Ruger SR22 Review and Complete Product Guide

Ruger SR22

I have a knack for collecting different types of guns. I know a thing or two about various kinds of guns, how they work and whether they are really worth the money they cost. In this segment, I am going to throw light upon the positives and negatives of Ruger SR22. Those like me who are familiar with handgun brands would definitely admit that it’s a classic. No gun collector’s arsenal is complete without a neat and robust Ruger handgun. So, whether you’re a novice or have purchased a gun before and willing to buy another one, I hope the Ruger SR22 review helps.


Ruger SR22 Review and Complete Product Guide


Ruger SR22

Ruger SR22 Review in a Nutshell?

Ruger came into existence in 1949. The brand has gained a cult status today. It has a wide range of handguns. They are known for combining classic designs with state-of-the-art technology. Ruger SR22 is not the first .22 rimfire pistol by the manufacturer. The previous installments closely resembled the Japanese Nambu design. The new SR22 has a whole new vibe to it. It’s compact, sleek and comfortable to grip on. I can’t call the design extraordinary, but this gun is more than just looks.

So, why not SR9C or SR40C? Well, what you need to understand is that each series has its share of plus and minus. The product under scanner-the Ruger semi-auto .22LR is a welcoming change for the classic handgun fans. When it comes to performance, this model seamlessly outperforms its predecessors in many aspects. Its rugged glass-filled nylon polymer frame features and 3.5 inches fixed barrel made from stainless steel. It amazingly increases the accuracy of every shot you fire.

Product Specifications

  • The first feature that caught my eyes is the sexy and compact design of the gun. It’s steel magazine, and switch controls are easily maneuverable by both right and left-handed folks. Instead of an internal striker, it uses a hammer.
  • I love how the slide stop automatically holds the slide open when you fire the last shot in the magazine. You can lock the slide open by pushing the slide stop lever upward, irrespective of whether a loaded magazine is inserted or not. Moreover, the magazine release button is ambidextrous.
  • ​The product package includes two grip sleeves. The small grip comes pre-attached to the gun. While it is perfectly suitable for people with average-sized hands, you might have to replace it with the larger grips if you have a large palm-like me. The serrated gripping surface makes it more comfortable to hold. On that note, let me point out that detaching the small grip can be a little difficult. However, the manufacturer has stated that it is normal for the grips to take a while to break in.
  • ​Disassembling the gun is just equally easy. All you need to do is take out the magazine, lock the slide by pushing the lever upward. Rotate the takedown lever in 6 o’clock position, pulling the slide back and forth from the rails will clean the barrel and remove the slide. Though it isn’t as easy as it sounds, after using the gun for a day or two, it will feel like a breeze.

What I Liked

Unique Design

The unusual design of this gun immediately catches your attention. This Ruger SR22 review won’t be complete without talking about its unique structure. Don’t let its small size make you undermine its performance. The drift-adjustable front is compatible with blades of different heights. The serrations on the aluminum slide enhance the grip manifold.

The gun felt like an extension of my hand upon holding and the balance it provides really praiseworthy. Thanks to the gun’s pivoting extracting design, it can work with different varieties of ammo. However, I would advise you to go for .22 long rifle cartridges to ensure reliable performance.

Ease of Shooting and Safety

Ruger SR22 is a great pistol for left-handed individuals as well as folks who lack hand strength. The decocking safety feature of this model has to be my most favorite. Here, the thumb safety functions as a de-cocker. You can make sure no accidental firing happens when the gun is at rest simply by pulling down the hammer to a position that it cannot contact the firing pin.

When you’re about to fire, the trigger will remain locked firmly until you pull it with force. If you need to carry the gun with you while traveling, keep it decocked with the safety off, and you will have nothing to worry about.

Great for Training Purposes

The Sr22 is perhaps the cheapest and safest option you can find for training for first shots. If you have never used a long caliber pistol before, training with this gun will make the switching to an upgraded version easier. It incorporates a magazine disconnect safety feature that prevents accidental firing while the chamber is loaded. Using the gun becomes all the easier, thanks to its two polymer grip sleeves. As I discussed in the previous segment, it makes the gun a snug fit in your hand, irrespective of its size.

An All-purpose Gun

The Ruger SR22 has been advertised as an all-round performer. To be honest, it is not that perfect, but it is decent enough. The accuracy of the .22 lr with a short barrel is surprisingly brilliant. The sight adjustment will become easier as time passes. It has to be one of the best plinking guns in the market right now. I wish I could say the same about target shooting from a distance. I have also used it for hunting small games and found the performance satisfactory.

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Things I Didn’t Like

Changing the pre-attached grip with a larger grip and vice-versa does take a lot of effort during the first few days. I also have slight qualms about the SA pull which also takes extra effort. But none of these drawbacks affect the accuracy of the gun in any way.

Ruger SR22 Review Conclusion

The Ruger SR22 is certainly one of the most popular short handguns of the current times and quite right so. Despite having a no-frills design, there is some kind of charm in its compactness. If you’re buying a gun for low-key hunting, this won’t disappoint. What really makes this model stand out are the abundance of safety features it provides, ease of use and accuracy. These are pretty much all the qualities you should be looking for while buying a handgun. To sum up the review, I would say that for its stature and caliber, SR22 is a beast.

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