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Best Mouse Trap Reviews in 2020 – Buying Guides

No matter how much we adore Jerry, in reality, rats can cause quite a nuisance in a house. Primary among them being damaged furniture and carpets. These days, these tiny rodents literally don’t give a rat’s ass to even the cats, forget humans!

So, what could possibly be the solution?

Enter the mouse trap which ensures that catching mice becomes a breezy task, and your home stays rodent-free.

The best mouse trap will obviously help you tackle the mouse infestation problem in the house. To compromise with the quality of a mouse trap would obviously negate any possible chances you might have of actually catching any mice. You might just end up chasing the rodents around the house.

When looking for the best rat trap, the price is not the only aspect that should matter to you. After researching the internet for a whole day, I have come with the top 10 mouse traps. All of them are unique in some way or the other and do their job well.

Experts Pick: Top 10 Best Mouse Trap In 2020

#1. Kness Snap-E Mouse Trap

Kness SNAP-E Mouse / Mouse Control Easy Set Re-usuable Snap Traps

The Kness Snap-E, according to me, is the most potent mouse traps in terms of efficiency. In a market segment saturated with the most promising products around the mouse trap manages to shine and how.

The premier looks and feel of the product it’s beautifully supported by its superior performance to make it one of the most desirable products in the market right now.


  • Made from a combination of plastic and galvanized steel
  • The spring bar is sensitive
  • Available in various sizes and quantities
  • Smaller mice are guaranteed to be killed

In-depth Review

  • The first thing that struck me upon using the product is its obvious ease of use. The mouse-trap was extremely easy to set up. It was effective, to say the least, and the performance of the product will leave even the staunchest of critics silenced.
  • In some of the mouse traps I had used previously, I noticed that the bait cup was extremely small. This allowed only a limited amount of bait to be placed, thus compromising the performance of the device.
  • However, the Kness Snap-E, being one of the better products in the market, is equipped with a preformed bait cup that allows for baiting. This makes this product have the best bait for mouse trap.
  • I found cleaning the mousetrap to be a very comfortable job. There were no mice stains or odor which is very common if you have been using wooden variants. The product is also extremely durable, and the polystyrene and the steel construction ensure that the thing can be used for ages to come.
  • A word of caution, though, the sensitive nature of the trap and the strong spring obviously should be set away from children and pets who may come to harm on using the trap.
  • The spring of the mousetrap is of the highest quality
  • Extremely Durable
  • ​Easy to clean
  • The best bait for a mouse trap
  • Nothing really



The Kness Snap-E has constantly been rated to be the best mouse trap in its segment ever since it was launched into the market. Rightly it does occupy the first position in my list.

The success of the product just goes on to show that it is not difficult to get all the desired factors in the right measure and having done that would obviously ensure its success. If performance is your prerogative, I would highly recommend the Kness Snap-E to be the best product in its segment.

#2. Trapper T Rex Rat Traps (1 Case - 12 traps)

Trapper T Rex Rat Traps

Almost matching up to the Kness Snap-E but just not quite, the Trapper T Rex mouse trap promises to deliver a lot. Whether it manages to deliver on that promise is the question at hand. At the onset, let me assure you that the Trapper T Rex is a great rodent control trap.

While not having as potent bait capacity as its nearest competitor, the trap can be attributed to have one of the best bait for mouse traps in this segment. There is a host of features incorporated within the product that allows the product its marketable success.


  • Quick response time for greater efficiency
  • Durable polystyrene plastic
  • Easy to set
  • Bait cup for easy baiting

In-depth Review

    • Given that both the Kness Snap-E and the Trapper T Rex are possible competitors for the crown of the trap, it is hardly surprising that they share a host of common features. The first among such features that I noticed was the bait cup which was designed to facilitate easy baiting.
    • In a fashion quite similar to its competitor, it also is extremely easy to clean and does not retain the stains, spots or stink of mice. The product can also be used easily, and I did not have to fumble over the various nuances of figuring out what went where.
    • The mouse trap has an extremely fast quick response time which is sure to reassert its reputation as one of the best rat traps available in the market right now. The built of the product is extremely durable and thanks to the polystyrene and steel construction, the product is guaranteed to last for years to come.
    • The Trapper T Rex has a fairly innovative disposal system where all you need to do is to pinch the end together, and the rat would be released from the trap as well as the trap being reset. I would recommend that you use a rat bait gel to get better results.
  • The response time of the product is extremely short
  • The rodent can be easily disposed
  • ​Bait cup
  • Ease of use
  • There are obviously some issues with the durability of the product.
  • While the performance has initially been par excellence, the performance levels decrease over time.


