Best gun safe reviews

Best Gun Safe Reviews in 2020

Are you searching for a gun safe but having difficulty deciding what to buy? Buying a gun safe as a gun owner isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially not in today’s world. With all the best advances in technology, you’ll find that there is now a wide range of safes available with different security features and storage options. Couple this with the different price tags and manufacturers and you’ll be looking at a very trying ordeal.

Luckily, that is exactly where this guide is going to come in handy. I have put together the best gun safe reviews to help you. Let’s take a look at some of today’s top models as well as give you the information that you need to know to find a great value.

Best Overall Gun Safe For Handguns: Awesafe Biometric Gun Safe

The Awesafe Biometric Safe offers a lot of value, is easy to use and does an outstanding job in securing your handguns. If you want a safe that prevents unauthorized people from getting to your firearms, the Awesafe is the one to get.

Best Value Gun Safe For HandgunsStealth Handgun Hanger Safe

The Stealth gun safe is perfect if you’re on a budget but still want a high-quality gun safe. With its ingenious design, you can have up to three handguns always ready. It also has a nice drop-down door for quick access.

Best Overall Gun Safe For Rifles: Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Amld593924-Blk

The AMLD593924-blk has room for up to 39 rifles, comes with 18 deadbolts and is made of 9 gauge steel. The safe has a 1/4 inch door drill plate and the hard plate is resistant to drills and ballistic. It’s also fireproof for 1875 F for an hour. What more could you want?

Best Value Gun Safe For Rifles: Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska is well known for their quality products and this safe is no exception. With space for 4 rifles and superior biometric protection, you have the assurance your guns are safe. This safe offers great value for your money.

Best Gun Safes for Handgun Owners

#1. Awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification and Biometric Lock

awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification and Biometric Lock One Handgun Capacity (Tight Stocks, Limit one Purchase)
The first safe that is on the list today is the Awesafe gun safe It is designed to provide the utmost in protection. This gun safe is extremely portable and provides secure storage for two standard handguns or one much larger pistol along with some extra ammunition. If you have children in the home that don’t understand the potential dangers of a gun, this is the perfect option with its digital keypad. The keypad offers an extra blanket of security that will help keep unwanted guests out. And, this is just the beginning. This gun safe has much more to offer than that and could easily be considered one of the best pistol safes on the market.

Solid Steel

The Awesafe gun safe was designed to deter all intruders, including ones that are actually trying to get into the safe via the door storage. Thanks to the all-steel construction along with the pry-resistant design, you’ll never have to worry about unwanted intruders getting into your device. In addition to this, you’ll also find reliable high-strength locking mechanisms with precise fittings that are virtually impossible to pry open with any kind of hand tool.

Beautiful Interior Light

Need to get in the safe in the middle of the night in a hurry? Sometimes this can be key. Maybe you don’t have time to turn on the light or you are somewhere where lighting isn’t available, and the gun safe is locked up like fort Knox.Whatever the situation is, you won’t have to worry because this device comes installed with a gas strut and LED light. The strut will quietly pop open the door and keep it open while the beautiful LED light will provide you with the lighting to see what you need to do. Whether you need to load or pick up extra ammo, you’ll be able to do just that and much more in the pitch dark.

  • Quiet opening operation thanks to the strut
  • Beautiful LED lighting inside
  • Extremely portable design
  • Pry resistant with precision fittings
  • One-year warranty
  • Only designed for two handguns or 1 larger gun
  • Doesn’t include any installation fixtures for side mounting

#2. SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock
SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock, 1 Capacity

Next up on the list is the SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe and it is a true beauty. It might not be as big as the first safe on the list, but it is still capable of holding a single large handgun with ammunition. Plus, the lightweight design and compact construction add to the overall convenience of the safe. This not only makes it easier to hide and store, but it makes it much easier to take with you on the road, should you choose to do that.

Extra Added Protection

The SentrySafe has a biometric fingerprint scanner for enhanced security. It stores up to 4 fingerprints so you can authorize other people to access the gun. Once the prints are recorded your gun will be secure. Not only is this safe constructed with solid steel to deter intruders, but it includes a digital keypad, a backup override key for emergency access. An electronic lock keypad with zero feedback is built-in so it doesn’t make any noise when it is used. The emphasis on stealth is clearly one of its strong points.

That’s right, you can get into the safe by either just scanning your fingerprint or entering in the combination. The quick access biometric lock is one of the most advanced and high-tech in the world, so you won’t have to worry about someone trying to fool or bypass it.

