Tips To Keep Your Kids Entertained During Camping Trips

Tips To Keep Your Kids Entertained During Camping Trips

Keeping Kids Entertained during a camping trip can be tricky for some parents. There are many things to consider when looking for camping activities for kids that will keep them occupied and happy during the trip. 

However, there are plenty of family camping activities that work for the Great Outdoors whether you want your children to get to know the outside a little better or you do not want them to be bored during down times.

Get Rid of Electronics

Kids today are constantly connected to the outside world via computers, smart phones and mobile devices. However, if you have older children that are already joined at the hip with their technology, you should make it clear before the trip that they will have to limit the use of their electronics while they are supposed to be enjoying the trip.

Of course, you may allow them to keep phones so that they are prepared for emergencies, but you should encourage them to keep phones and other electronic devices off during activity times. If you have to, set aside a designated time to allow them the use of their devices. You can also check with a campsite to find out if they tend to get signals if you want to use these areas.

Make Safety Fun

Of course, safety will be a concern while you are on your camping trip, so you should try to find ways to make safety fun for your family. This way the trip may also be educational, especially for younger children who may be more likely to engage in edutainment activities. For example, teaching kids to identify poison ivy should not be scary for them.

Play Survivor

While campsites usually have lots of amenities for families, you can make the trip a bit more adventurous by having your family rough it to some extent. For instance, you can take the kids to teach them how to fish so that you can enjoy the catch later over a fire. You can also help your kids test their knowledge of the outside by letting them identify edible plants around the site.

Go Hiking

A simple walk through the woods or other areas around the campsite can be quite an adventure. This can be especially ideal for children you already have a love and fascination with nature and might enjoy getting to know their surroundings. You can schedule a day or a few hours to hike, especially if your campsite already has designated walking trails around the area.

Learn Some Outdoor Activities

If there are family members who do not know how to swim, ride horses or perform other such outdoor activities, this may be a good time to help them learn. Of course, those who already know how to swim or climb trees have the chance to play until their hearts’ content. Still, you should encourage kids of any age to enjoy all the things they can do outside while there.

You may also find there are some activities that are unique to certain campsites. For example, you can find out if the site offers guided tours if you are in a historical area such as a national park or find out if equipment for water sports is available. You can also find out if you will be able to go canoeing or kayaking in the area.

Play Board Games

Many people underestimate board games. While electronics are practically ubiquitous, you just may find that an old-fashioned board game can be a welcome break from all the technology. You can play a game or two when everyone is beginning to settle for the night or while you are relaxing at meals. You can even consider bringing activity books for younger children you may like to color or other such activities.

Sing Campfire Songs

It may seem a bit cliched, but a good round of campfire songs can be a good way to end the night. You may teach your kids a few of the ones you knew in your childhood and your kids may also make their own contributions to leading a song or two. You can also add to the fun by creating a few original compositions of your own.

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