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How Do Rifle Scope Adjustments Work?

How Do Rifle Scope Adjustments Work?

You might have invested a huge amount of money in buying the latest model of rifle around. But if you do not have a world-class rifle scope to go along you may never be able to comprehend the full potential of your new device. Here we are going to tell you all about rifle scope adjustments and how they work.

Even the best rifle scopes adjust the point of impact with the help of two knobs, one present on the top for elevation and the other on the side of the rifle for windage. Knobs in which shooters turn are placed at the top of screws against erector assembly and consist of a second tube that is inside the present tube and has an optical lens accompanying it.

Rifle scope

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A spring present helps in pressing the erector tube against bottoms of the windage and elevation screws. When you move these adjustment screws inwards it will push the erector tube against the spring system; when the screws are moved back the spring system aids in moving the tube.

On reading, this may seem a flawless operation however the placement of the spring and the two screws is such that the spring is unable to provide as much push as the two screws. As a result, when the screws are backed off it is quite possible that the erector tube may not move at all.

Rifle scope

Sighting in a gun scope

Once you mount the new scope on a rifle it is imperative that the reticle is completely at the same level. Even a single wrong placement of the reticle would cause sighting problems in the scope. Initially, it is advisable to set your target at 25 or 100 yards/meters. Place the rifle in a stable position. If it’s needed take the help of a bipod or sandbags for the same.

Next step is adjusting your rifle stand in such a manner that at the breech end your target comes in direct view. Adjust the rifle scope such that the crosshairs are aligned on the same target as well. The rifle is now bore-sighted to 100 yards. Once you are done boresighting, replace the bolt and adjust your scope to the highest magnification to see the clearest image.

Using scope for long-distance shooting

The success of long-distance shooting is dependent on a multitude of factors and ignoring any one of them can be a cause of much trouble. First and foremost it is necessary to adjust your scope’s objective and reticle on the same focal plane. Adjustable parallax scopes help in adjusting the focal distance and hence reduce the chances of parallax errors.

The next important factor that needs to be taken care of is understanding the wind drift and figuring out the best possible position needed for accurate delivery of shot. Positioning your body in a manner that spine is parallel to the axis of the rifle helps you in handling recoil movements easily. Learning how to coordinate body positions, trigger pull and breathing would take care that your long range shots are accurate and high on precision.

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