Best 22 Rimfire Scope

Best .22 Rimfire Scope – Guide & Reviews

The best 22 rimfire scope is one great purchase for any owner of a .22 magnum. It can improve the accuracy of any .22 Magnum owner. If you’re looking for a best rimfire scope for your .22 Mag, then you are reading the right article.

The .22 is very useful not just for hunting but also self-defense. Introduced by Winchester in 1959, it was the answer for the shooter looking for a rimfire cartridge that can be used for targeting objects up to 125 yards away. It also has enough power to take on varmints up to 20 pounds.

Recommended Best .22 Rimfire Scope

Simmons 511039 .22 Mag(R) Riflescope

Simmons scopes are known for being affordable, reliable, and well-built. Simmons 511039 is a good example.

It’s a good budget scope that has a decent 3-9 power scope plus 32mm objective lens.

With a nice set of mounting rings with coated optics and waterproof and fog proof lenses, this one is a steal.

Ease of Use

You won’t get frustrated having this scope mounted on your rifle. It is simply easy to use. The focus and zoom adjustment dials are all smooth and easy to turn.The adjustment knobs can be easily grasped with your thumb and index finger.

The adjustment knobs are protected by caps, so these should last for quite a while. The scope itself is also very easy to mount.


The lenses are high quality optics, something you would expect from a good brand like Simmons. I found the eye piece large enough for my taste.

The images it project are clear with no distortion or flaring. Some user say the crosshairs are a bit weak; although I find them alright.

Of course, one of the main selling points of this scope is its price. With such a low price tag, you may not even think twice about getting this Simmons riflescope.

If there’s anything I didn’t like with this scope, then it would have to be the rings that come with it. Those rings just don’t tight that well.

Simmons .22 Mag TruPlex Reticle Rimfire Riflescope

Upon first look, you would think that this is the same model as that scope discussed earlier.

But this one is slightly bigger than its cousin, measuring 15.4 x 2 x 5.5 inches (length x width x depth).

However, just like the other Simmons scope, this one is also well-rated for its good construction, excellent optics, and ease of use.

Build Quality

Simply put, this simmons .22 scope is well built. It is a one-piece tube that is designed for easy handling. It is also very sturdy and durable. It should last for quite a while. It also comes with a set of rings and dust caps.

Ease of Use

Like the other Simmons scope, installing this on the ruger mount is a breeze. It has its own rings. I installed mine in less than 10 minutes.

After mounting the scope, there was very minimal zeroing needed. In fact, this scope has held zero for more than 500 yards. It was also very easy to sight in. I also like that you’ll hear some positive clicks when you turn the adjustment knobs.

Again, this is a low-priced scope that won’t hurt your budget. I just wish that the rings that go along with it were not that cheaply made. Aside from that drawback, there’s really nothing to hate about this scope.

Nikon ProStaff Rimfire with BDC Reticle

This Nikon Prostaff rimfire scope, with its BDC reticle, can let you shoot out to 150 yards. You may not need a scope with that much range, but you’ll love the other features of this scope.

And because it comes from a well-known brand, you can expect this to be of good quality. However, you will have to pay more for this scope.

Build Quality

The first thing I noticed with this cope is how well built it is. It feels very solid in hand. It really looks like an expensive scope. There is also a decent set of lens protector that comes with the set. Overall, you’d feel that Nikon didn’t scrimp on this one.

Ease of Use

You don’t have to be an experienced hunter or rifle user to be able to figure out how to use this scope. The field adjustments are easy to simplify with its zero-reset turret integrated into the riflescope. You only have to sight in, lift the adjustment knob, rotate to zero, then re-engage.


The BDC is very helpful at long range. But I like how forgiving the eye relief of this scope. It doesn’t take long for me to pick up the rifle and find the correct eye relief distance. The crosshairs also look sharp. Even when you zoom in, the images remain clear and sharp.

Aside from the high price, I’ve read some comments about this scope’s durability. Some complain that the objective lens tend to loose very easily.

BARSKA 3-9×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope

This is one of the top rated riflescopes, and despite its age, remains very popular among rifle owners. It is designed for general hunting and plinking.

It is designed to withstand rugged outdoor conditions. Many users have plenty of good words to say about this scope.

Build Quality

This Barska scope won’t blow you away with features but it does its job pretty well. For starters, the build quality is very good. You wouldn’t tell that it is an affordable scope.

Mounting it is also very easy. I found the screw heads to be large. I had to loosen the mounting rings a bit and turn the scope around five degrees so that the reticle will be aligned properly. But that didn’t take a long while.

Once I was done mounting it on my Marlin Model 60, sighting it at 20 yards was quick. I was off to targeting squirrels and rats. The adjustments in windage and elevation were also very easy to operate.


I also found the optics to be OK. You can easily switch from 3x all the way to 9x. I thought the reticles were sharp. I also found its field of view quite large. There’s a lens cover to boot.

Of course, there are some shortcomings of this scope. The lens cap is quite loose. I say it doesn’t stay on for a long time. Some online reviewers say that there’s a distinct smell from the scope; something I didn’t really notice.

BSA Sweet .22 3-9 x 40mm Rifle Scope Matte Black

This BSA Sweet model can rival that of the Nikon scope in terms of range. It can give you images of your targets that are up to 150 yards away.

Aside from its range, I also like the. This is a fog proof and water proof scope that I have taken on many hunting trips.

It is constructed of strong material. I’ve dropped it countless times before but it remains useful up to this day. If you’re wondering about its warranty, then you should know that its manufacturer backs it up with a lifetime warranty.


I also find this scope very lightweight. At just 20 oz., it doesn’t add a lot of weight to a rifle. The windage and elevation adjustments are easy to operate. You won’t have to bring a coin or a screwdriver to adjust them.

I’ve shot up to 175 yards with the help of this scope. Zeroing in at 50 yards is also quick and easy. It will provide you with 100 yards field of view.

Suffice to say, it has helped me become more accurate with my shots. The quick-change turret system has three drums for 36, 38, and 40-grain type bullets. I also like that the lens is multicoated and thus can reduce glare.

Although lightweight, the scope is a bit long for me. I also found the crosshairs not that fine as compared to those of my other scopes. But those are really minor gripes to what is otherwise a great product from BSA.

Final Verdict

These are all highly rated best  .22 rimfire scopes. Many Users of these scopes said that these scopes are very easy to install.

The consensus among reviewers is that these scopes have improved their accuracy, whether they are in the woods or in the shooting range.

I’ve used some of these scopes and I’m quite impressed with their build quality. You won’t worry about the scopes getting damaged even if you drop them on the floor.

Most of these scopes are also designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. These are scopes that you won’t have problems bringing outdoors.

It really goes down to personal preference when you choose the right scope for your weapon. Regardless of the scope, you pick in this list, I highly doubt you would regret buying it.