Flea Shampoo – How to Give Your Dog a Flea Bath?

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Flea Shampoo - How to Give Your Dog a Flea Bath?

The first time we spot those tiny stubborn parasites crawling across our dog’s fur, our initial thought is to give our dog a nice and long bath. As instinctual as the action is, it will yield some benefits if performed properly. Of course, to get rid of fleas from the root, you will need some intense medication, but shampoos go a long way in this field.

How to Give Your Dog a Flea Bath?

Firstly, you need to determine whether your dog really has fleas. Many pets scratch themselves and it could be the prelude to any skin condition that does not necessarily include fleas.

While you can get a shampoo off the rack, it is better o consult the vet before applying anything on your dog. So buy a shampoo and probably a conditioner with the doctor’s recommendation.

Keep the water at room temperature. Dogs do not usually enjoy a hot bath.

First, you need to tackle the neck so that the fleas cannot flee to the facial areas where you won’t be able to wash as thoroughly. Scrub it with water and shampoo and for your satisfaction, form a thick lather.

Then you can shampoo the rest of the body. You will have to wait for a while as the shampoo sits on the fur.

Rinse so that the shampoo does not dry up the skin of your dog. If your vet has allowed it, follow it up with a conditioner.

Do Flea Shampoos Really Work?

Flea shampoo has an instant effect on the reduction of fleas. However, to entirely remove an infestation, it is important to use the correct flea shampoo.

Some shampoos can remove the egg as well as the adult fleas. It is preferable that you use those instead of the cheaper ones that just remove fleas. Otherwise, even if you kill one generation, the eggs will hatch to form another.

However, due to its medicated composition, flea shampoos can be a bit drying on your pet. To ensure that their fur remains soft, you can use a condition afterwards. Even shampoos made of natural ingredients will require a conditioner.

What is the Best Dog Flea Shampoo?

There are several products that skim the better end of the market. However, among those, the best has to be Hartz UltraGuard Rid Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs.

Other than the immediate relief that this shampoo provides, it has other advantages as well. One of them is that it tackles deer ticks which carry the Lyme disease.

It is comprised of oatmeal. Oatmeal is an amazing scrubber and doubles as a conditioner as well.

The scent is mild and non-offensive.

How long do I Have to Wait to Bathe my Dog after applying Frontline?

Frontline is basically an insecticide that is applied and is absorbed into the dog’s body. It is effective in keeping away fleas and ticks. However, you should wait for a full 48 hours before your expose your dog to water after applying the medicine. If you don’t, the medicine will have no effect at all.

You can always bathe your dog before you apply the medication though. After 48 hours, you can bathe your dog. You can even scrub them if they get dirty. By then the medicine will become waterproof. But make sure that your shampoo is not a flea shampoo. That will be too harsh on the body. Apply a gentle dog shampoo and that should suffice.


Flea removal is essential even if the condition is not so dire. One flea can multiply in a very short time and soon you will have these pests crawling all over your dog’s fur and sucking their blood. But it does not end there. After you are done with your pet, do not let them return to the same bedding or the effort will be useless. You have to clean everything your dog uses and your entire home as well.

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