Honestly, it is a tough choice choosing between the Kness Snap-E and the Trapper T Rex given their similarity. The two products have almost the same features, and this often makes choosing a little difficult. However, if durability is not necessarily an issue with you, then I would recommend you to buy the Trapper T Rex.

#3. PestNoMore Rodent Zapper - Electronic Rat Trap (Latest version)

PestNoMore Rodent Zapper-Electronic Trap

If you are tired of old generation mouse traps, the PestNoMore is what you need to consider investing in. The traps literally zap mice to death and also convey that message to you through an alarm.

Cool eh? Loaded with a lot of safety features that render it safe around children and pets, this new modern age mousetrap leaves no stone unturned to cleanse your house of rodents.

The zapper kills rats instantly, thereby saving them from the pain associated with dying by the methods adopted by older mouse traps. The PestNoMore eradicates rodents simply and effectively.


  • High voltage triple shock technology
  • Multiple safety protection features
  • 3 step rodent control
  • Alternative power sources, batteries can be used
  • LED wire

In-depth Review

  • I was extremely excited to use the PestNoMore for a variety of reasons. The most primary of them being that this was the first time I happened to be using an electric mouse trap. Initially, I was apprehensive about using a sophisticated device. However, once I started using it, I was blown away by its apparent simplicity and ease of use.
  • The mousetrap uses a three-step process that you can easily follow to use this product effectively. The three steps are as follows: 1) Bait 2) Wait and 3) Eliminate. These steps basically sum up the way the product works.
  • I found the PestNoMore to be the best alternative to the old manual rat trap. As opposed to the traditional mousetrap, the product creates no bloody mess, and there is an absolute zero gore. For the ones who are a bit apprehensive about seeing dead rats, this is the one for you. The closed cover ensures that you do not need to see the carcass while disposing of the rodent.
  • The mouse trap incorporates high voltage triple shock technology that kills rodents almost instantaneously. I was initially worried about what such high voltage would mean for people with children around the house. But there are plenty of features that are present in the product that allows it to be totally safe around children.
  • There are also some useful little additions included in the product which make it quite optimum for home use. For instance, the wire of the mouse trap has LED light on it, thus allowing it to be seen n the dark. The product is equally suitable for home and office use and is definitely worth a try.

Best Mouse Trap

  • Pet and children safety
  • Kills mice instantly
  • Easy to use and auto-clean
  • Short length power cord
  • In some instances, there were false alarms given out


Granted it takes getting used to the product. But that is only because the PestNoMore is very different from any other mouse traps you may have used before. However, once you do get used to this product, there is absolutely no turning back.

This product is highly recommended if you are comfortable with this technology around the house and is one of the best rat traps in the humane mouse traps segment.

#4. Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap RZC001

Rat Zapper Ultra Indoor Electronic Rat Trap

The Rat Zapper RZC001 is widely marketed as the most efficient electric mouse trap. Over the years, it has gained a steady reputation for being something of a classic.

With steady performance and general durability, the rat trap does live up to the classic in its name.

Unlike the PestNoMore which furnishes itself with a lot of features, the RZC001 aims to kill. Plain and simple. Just put in the bait, set the trap and forget about rodents plaguing your house ever again.


