Brief Analysis of Mouse Repellents

Brief Analysis of Mouse Repellents

Often our homes get infested with dangerous rodents like rats and mice. Pretty smart creatures they do not leave an area if they have been able to create a habitat out of it. There are different types of mouse repellents available in the market and some homemade ones too, however, the reliability of each depends on the extent of the infestation. Let us analyze different kinds of mouse repellents available in the market.

Ultrasonic mouse repellent

Using the impact of ultrasonic sound waves these repellents aim at removing all the rodents present in the area. Also known as electronic mouse repellents this method is a pretty effective mode to get rid of the rodents especially if the best rat poison has failed to show results. Most of the ultrasonic mouse repellents available operate at a sound frequency which would only harm the rodents and not affect the humans.

The sound emanating from them is inaudible to humans at times and hence does not cause any inconvenience to them. However, all these repellents work through electrical sockets and if they are not available near the place of an infestation then maybe this method cannot be used.

Mouse Repellent

Natural mouse repellents

These include items like peppermint and mothballs. Naphthalene containing mothballs if inhaled can cause the body to carry oxygen and hence lead to a rodent’s death. It is believed that placing mothballs near the place of infestation will help you in getting rid of this menace, however, the amount of naphthalene in these balls is insignificant and hence does not help much.

Peppermint oil is high on potency and the smell is quite strong and hence it is assumed to be a natural repellent for mice in the house. Though initially when the gasses rise it may help you but later on the effect seems to subside.

Natural Mouse Repellent

How does Mouse repellent help to control the mouse?

There are multiple mouse repellent liquids, solids and quite a number of electronic devices in the market which claim to rid you of the little critters. The government has not set any strict regulations for them hence you can find them easily on any kind of e-commerce site. These sprays work on the principle of irritating the senses of these rodents and make them leave the place.

These sprays or liquids are initially able to irk the rodents but in the long run and if there is widespread infestation then maybe the correct choice of mouse repellent needs to be made. Even the best mouse trap has its own share of failings and there is as such no flawless method of catching the rodents.

Rats and mice don’t have a very large range and hence they stay close to the source of food. In case you are also looking to find them then it is best to remove areas that have grains or any kind of food items stocked. Once the food source is eliminated the scope of survival of these mice is reduced to a large extent. It is advisable to seal all the entry points to avoid them entering your house. There are no foolproof methods to get rid of mice. Careful inspection of the area, early control and exclusion are the best methods by which you can solve this problem.

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