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Top 5 Flight Simulators For Your PC

Gaming on the PC is not a new fad. For years gaming enthusiasts have used their PC to explore their adventure streaks and enjoy their free time in the process. However, with the advent of technology flight simulators or Sims started taking this experience to an all new level. For such crazy gaming freaks, we are bringing a compilation of Top Flight Simulators for their PC and what makes them unique and worth a purchase.

X Plane 11 Global flight simulator

You consult any top rated anything guide and the X Plane 11 Global flight simulator would top the list just as it is the preferred one in this list too. Its unique features enhance the quality of the gaming experience you receive from it. Easy to learn the simulator helps you navigate through airports, cities and real looking landscapes. For people who are quite serious about sim flight experiences, this simulator is the one that they are looking for.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Creating your own flight routes, airplanes and fly all around the world is a privilege which the Microsoft Flight Simulator X offers to you. There are third-party developers which provide you multiple skins and additional features to increase the benefits of this game. The Microsoft Flight Simulator X is available in deluxe and standard versions where the former gives you more cities, airports, and planes to enjoy.

IL-2 Sturmovik

A WWII combat simulator the IL-2 Sturmovik caters to that particular genre only. The game is endowed with some unique features and if you are looking for a combat flight simulator this is your best option. You have a mission builder, multiplayer features and a provision to add as many as 32 players at one time. Combat in this happens either in the air or from the air towards the ground and both the options are exciting enough.

B 17 Flying Fortress

The B 17 Flying Fortress gives you total control over a B1 bomber and with that in hand you can have as detailed combats as you want. You are provided a team of nearly 12 squadrons and the aim is to destroy targets which are positioned 20000 feet below yours. Either play as a tail gunner and remove interceptors or even prevent the B17 from delivering the payloads by joining Luftwaffe.

X plane 10

Want your target hitting to appear realistic then this is your best bet. Either you can create your own planes or pick up any type of plane to fly. From gliders to space shuttles you have as many combinations as you want to choose. You also get multiplayer functionality so join in as many friends as you want.

These are the top 5 flight simulators which according to us are able to provide a pleasurable gaming experience to you. You can experiment with any of these or pick up a combination and have fun while playing. Most of them come with multiplayer benefits so you can ask as many friends of yours to be a part of this daredevilry of yours.

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