FAQs About Flea Collar For Dog and Cats

Do Flea Collars really work on Dog and Cat?

Flea collars are known to be effective in the preliminary stage before the fleas have started breeding. The technology behind the flea collar is of two kinds:

Some emanate a gas that is meant to repel the fleas. Others induce a medicine into the dog’s skin which, with the help of their natural oils, spreads throughout their body. When the fleas chance a bite at their skin, the medicine kills them. Some flea collars even do both at the same time. They have certainly been known to be effective on pets.


What is the Most Effective Flea Collar for Dogs and Cats?

Among all the products in the market, few are really good enough to create a lasting impression.

Mascot Essential Oil Dog Flea Collar

Like Seresto, the Mascot essential oil collar is an innovative addition to the market. The fumes produced by the collar are purely made up of essential oils.

Chemical products, however safe they claim to be, will have at least the minimal effect on your pet. Essential oils never harm the skin of your dog or their health in any way.

The different essential oils that this collar uses includes germanium, orange, peppermint and of course, citronella. Citronella is a powerful insect repellant. Altogether, these produce a perfumed effect instead of the smell of medicine. It is a versatile and efficient collar that will last for 30 days.

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

For cats, on the other hand, I would choose this Seresto collar for the optimum results.

The collar is induced with two chemicals that include a vet-approved medicine for killing fleas and one for keeping off ticks and mosquitoes. It lasts for 8 months after which you will have to change it. It produces an immediate effect, killing off the clingy pests. Moreover, the consistency is a non-greasy formula and your cat will not end up with an oily skin. While being perfectly safe for your pet, it does take some time to adjust to your cat’s body.


Are Flea Collars Safe for my Pet?

Flea collars are meant to induce a poisonous gas or medicine to the clingy fleas and kill them. Like all insecticides, they are safe for the host, to a certain degree.

While the medicine that is induced into the skin of the pet is not harmful in smaller proportions to the pet, larger doses can cause some complications. If you take your pet out for a walk, make sure to take off the collar as soon as you get back home. This way, your pet won’t absorb too much of the medication and will not succumb to it. Except for this, flea collars have no other adverse effects and if you are careful, then not even this will affect them.

What is Seresto?

Seresto is a brand of flea collar for pets that is regarded as one of the best in this aspect. Apart from fleas, Seresto collars target the ticks as well.

They are good not just for killing fleas but repelling them in the first place. The active components are released in measured quantities and not all at once.

The effects are fast and efficient. One collar will last you 8 months. The collar is water-resistant and will work great even if accidentally splashed.

Moreover, if you are skeptical about collaring your pet because you fear that they would strangle themselves, fear not. There is a safety mechanism included in the design that prevents the occurrence of such incidents.


Do Seresto Collars Expire?

An unopened Seresto collar will last for 5 months in its packaging. However, once you do open it, make sure that you use it up within 8 months.


Even if you choose to apply spots, flea collars are a good alternative. In fact, they are better than spots because you can reuse them. Most spots will wash off in the next bath. Considering that, a flea collar will physically protect your pet’s neck, an area that fleas and ticks attack the most.

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