  • Easy to clean and use
  • Multiple power sources can be used on batteries too
  • Safety features
  • No hands operation
  • No poison or chemicals used

In-depth Review

  • The RZC001 features on my list at number 4 for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the product has a no-nonsense approach. I was distinctly impressed with its simplistic and yet efficient design. The product did not use any poisons or chemicals but merely used electric shocks to kill rats. This is actually a good idea, especially if you have pets around the house that could eat things easily.
  • The rat trap is extremely easy to use. I for one did not have any trouble installing it. I just had to insert the batteries at the affixed place and flip the switch, and I was good to go. There are panels with indicator and if a rat has been killed, the red light will glow indicating the same. All you need to do at this point is to tip the rat into the trash.
  • This no see, no touch approach of the trap is highly lauded by me and as such that it is also very hygienic and convenient. This makes the RZC001 a great product to be used in homes and offices and in any case involving rodent infestations.
  • A word of caution, however, since the device is electrically operated, it would be a good idea to keep it away from children and pets to prevent any accidents from occurring.
  • Ease of use and simplistic design
  • Hands-free disposal of rodents
  • ​No poisonous substances
  • The best bait for rat traps
  • There have been instances when rat urine had disabled the system


The RZC001 by lieu of coming in at number 4 on this list is obviously a highly recommended product. There is a problem with this product. The product is not very durable. I have had two separate instances when rat urine had disabled the system, and the product had to be fixed up. That said, this rat trap had the potential to become the best rat trap in the business.

#5. Electric Mouse Trap Zapper


Electronic Humane Rodent Zapper

When it comes to humanely kill rodents, the Electric Mouse Trap Zapper has, over the year,s faithfully garnered a reputation for being the best in the business.

The latest model is a culmination of the best that the manufacturers have to offer in this segment. 

Feature loaded and in a sparkling new design the product ticks of most of the boxes well enough.


  • Shock-proof
  • Environment-friendly
  • Improved design

In-depth Review

  • The latest offering from Electric Mouse Trap Zapper has a lot of impressive features on the board. I was impressed by the shock delivery system which is responsible for killing rodents. The product has stainless steel plates along with structural steel plates designed to improve and efficiently perform as per requirement.
  • While most electric mouse traps managed to kill a maximum of 30 rodents on a single set of batteries, the energy efficiency of the Electric Mouse Trap Zapper actually allows it to kill up to 50 rodents.
  • I was also impressed with a host of other features that the product has. There is a red flashlight alert for when a rodent has been killed, there it's a hands-free disposal system and the improved safety features of the device that actually make the Electric Mouse Trap Zapper one of the best rat trap on the list.
  • Ease of use and durable
  • Hands-free disposal
  • Advanced shock delivery system
  • Various light indicators
  • As the voltage us a bit higher than the other traps, it may pose a risk for the children.


The Electric Mouse Trap Zapper is everything that you could want to tackle the rodent problem in your house. It is a solid, durable product with an established record for being dependable.

The design of the trap is extremely stylish too and while that really shouldn’t be a criterion, looks, after all, do matter. You could obviously invest in this product because it provides great value for money and assured performance and durability. What more could one want?


#6. Protecta Sidekick Tamper Proof Rat

Protecta Sidekick Tamper Proof Rat Bait

The Protecta is ideally designed if you do not wish to deal with disposing of the dead mice. Coming in at number 6 on the list, the Protecta is one of those extremely durable and pet safe traps that can be used around the house without having to worry about mice.

The trap is ideal for places like large cities where mice will never completely go away. The product does not leave behind the bloody mess associated with the snap traps and therefore, is more family-friendly.


  • Impact resistant
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Pet safe
  • Bait station and monitoring station

In-depth Review

  • Upon using the product, I realized that Protecta wasn’t really something that I had used. It worked on a difficult principle altogether. The impressive disposal system of the trap ensured that I did not need to touch the rat while dumping it.
  • I found the trap to be extremely durable and even after multiple uses, it worked just fine. The performance of the trap was not diminished with passing time, and after refilling the bait periodically, mice were being killed at regular intervals.
  • The most impressive feature of the trap is that it is pet and children friendly. This was particularly a welcoming feature for me as I have kids running around the house and injury wouldn’t be nice.
  • The mousetrap is made of injection-molded plastic which ensures that the product is very well built and sturdy at the same time. The build quality is premium, and the plastic does not have a cheap feel about it. I would like to add here that in spite of being made almost entirely of plastic the Protecta is heavy enough to kill mice effectively
  • The bait station function is extremely effective in killing rats
  • Extremely durable.
  • It could be a real problem opening the lid if the key is lost


As far as mouse traps go, the Protecta is a decent piece of work. It never aims to be the best bait for the mouse trap and therefore, isn’t really a very serious competitor for the crown. What the Protecta aims at is providing unmatched performance around the house.

