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The best rimfire target scope can make your hunting trips successful and fruitful. You can always settle for a cheap quality optic but there will be times you wished you had a powerful and best rifle scope.

Think about this-- a rabbit’s head is sticking up out of a grass. It is just 50 meters away from you. But you opted for a cheap scope, and it wasn’t clear enough to give you a good shot at your target.

The best rimfire target scope, thus, can significantly improve your accuracy during those times. But it’s not only optic quality that you should look for in a rimfire target scope. You would also have to consider other things like ease of use, build quality, and price.

Recommended Best Rimfire Target Scope

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Nikon is a brand that is familiar even to those who aren’t into scopes. This 3-9x40mm scope is a testament to how great the brand is after all these years.

It is very accurate and easy to sight in. Its fully multicoated lens can give you bright and clear images regardless of the lighting conditions.

Ease of use

One of the first things you’ll notice about this best rifle scope is how easy it is to mount on a rifle. I used to have one and it only takes a few seconds for me to mount this on my weapon. It also is very easy to focus.

Like all scopes in Nikon’s ProStaff rifle series, it has zero-reset turrets that eliminate guess work when making adjustments for windage and elevation.


Like other Nikon scope, this model is O-ring sealed. It is also filled with nitrogen. It is 100% fog and water proof. This is the type of scope that you can bring to any hunting expedition.


In terms of optic quality, I don’t have any complaints with this scope. I’ve used it a hundred of times and all of my targets were visible.

The high rate of light transmission enables this scope to deliver clear and bright images, whether I’m hunting at dawn or dusk.

If there’s something I wish that Nikon had done differently, it would have be to do away with this tiny protruding knob located on the bottom scope housing. It can interfere with the scope mounting when I use low rings.

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It’s hard to believe that this scope can provide clear and bright images given that it has a very low price tag.

I, for one, was pleasantly surprised that this scope delivered the goods, so to speak, once I was on a hunting trip.

I like this simmons 511039 scope not just for its very reasonable price but also for its plenty of eye relief. Acquiring your target should be easy with this one.

Its multicoated lens enables it to give clear and bright images. The lens is also designed to resist moisture, thanks to its O-ring seal.

The accuracy of this scope is also spot-on. When I turn the range knob to 50 or 100 yards, it is right on the money most of the time.

Moreover, the side wheel parallax focus of this best rifle scope is a welcome addition. You’d be hard pressed to find an affordable scope with such feature.

Ease of use

The BDC reticle of this scope makes shots at 100 yards very easy, with no guesswork. Some reviewers on complain that the zoom ring is a bit tight to turn, but I didn’t encounter such problem.

Build Quality

I just found this scope to be a bit heavy for its size. It weighs around 20 oz. It’s at least 20 percent heavier than its competitors.

However, some people on say that the weight only shows how solidly built this scope is. The scope itself is made of ultra durable aluminum alloy so perhaps you're trading some weight for the durability of this scope.

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It’s hard to believe that this scope can provide clear and bright images given that it has a very low price tag.

I, for one, was pleasantly surprised that this scope delivered the goods, so to speak, once I was on a hunting trip.

I like this simmons 511039 scope not just for its very reasonable price but also for its plenty of eye relief. Acquiring your target should be easy with this one.


This best rifle scope has fully coated optics. And it shows in its performance, as it can deliver bright and sharp images. Pictures are clear as day.

With its 32mm objective lens, the scope can assure nice and bright pictures even when you zoom to9x.

Ease of Use

It has a very solid construction that you would think it is an expensive scope. I like its adjustment dials for zoom and focus. They’re smooth and very easy to turn.

I didn’t have any problems when I mounted this on my Ruger 10-22. It was almost effortless. There was also minimal zeroing needed afterwards.

If there’s any weakness of this scope, then it would have to be the rings that go along with it. While they’re not that bad; they aren’t that good either. Let’s just say you would likely replace them for something that’s more solid.

But for the price of this matte black riflescope, that weakness or drawback is certainly forgivable.

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This isn’t as cheap as the other Simmons scope, but you’ll be getting your money’s worth with this model.

In fact, the optic quality of this scope can be comparable to other models that are a lot more expensive than it is.

Optic Quality

One of the first things that struck me about this scope is how clear and crisp the images are. I’ve used it a couple of times in low light conditions, and the scope was still able to provide me with clear images. Suffice to say, it made my life in the woods a lot easier.

Ease of Use

I also found this model a good accessory even for rifle owners who aren’t really used to scopes. It is very user-friendly. The turrets are easily adjustable with your fingers. I also found it to be very easy to focus and zero in.

The power control ring is also worth mentioning because it is easy to move in different positions.

However, the side focus scopes were a bit heavy. I thought this added some weight to the scope. Aside from that, the bullet drop compensator gets a lot of flak for not being that accurate but I think it's decent to say the least. It's also worth noting that there are three BDC turrets on this one.

Simply put it, this scope is hard to beat for its price and performance.

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This is a scope that Nikon particularly designed for users of the tactical style AR long rifle.

This model is set parallel free at 50 yards and equipped with easy to adjust windage and elevation turrets. It comes in an attractive matte black finish.


Many reviewers are very impressed with this scope. They say that it has a very beautiful and clear glass. This was also one of my first impressions with this scope. The glass is top-notch and the clarity is something you would find in high-end models.

I was also impressed with the ability of this scope to zoom in and out at all ranges without affecting its point of impact.

Ease of Use

I also have very good words about the ease of using this scope. It's one of the few scopes that I had no problems working with the first time that I used it. With just a few clicks I was already shooting 25 to 100 yards with impressive accuracy.

Many customers said their same experience. They say they almost dialed it in straight out of the box. Other reviewers have good words to say about the ease of adjustment of this scope.

There aren't a lot of issues with this scope. It is in fact one of the top rated rifle scopes on the market, proof of how great this one.

If there's one drawback of this model, it may have to be the high price. The price isn't that affordable but as they say, you get what you pay for.

Final Verdict of These Best Rifle Scope

These are all high quality rimfire target scopes that I can recommend to rifle owners. Whether you like to hunt or simply improve your shooting accuracy, you should be able to find these scopes useful. Do not forget to carry a best shooting mats to enjoy the best shooting experience.

All these models have been getting positive feedback for their superior optics, durability, and ease of use. It's hard to pinpoint which model is the best in this list.

I've used most of these scopes and I can say they're all well made and easy to operate. Your buying decision may have to go down on the price and even warranty. Still I'm confident any of these scopes won't disappoint you.

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