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How to set a mousetrap-Step by Step Guide

How To Set a Mousetrap-Step by Step Guide

If your house or the nearby areas have got infested with mice it is best to look for a good mouse trap to get rid of them. However, setting up a mousetrap is not an easy process and there are some steps by which you can do that correctly. Here are details of what goes behind setting up a mouse trap perfectly.

Step 1: Purchasing the correct trap

Mouse trap

First, understand the kind of infestation you have. If it is field rats then you might have to purchase bulky mouse traps. Else for small household mice, you can purchase snap traps as well. These mouse traps are easy to find and can be bought online as well as in-retailer stores.

Step 2: Baiting the trap

Next, you might have to find out what kind of bait would suit your requirements the most. Though earlier cheese was the only option available these days you can add variety to your choice. Peanut butter is a popular choice as it takes time for mice to consume them hence increasing chances of them getting trapped.

Step 3: Setting up

Mouse trap

A live trap it is extremely easy to set up. You just have to place the bait on the designated place and adjust the levers accordingly. Keep the door of the trap open from one side to allow the rodent to enter freely. Once the mice pull on the bait the lever will swing in action and the mouse gets trapped.

For the snap traps, you have to first place the bait on the spring plate. Pick up the pin and place it on the opposite side of the spring. Next, pick up the metal snapper and pull it towards the pin. Here you have to be very careful while handling the snapper else it might just snap on your fingers.

Then place the pin firmly over the snapper in a manner that it is tight enough. It is advisable to keep holding the snapper till the pin is firmly placed in the correct space. Put the pin into the hole on the metal plate, however, exercise extreme caution while doing so else you might get hurt.

In the end, hold the metal plate up and slowly let go of the snapping mechanism. You might take some time to get used to this methodology but once you are done it becomes quite simple.

Step 4: Place the trap at correct locations

You might have to first find out which places are the most infested with rats. For that, it is advisable to look for mice droppings. Mostly mice are prone to be found near places that have edible food items like grains. Apart from that the entry and exit points of any room are also likely places where the mice may get trapped easily.

Always keep the trap at a location where you can easily recall its presence. For best results make sure to keep checking the trap every day to know whether any kill has happened. Once the mouse is killed it is advisable to dispose it off as soon as you can.

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