If you want a durable product that doesn’t score high on features or glamor but doesn’t compromise on performance, the Protecta is the product for you.

#7. Protecta EVO Ambush Bait Station

Protecta EVO Express Bait Station

There is a reason that this mousetrap is in the sixth position on our list. What Protecta EVO does as a mousetrap manufacturer is path-breaking.

It breaks the old pattern in mousetrap design and introduces a new, smart and efficient ‘sanitary’ mousetrap.

That means you don’t have to get your hands dirty anymore when you intend to kill a few mice.


  • The very first sanitary mousetrap of its kind, with easy disposal and hassle-free handling
  • Environment-friendly, lightweight and reusable - one just has to rinse the trap and reset it.
  • Tough superior quality molded plastic used as a base component
  • 30% more powerful than the regular bait station traps, by far the best bait for rat trap
  • ​Kills the rodents in your house without you ever having to get involved manually
  • Advanced designed bait holder to attract rodents and never to let them escape

In-depth Review

  • I have tested this product first hand, and the result was pleasing. Perhaps, this is one of the best ways humankind has dealt with a sneaky mouse, without ever touching it. You place the bet, catch the mouse and dispose of it - it’s that simple. In the first night itself, it caught two fluffy mice.
  • The design works better than the old snap trap mechanism, and consequentially the trap claims to kill rodents thirty percent more effective than the conventional mouse traps. I have found the trap designed in a way that can grip a rodent more tightly without penetrating its skin. So, the operation is clean and easy.
  • Another brownie point for you if you buy this product because of its reuse value. Most of the mouse traps that I have used got so dirty after a kill that I had to dispose of it. But that’s not the case with this mouse trap, that’s for sure. The first ‘sanitary mousetrap’ of its kind is an environment-friendly solution to the bloodshed that comes with mice hunt.
  • The subtle no-nonsense look and the sturdy new plastic material makes up for a deadly combination in mousetrap manufacturing.
  • The clean trapping, killing and resetting procedure ensures superior mouse hunting experience
  • Nothing really


The Protecta has been designed to kill. It has a quiet, humble look and not really great variations when it comes to color but the performance beneath the hood cannot be denied.

#8. JT Eaton 427 Speedy Clean Little Pete Slim Multiple Catch Mouse Trap

JT Eaton 427-BK Speedy Clean Little Pete

In order to kill the rodent wandering in your kitchen, you have to be a smarter Tom. The changing time demands an easy and effective way to get rid of the army of mice, and that's exactly what J. T. Eaton offers.

The age-old mousetrap manufacturer brings you the completely reliable JT Eaton 427 Mouse Trap. That mischievous mouse will be caught, don’t worry - given it gets interested enough in the bait.


  • Made of premium quality steel
  • 100% effective in catching small rodents
  • Works with both solid and liquid bait
  • Durable as opposed to rigid metal frames
  • Ease of setting

In-depth Review

  • If anything pleased me in the first impression, it’s the setup procedure, which is a mere child’s play with Jawz Plastic mouse traps. It’s astonishingly simple, given you have the alluring bait ready. I had heard the setting could be completed using feet, which I dismissed as marketing exaggeration until I tested it myself. And guess what, I was quite surprised by the accuracy of the claim.
  • The mousetrap claims to be deadly effective when it comes to killing rodents. How do we know it works? The design is an advancement on the basic snap trap which works the same with more ease and less force. If the mouse steals the bait, it can’t run away.
  • I have tested the material which I found to be quite cheap and yet very durable. The component used to construct the trap is pure steel which makes it extremely durable. I have made it go through extreme situations, and it passed - with a bit of pride, even.
  • The setup is so absurdly easy it would feel funny to you. Two thumbs up for the comic relief in this tragedy of mice.
  • The small size of the trap allows you to literally place it anywhere.
  • The compact design may create a problem while catching larger mice


If you want a fast and free solution to the house-rodent problem, you might as well consider this mouse trap as your savior. If you have real steel is your deal, I suggest that you buy this product. Also, the chance of catching mice increases as the product comes in a set of two.

