best humane mouse trap for indoors that you will find. It does not kill the rodents with toxic chemicals and substances, instead just makes them go away from your house for good.

It reduces the contact of humans with disease-causing insects. It can chase anything from rats to ants, away from your house.

It releases low-frequency sound waves that cannot be heard by humans or pets hence are harmless to them.

It needs only plugging in and is capable of driving away the pests spread over a wide range of area.

Along with each is provided free glue traps which you can use at the same time to chase the pests away faster. This safe-to-use pest repellent does not leave even a single paw print for you to clean up.


  • You simply need to plug it in and the pests will gradually start to decrease and reduce to zero within 3 to 4 weeks.
  • No external power source, like batteries, are required. Once the rodents have fled, this repellent continuously repels all insects and keeps them away for good.
  • It is environment-friendly.
  • It is absolutely safe for the family members.


  • The only restriction that tags along with this repeller is that it should be kept 30 cm away from the floor with nothing blocking this device in order to let it function effectively.

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CRANACH 5 Piece Mouse Trap, Glue Boards

More photo & price on

This mouse trap consists of good quality glue boards which is evenly distributed throughout the surface and makes the entire process of catching a mouse, effortless and easy.

Its base material which is made up of a thicker glue board increases its chances of not being dragged away by the rats.

It uses high-quality glue which is evenly distributed along the surface. The glue surfaces have a heightening knob.

This stops the glue on both sides from sticking to each other. In a way, it also increases the lifetime of the trap.

An added benefit of using this glue trap is that changes in weather do not affect the lifespan of the glue trap.


  • It comes with a heightened knob that prevents the glue from sticking to each other. This increases the proximity of storing it for a longer period of time.
  • These glue boards can be used whenever required, irrespective of weather changes. Also, it can be used conveniently in homes and offices, alike. You simply need to open and keep it wherever you observe rats and dispose of it once the mouse is trapped.
  • It can also be used with a bait for better results.


  • However, a disadvantage with it is that it inflicts a slow death on the rats and other rodents.

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The Amazing Starter Bait Humane Rat Trap

best mouse trap

More photo & price on

This humane rat trap is one of the most effective products available.

It has a great design and is easy to use. Different baits like sausages, peanut butter, and cheese can be used.

However, it seems to work best with meat as rats are more attracted towards it. It is a product specially designed for animal lovers.

Once the rodent nears the bait put by you, the rat trap senses its presence and shuts the door close, thereby caging the rat inside.

The trap has a unique design that has stood the test of time. It is absolutely safe for pets and children. As for catching the rodents, it can be used with any kind of bait. It is the best mice trap out there.


  • It is not at all toxic and is very safe for children and pets and can be used with any kind of bait.
  • This rat trap is absolutely resistant to corrosion and can last a lifetime. It is assisted by a spring triggered mechanism.
  • Even though it is purely escape-proof, it is absolutely harmless to the catch. The rat stays inside safe and alive until you free it outdoor in an open area.


  • If you release the trap outdoors, the rodent might come back. Hence, you will need to make an extra effort to empty the trap far off from your house in a disposal site so that it does not come back.

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Sunshine Adhesive Glue Board Trap for Mouse, Rat, Lizards 

best mouse trap

More photo & price on

The adhesive glue pad is among the best rat traps that have become a well-known product among pest control companies and homemakers alike.

The stick glue pad comes with a strong adhesive that can poison and trap the rat and kill it slowly and steadily.

The glue is made from natural rubber and hence, not a big threat to the environment.

All you have to do is open the pad and place some food in the center as bait.

Then place the stick pad in a corner that the mouse frequently visits and you’re sorted.


  • The trap once it catches and kills the rat can be reused, unlike its peers where the trap rendered useless after one use.
  • The adhesive is made from natural rubber and has very little percentage of chemicals
  • The product guarantees immediate results, it works effectively in trapping the rat who cannot escape the sticky glue no matter how hard he tries.
  • The pad is large enough to trap full-grown adult mice, moles, and lizards as well


  • The rat trap, though effective, is not as quick as a metallic trap
  • The mouse is killed slowly and often has to suffer for a long time

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Know about the Types of Mouse Traps

Electric Mouse Traps

 Electric Mouse Trap

These traps catch mice very quickly. To get the best results, you need to get numerous electric mouse traps and place them in strategic locations. Because these traps are reusable, they are a cost effective solution.

