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Best Rifle Scope Under 500 Dollars – Reviews & Guides

What happens when you want to improve your accuracy and results as a rifle enthusiast or as a marksman? Introducing the best rifle scope under 500 dollars as the ideal addition for your unique needs.

There is barely any space for you to make any poor decisions or insufficient improvisation, especially if you want to be an efficient hunter. You want to hit the target with as few tries as possible and to also make a good impression on our shooting buddies.

To be specific, these scopes not only provide impressive performance but exceptional affordability as well. When choosing a good scope, there are various factors that you should consider including the rifle build, lens quality, and the overall value for money as well.

This is why we have highlighted these highly rated rifle scopes as the ideal place for you to start your journey to optimal shooting results.

Best Rifle Scope Under $500

#1. Nikon Monarch 3 Riflescope

Experience the superior quality of the Nikon Monarch 3 Riflescope that provides as many as three different magnifications and five reticles to suit your unique needs. Nikon has done well to include the zoom control feature with magnification reference numbers that are simple to view from the shooter position.

Nikon Clearcoat Optical System

This is the optical system that is found in all Monarch 3 Rifles and its designed to provide optimal light transmission and optimal visibility as well.

Spring Loaded Zero-reset Turrets

Besides that, this unit also comes with spring loaded turrets that provide a unique in field adjustment to allow shooters to customize the scope to suit their needs.

Waterproof, Fog Proof and Shockproof Design

Best of all, this rifle scope also provides fog proof, waterproof and shockproof benefits to suit almost any type of outdoor hunting conditions.

#2. Vortex Optics Diamondback HP 4-16×42 Riflescope – Dead-Hold BDC Reticle

Improve your results on the hunting ground with the Diamondback HP 4 riflescope that provides a host of superior features that make it perfect for your hunting needs. This scope has hit the proverbial mark, and it comes with its high-end features such as the high magnification levels, adjustment graduation, and objective lens size.

XD Extra-Low Dispersion Glass

The XD extra-low dispersion glass goes a long way In improving the resolution and the color fidelity levels, while the inclusion of the XR fully multi, coated lenses improve every minute of your shooting capabilities. Additionally, this best rifle scope under 500 also comes with a 4-inch sunshade to make it perfect for use even in sunny conditions.

Side Focus/ Parallax Adjustment and Second Focal Plane Reticle

This is easily accessible while helping you maintain a trim profile and providing the ideal mounting height as well. Additionally, the scale of the reticle can also go a long way in maintaining the ideal appearance.

Fog/Water/Shock Proof Design and Protective Lens Caps

Users will also appreciate the inclusion of the fog, water and shock proof design, that lets you take on almost any type of outdoor conditions with convenience. Furthermore, this unit has a special protective lens cap that mitigates the effects of light and any other elements.

#3. Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BCD Riflescope, Black, 4.5-18×40

Achieve the best of your shooting capabilities with the Nikon Prostaff Riflescope that comes with a host of technology upgrades that will suit even the most demanding of hunters. The inclusion of the bright optical system and remarkable hand turn reticle adjustment makes it convenient to make adjustments on the fly.

Nikon Spot on Ballistic Match Technolgy

The manufacturers of this best rifle scope under 500 have done well to include this feature that does well to eliminate the hassle associated with customizing the scope to suit bullet drop.

Enhanced Field of View

Features a high-resolution lens, this riflescope has sufficient power for taking long-range shots, and it provides a wide field of view to keep you on target, even as you shoot through thick forests and dense bushes.

Fully Multicoated Optics

Furthermore, this riflescope comes with a fully multicoated optics that guarantees optimal light transmission, even in low lighting conditions.

#4. Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20×50 BDC

Make a good impression with your exceptional shooting skills by using the Vortex Optic Viper Riflescope that lets you mitigate the effects of moisture, recoil, and poor lighting conditions among many others. This is highly stable, and the powerful lens lets you shoot through dense bushes.