The security feature extends to the construction. As we already mentioned, it is made of solid steel and the door is pry-resistant. Even with repeated attempts, the gun safe won’t break easily. Made of 12 gauge steel, it conforms to the highest standards set by the industry.

Inside the QAP1BE is soft lining to safeguard your pistol from scratches. There is sufficient space inside so the most common handguns will fit in easily. The safe measures 3.2″H x 12.0″W x 9.9″L while the interior is 2.2″H x 9.7″W x 6.6″L. With that much space you’ll have no problems with capacity.

The holes at the bottom lets you mount this on the floor or shelf. All the necessary hardware is included. Like other SentrySafe gun safes, the QAP1BE biometrics is easy to program and use. The gun safe meets the requirements of the CA DOJ and that should tell you a lot about its quality.

Single Gas Strut

The QAP1BE gun safe also includes a gas strut that will pop open the door silently when you need inside. Whether you are in a potentially volatile situation or you are just trying to get into the safe, you’ll be able to with ease thanks to the convenient strut. It also pops open instantly. There will be no sitting and waiting on the door to slowly raise open. Not only is it quiet, but you can open the safe with one hand for rapid retrieval of your pistol. It’ll open when you need it to open, right on the spot.

  • Strut provides quick, fast, and silent access to the safe
  • One of the best handgun safe with one of the most advanced fingerprinting systems in the world
  • Also offers a keypad access
  • Conforms to CA DOJ requirements
  • Has interior lighting
  • Only holds one pistol

#3. Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe

 Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe with Auto Open Lid Pistol Safe Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (Not Compatible with Smart Key)
This Valutek safe was specifically designed with the precision engineering that customers have come to expect from this biometric gun safe company. The rugged construction is literally tough as nails and virtually impenetrable. This model not only comes with a strong steel body, but it uses anti-pry bars, interior hinges, and interior shielding to keep unwanted guests out. The Valutek will safely and securely store one handgun up to eight inches in length plus a spare mag.

Secure Mounting

This safe is much different than the others mentioned on the list here because it was only designed to be mounted under a desk or nightstand. You could also put it in a bookshelf, but the point is, it needs to be mounted. Don’t worry about the job because it is super simple and includes all the hardware for the task. The mounting plate allows for multiple configurations and also allows for removal in just a few seconds.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries

You’ll find that this safe uses an illuminated keypad to grant access to the gun. You’ll have to enter a special code of your choice before you can get into the safe. The keypad is illuminated so you won’t have a problem seeing it in a dark location. However, the impressive part is that the pad itself runs off rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. The batteries provide 4 months of life on a fully charged battery and can be charged within as little as 2.5 hours.

  • Uses rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries as a power source
  • Includes all the mounting hardware
  • Can be removed in just a few seconds
  • Designed specifically to deter intruders
  • Include hotkey shortcuts for quick and easy access
  • Must be mounted
  • Takes 2.5 hours to reach full battery life

#4. Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery (Black)

After seeing everything that the first Valutek had to offer it probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to see another on the list. That being said, it should be noted that this one is completely different.  The VT20i has been upgraded from the previous VT10i model and now has stronger security brackets for better protection. The safe also has fortified mounted hinges, 2-point anti-impact latches, and anti-pry bars.

The illuminated backlit keypad simplifies use in low lit areas. The VT20i is equipped with a chargeable lithium-ion battery that’s good for up to 8 weeks. Charging takes only two and a half hours via its USB.

The safe is built out of 16 gauge, powder-coated carbon steel. This makes the VT20i resistant to corrosion and rust and better equipped to protect your gun. While the safe is built mainly for gun storage, you can also use it to protect documents, cash, jewelry and other valuables.

The safe provides two access points, via the biometric fingerprint scanner or the electronic backlit keypad. Either one is easy to use so you’ll be able to retrieve your gun quickly in any event. The biometric fingerprint scanner records up to 20 different fingerprints, great if you want to let other people have access.

Two manual override keys are provided for emergency access, and it is equipped with smart safe technology for protection.

It does include that same rugged design that is perfect for on the go situations or at home nightstand storage, but this safe doesn’t have to be mounted. It is, however, slim enough to slide under a car seat or travel coast to coast through security checkpoints, so this is something that you’ll never have to worry about.