#9. Victor Kill and Seal Mousetrap M265-6 packs-(12 Traps total)

Victor Kill & Seal Mouse Trap

Are you freaked out by the mouse that moves across your room in the dark of the night? You think you are able to get rid of it, but you don’t know-how. I would suggest you have faith in the old school VictorM265-6 mouse traps.

Click to See More Photos

These are sturdily built, generic mouse traps specially designed to meet your needs, and according to customer reviews, these are to be regarded among the best mousetrap in the market.


  • Clean, generic design that appeals to you (and your mouse)
  • Plastic-based authentic snap trap design
  • The quick and easy trapping mechanism
  • Safe to use around pets and children
  • Made for multiple usages
  • No poisonous substance is used
  • The most effective design, idealized for runaway trapping

In-depth Review

  • My out-of-the-package impression was solely based on the attractive old school design. Like most conventional products even the VictorM265-6 uses plastic as base material. The trapping mechanism is pretty smooth and seamless, given the amount of bait you use to lure the rodent club. I would suggest not to use more bait than the necessary amount, and for the bait, I mostly use peanut butter or cheese.
  • The pedal is safer than it seems to be, and it’s very safe to use even when kids are around. The base, as well as the plastic component, is washable, and that way you can catch the next mouse with the very same trap, and you don’t have to dispose of it.
  • The trapping procedure is very convincing. The snap trap design makes the trap so effective that no mouse can escape the trap voluntarily. I have tested with a bait of peanut butter, and it worked on the very first night. It was able to kill the rodent that had been eating my food for quite some days now.
  • Guaranteed quality from a century-old brand
  • The very efficient snap trap design
  • Extremely durable for a mouse trap that promises multiple uses
  • Sometimes, these traps go off accidentally, so you have to be more careful about the snapping sound.
  • Some products don’t stay set for too long, so you have to leave a little space to luck in the mouse hunting game.


If you are in love with the elemental look that this product delivers, and also hope to catch some mice in your leisure time, please go with these. Be careful about the bait and the placement of the mousetrap, and you will get desired results, guaranteed.

#10. Rodent Bait Stations

Rodent Bait Stations

The B&g Rodent Bait is one of the most reliable and best working mousetraps you’ll ever come across. These traps might look a little scary, but the placing and trapping are child’s play.

These traps not only give you access to a smooth and subtle, poison-free mouse hunting but also will last you through a number of uses.


  • New age mechanical trap, with a smooth operating interface that can be set with just one hand
  • The no-fun design meant to kill rats the right way
  • Place the trap in right places with an opening towards the wall to achieve a better result
  • The patented interlock teeth prevent mice from escaping the trap
  • Sets in one simple motion
  • A removable bait cup

In-depth Review

  • The mouse capturing method is what attracted me to review this product on the list. The patented interlock teeth make for a deadly cage that no mouse can possibly escape. I was not able to capture any mouse with this trap, but that was just a really bad luck I guess. Or the mice were repelled by the teeth.
  • This mouse trap is a deadly juxtaposition of trigger sensitivity and traps velocity, or in fewer words, it has more speed and more accuracy in the act of killing. I give this product two thumbs up for the eccentric design.
  • The B&g Rodent feature that the manufacturer includes in the package is just another reason you might want to take a resort in these plastic mousetraps. Again, it didn’t work for me as I’ve said, but I am very impressed by this little addition to the feature section. You don’t get this feature in the regular products, so you might want to consider this because it really claims to be alluring all the mice.
  • Easy and hassle-free setting procedure - one motion instant setting up
  • Patented design ensures an easy, accurate and clean operation
  • The best bait for rat trap
  • Every day is not the same, and sometimes, the trap goes off and fails to catch a mouse.