Multicoated Optics and Powerful Lens

Discover the quality of this high-quality lens that provides superior levels of light transmission even in the poorest of light conditions. Additionally, this lens is designed for durability and fog proof benefits as well. Similar to all the top quality rifle scopes, this unit also comes with a powerful 30mm diameter lens that delivers clear images.

Heavy-Duty Precision Force Spring System and Precision Glide Erector

Taking things to the next level, this unit also features a precision force spring system and Precision Glide erector, which provides various benefits for your unique hunting needs. The rifle also has a stable design and is not easy to shake once set on a platform.

#5. Millett 6-25×56 LRS-1 Illuminate Side Focus Tactical Riflescope (35mm Tube .1mil with Rings), Matte

Choose the Millet Tactical Riflescope that is ideal for long-range hunting and tactical operations among many others. This rifle scope comes with a unique lens that guarantees optimal light transmission and exceptional accuracy levels.

One Piece Objective Lens

One of the main features of this rifle scope is that it comes with a large objective lens that provides a wider field of views and optimal image brightness as well

Sturdy Design

Furthermore, the massive and strong 35mm tube enhances the reliability and resolution levels of the riflescope, to make ideal for various hunting applications.

Come Upscale and Windage Elevation Adjustments

Further lending to the high-quality design of this riflescope is that it has a convenient come upscale that makes It simple to customize your shooting capabilities. The inclusion of the unique windage elevation adjustment feature makes it easier to account for bullet drop.

What to Consider Before Buying Best Rifle Scope Under 500 Dollar

With so many options available, all the different features can confuse you. You need to be conversant with the advantages and disadvantages of each product. Here is what you should consider before buying a rifle scope.

Optical Power

You need to consider the magnification you need. The levels of magnification will determine the usefulness of your scope. If you want to shot a thousand yards away a 4X scope will mean you are under equipped.

Lower magnification allows for more intuitive and faster shooting. It also has better target tracking. Higher magnification allows for greater target resolution. Higher magnification scope is expensive, heavier, larger, and difficult to use.

Scopes with low magnification are good for offhand shooting. They are appropriate for shooting at distances of less than 500 yards. Scopes with high magnification are good for rifles. You can fire them from supported positions like sandbags. There are power scopes that allow you to choose range of magnification at will.

The disadvantage with variable power scopes is their price. They are expensive. It is however, recommended due to its increased use and flexibility.


The lens is what transmits light to enable you to focus into an image. A large objective lens transmits more light to your eye. This means a brighter and clear image. Large objective lenses have their disadvantages.

A large lens will require that you mount it high. This brings issues with maintaining a proper cheek weld. You will not be able to shoot properly. You can rectify this by purchasing a cheek-riser. A large objective lens is heavier and bulkier. This affects the balance of the rifle.

Focal Plane

These are the different positions for the reticle within the scope. We have the first focal plane [FFP] and the second focal plane [SFP]. Today majority of scopes use second focal plane.

When the magnification of the scope changes the rectile stays the same size compared to the image size. You thereby get a clear picture regardless of the magnification. You need maximum magnification to be able to utilize rectiles fully.

First focal plane has its rectile scaling up and down as magnification changes. The disadvantage is that in low magnification you cannot see the rectile. This means first focal plane is suited for long ranges. This is because high magnification is used.


This is when the rectile appears to have changed position. This is in relation to the target. It happens when you move your head slightly. When your scope cannot focus on the target and the rectile on the same optical plane you get missed shots.

One way you can eliminate parallax is to pull your head back. You do this until you get shadow on all sides of the rectile. This will make sure your eye remains in line with the rectile. You do not need a parallax adjustment knob to do this.

Final Verdict

All things considered, when it comes to improving your results on the shooting ground, there are various factors that you should consider, and one of them is purchasing the best rifle scope .

You must need a powerful, durable designs and easy to install rifle scope in order to improve shooting accuracy. With a good scope, you can become a better marksman and conserve your bullets with your improved accuracy levels.

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