Mosquito Magnet

Mosquito Magnet : How Does Mosquito Magnet Work?

Mosquito magnet is a machine that attracts mosquitoes using those chemicals and substances that the mosquitoes like. The mosquito magnet gives off some smoke with chemicals inside. As the mosquitoes near the machine, they get pulled into of a bag where they eventually die.

This way, these blood sucking creatures keep getting attracted to the magnet and hence, getting sucked inside. Ultimately, there are few mosquitoes around to lay eggs and even fewer to hatch them. After a few weeks, there will be a noticeable reduction of mosquitoes around.

Where Should You Place the Mosquito Magnet?

Keeping the mosquito magnet in the right place is critical for the magnet to work properly. If set correctly, mosquitoes will be drawn to the magnet instead of bothering humans.

Firstly, determine where these mosquitoes have their breeding ground because you need to place the magnets between their breeding areas and the place where you live.

This way, it will be easier to catch the mosquitoes at their source instead of giving them a chance to hide away.

However, you have to make it a point to place these traps away from where you live. Put them as close to the breeding ground as possible. An adequate distance would be around 30 to 40 feet far from the humans.

Place the traps in the direction of the wind. Mosquitoes fly against the wind in search of food. After a mosquito bites a person, its weight increases by twice its weight and thus, it floats back towards the direction of the wind to the quiet area.

Also, keep in mind to keep the trap in an open area. Carbon dioxide is much heavier than air. Hence it stays closer to the surface. Mosquitoes follow the carbon dioxide smoke that will lead them to the trap.

However, make sure that the smell of the CO2 is not veiled by some other smell for it will only save the mosquitoes and never let them reach the trap.

Mosquitoes do not like the heat of direct sunlight. As the sun sets, these creatures come out of their breeding grounds. Hence, always keep in mind to place the magnet in the shade.

How Long Does a Propane Tank Last on a Mosquito Magnet?

A propane tank works by imitating the gasses and scents given off by human beings. A smoke of warm and moist carbon dioxide and along with it an environment-friendly octanol scent attracts mosquitoes in the same way as they are attracted to humans.

As soon as the insect goes near the trap, the upward vacuum of the propane mosquito attracts them inside and thus kills them. Usually, they are disposed of in a replaceable mesh bag.

A full twenty-pound tank will last for about twenty-one days. However, it is not wise to let the propane completely run out. You are advised to have another full tank in store to quickly alter so as to reduce the downtime.

Do Male Mosquitoes Bite You?

The male mosquitoes do not bite. It is the female mosquitoes that bite. Both, the male as well as the female, feed mainly on plant nectar and fruit. But the female also requires the protein present in blood to enable her eggs to develop. Once she has had her share of blood, she will rest for a couple of days before she lays her eggs.

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