If you are a troubled soul suffering from a serious rodent problem, this is your preferable choice. This product adds a little extra in the package, some extra features, and a removable bait cup, and consequentially come a little higher in the price spectrum. But the customers seem to be more than satisfied with the performance, and I don’t think you would be disappointed.

How to choose the Best Mouse Trap


As far as the best mouse traps are concerned, there are quite a few factors that you need to consider while making your choice. An informed choice will always help you select the best that the market has to offer. Thus, leaving absolutely no room for regret once you have already invested in the product. Here are a few factors that you would do well to consider if you want the best mousetrap in the business:

 Efficiency: Efficiency ranks high when you are searching for the best in the business. An effective mouse trap will effectively capture mice and won’t really go down a lot.

 Safety: Nobody wants to be injured, least of all while setting up a mouse trap. And it is because of this that the handling safety of the trap needs to be taken into consideration while making a choice. Safety mechanisms and features dedicated to the purpose are obviously a bonus.

 Affability of Use: Mouse traps can be notoriously difficult to handle if they come without a guidebook or steady instructions. Ease of use, therefore, should rank high on your priority list when buying a mousetrap.

 Disposal: Because it is not enough to merely just kill the mouse, you must also be able to clean the trap and dispose of the mouse easily.

 Durability: The durability of a product is always a concern for the consumer and therefore, it is important for you to invest in a good quality product. Cheaper traps will always consume more money due to frequent replacement, and it is more profitable to invest in a better quality product.

Different Types of Mouse Traps


There are four major types of mouse traps that are available in the market right now. Here is a list of these traps that can solve mice problems. Select the best mouse trap as a means of solving problems as you face it.

 Humane Mouse Trap - Also known as electronic mouse traps, the humane mouse traps employ high voltage to kill the mice that roam about your house. Unlike the traditional mouse traps that snap down on mice, the humane trap kills mice almost instantaneously.

 Snap Mouse Trap - Among the most traditional type of mouse trap used, the snap mouse trap uses a pedal rod which is attached to a string to effectively bring down the mice. In terms of efficiency, there is nothing quite like the snap mouse trap and the fact that it has been a hot favorite over the years bears testimony to its unmatched quality.

 Mouse Glue Traps- These traps usually consist of a sticky coating that uses strong adhesives to catch mice when they happen to step onto the trap. While being tremendously effective, the traps might be a bit of a problem in case disposal is an issue with you. The prospect of catching a live mouse and disposing of it might not appeal to many.

 Live Mouse Catch Traps-Unlike most other mouse traps which seek to kill the rodents, the live mouse trap seeks to set the mouse away from the house which is obviously more humanitarian in nature.

In order to select the best mousetrap, it is important first to determine what you exactly want from the trap. This will help you make a more informed choice, thereby allowing you to select the type that best suits your needs.

How to Use a Mouse Trap?


 It is important to place the mousetrap at an optimum place where the chances of a mouse walking into it are the highest. The greatest chances of catching mice are in nooks and crannies and the dimly lit areas of the house.

 Keep a number of mouse traps in hand. Catching mice are nothing short of declaring war and therefore, a strategy is to be put in place. Multiple traps will obviously ensure that the mice are caught fast.

 Use the best bait for rat traps. Not only is setting up a trap important but it is also imperative to use proper baits. Baits should be lucrative and high on protein to be effective in tempting mice. It is also a good idea to use different types of baits if you wish to engage with different types of mice in the house.

Summing up

Dealing with house rodents is actually more serious a business than it sounds. Rodents usually live in a collective, and they can contaminate your food and spread fatal diseases. So, in order to stay safe, always take precautionary measures. Keep your children away from mousetraps. Be a little cunning to achieve better results- place the traps in the corner of the room, against the wall, and never use baits more than needed.

It is, after all, a game of men and mice, and you have every chance of winning it, given you make the right decisions. There are a variety of products available in the market, with different features and advanced functions - the best mouse trap may be divided into segment traps for killing mice, traps for capturing mice, traps to lure mice, traps made of plastic or made of wood. You might have a set of preferences in your mind and therefore, are requested to choose accordingly.

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