These are harmless to the residents of the house and very silently rid your house of these rodents again without killing them.

It’s bait station is located on the rear side of the product. This forces the rat to completely get into the trap. As soon as the mouse steps in, the trap releases a high volt current which instantly electrocutes the mouse.

Post this, you can simply flip the lid open and empty the carcass into the bin, re-bait the product and its ready for use again. Because the product is covered in plastic, you don’t need to touch the dead mouse to empty it. It is reusable and lasts for years.

They are quite expensive. However, once you purchase one of these rat traps, you won’t need to buy another for a very long time. Hence, it could be a one-time investment.

If you are looking for a long term solution and are ready to pinch your pocket for some cash then electric mouse traps are what you should purchase.

Snap Traps

 Snap Trap

The most traditional mouse traps known as rat traps are widely used and easily available. It comes with a spring mechanism where as soon as the catch enters the trap, the metal door shuts and kills the rodent.

Since the trap is placed at right angles instead of a straight line, it closes faster and traps more rats.

It is easy to set up. The release bar is placed in such a way that you will not need to touch the dead rat. The traps are made of steel, thus they can be re- used. It is the most inexpensive of all types of traps and is quick and efficient.

The issue with snap traps is that you will still be seeing the dead rat or other rodents. If you are up for a viable and economic solution that doesn’t go hard on your wallet, then snap trap is the best choice.

Catch and Release Traps

 Catch and release trap

These are the best humane traps available as they just catch the rodents without killing them. You need to put the bait near the entry of the trap door and open the trap door.

As soon as the rodent is attracted towards the bait, the trap senses its presence, thereby quickly closing the door and forcing the rodent inside the trap.

Live catch traps don’t kill the catch. Instead, it requires the residents to release the catch in natural environment once the trap catches the rodents.

You need to keep an eye on these traps as the prey will alive and not dead. You will also need to drive them to a far off location. If they are released close to the house, they may keep coming back.

If you are an animal lover and you just cannot hurt even an ant, however, critical the situation is, then purchase a catch and release Trap. It is the best choice for a peaceful solution.

Ultrasonic Pest Controller

Ultrasonic pest controllers are the best mouse trap alternatives if you don’t want to kill mice and just chase them away. These rodent repellers just need to be plugged into the socket.

Ultrasonic radiations are then released which drive the insects and roaches away from the house. They last for a very long period but you need to follow the instructions carefully.

These units come in a variety depending upon the size of the room. You need to put a specific unit in its appropriate room size otherwise, it will give no results.

However, if you have a large home, these ultrasonic waves might not reach each nook and corner of the house where mice live. They are more of a repellent than a rat trap.

If you are lazy enough to set traps and dispose them from time to time and you don’t want a messy situation every time a rodent is checked out then Ultrasonic Pest Controller is for you.

Glue Trap

Best Mouse trap

Glue traps immobilize the rats as soon as they stick to the glue board. They catch the rodents in the same way as for snap traps by killing their catch.

These traps catch the mouse on a sticky hard surface. Once the mouse is caught, you need to throw away the trap.

There is no form of a snapping mechanism that would, in any way, hurt your fingers. However, this is not the most humane way of getting rid of mice as the glue only sticks the mouse on its surface.

The mouse gradually dies due to the absence of food and water. This slow death is most cruel. Hence, this is the least preferred trap.


You purchase rat traps after rat traps, yet the rodents seem to like your place a lot, then its time you put your thinking caps on. You cannot go on like this until these rodents create havoc in your sweet home.

Being analytical comes really handy in these cases. You need to know your requirement, as well as your budget and the necessity of the situation. Once you are well informed about your needs and choices, nothing can stop you from buying the right product at one go.

The best mouse traps available in the market saves both your effort and time of trying traps after traps for getting rid of these roaches. In this review, I’ve tried to go through every aspect of what an effective mouse trap should be.

Hopefully, you now are clear of the kind of product you need to purchase. With this, I end this guide wishing and hoping you make the right choice for yourself.

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