Smartphone Technology

Hands down the most impressive thing about this electronic safe is smartphone capabilities. This safe can be paired with your phone so that you can quickly and easily toggle on/off the available hotkeys. The VT20i can also be accessed remotely via your mobile phone. Not only this, but you can monitor the safe from afar. Right from your phone, you can check the power level of the safe, view the safe history, detect tampering, and customize your personal settings. You can pretty much do it all.

Along with the rechargeable battery, an AC power adapter is also included. The safe is 11.0″ wide X 5.75″ deep X 2.0″ tall.

Built-In Adjustable Interior Led Light

Don’t worry about trying to get into this safe in the dark or in a stressful situation because that simply won’t be a problem thanks to the LED light. This model includes a built-in adjustable interior LED light that will provide more than high visibility of the items. Combine this with the backlit, and you could literally light this safe up like a Christmas tree if you choose to do so.

  • Built-in adjustable interior LED lighting
  • Smartphone technology gives you complete control
  • The slim and sleek design makes transportation easier than everything
  • 16 gauge steel body design will keep intruders out
  • Backlit keypad
  • Must cycle the safe down in order to maximize battery life
  • Kind of a small design at 11 x 5.75 x 2.0. Wouldn’t accommodate a small laptop

#5. BARSKA Large Biometric Safe

BARSKA Large Biometric Safe
Have you ever been forced to try to remember a combination or password when your life is on the line? It is much harder than you would imagine. And, that is exactly why the BARSKA was designed so you wouldn’t have to. With the technology installed in this safe, you’ll be able to quickly and easily access your firearms with the swipe of a finger. While this safe is built it robust steel to prevent tampering and prying, it doesn’t offer the transportable and slim design as the others on the list before it. That’s okay though because it just means that you can store more in it!

Deters Theft

This safe was specifically designed to deter intruders. In fact, you can rest easy at night with peace of mind knowing that it would be near impossible for someone to get into this safe. It is not only crafted with some of the strongest steel on the planet, but it includes tamper-resistant edges along with 3 deadbolts. The safe is of rather large design, but it can be mounted in your closet or even under a nightstand.

Easy Backup

Remembering to keep your safe batteries charged will be one of the hardest things in the world. And, when those batteries are dead, you won’t be able to get into your electronic locks. Luckily, that won’t be a problem with the BARSKA. When the batteries die in this safe, you can insert the keys in the hidden keyhole to gain access. You can also take advantage of the backup battery pack if the keys have gotten misplaced as well.

  • Provides ample gun storage for a number of essential and valuable items
  • Secure storage, but quick access with the biometric fingerprint scanner system
  • Built with some of the strongest steel on the planet
  • Doesn’t offer any fire resistance

#6. Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Pistol Storage Box

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security Box

The Stealth Security Box is built for protection and quick access to your firearms. With its distinct drop-down door, you’ll be able to retrieve your pistols quickly.

If you are looking for a safe than can handle a large gun capacity, look no further than this safe. The spacious interior allows you to store 2 pistols flat and 3 on the ready. This safe was designed to hold 3 handguns on the top shelf at the ready and store 2 more flat, with a total maximum capacity of 5 handguns. Simply put, you’ll have enough firepower at your will to take down a small team of mercenaries inside the safe.

The door has been fortified so it is now 3/8 inches thick and made of two solid pieces. With its spring-loaded mechanism, the door opens quickly when you provide the proper combination. A speed reducing mechanism has been added to compensate for the door’s weight.

The first thing that you will notice about this safe is that the interior is lined with high-density foam that protects your handguns from scratching and abrasions. The barrel rests against the lining and protects against any scratches. The rods are also scratch-resistant for enhanced protection. There is also an option to turn the sound off for silent operation. The silent mode should come in handy in case there’s a break-in and you don’t want to make any noise.

The safe has a soft red light that illuminates the inside. It is a nice feature that will give you the visibility you need to see your guns even when working in the dark.. The light does not compromise its security features.

The safe meets the requirements of the CA DOJ and the body is made of solid steel. There is a reinforced lock hatch and anti-pry tabs as well. The safe is also pick and straw proof so it cannot be opened easily. The lock housing has been welded as well.

A security cable is included with the purchase of the safe, allowing you to secure it to a floor, wall or anywhere you want. Setting it up is easy too.

Security Cable With Keys

When installing this small safe, you’ll notice that it comes with four-bolt pre-drilled holes. This allows you to secure the safe to a stud or something stable so that someone can’t simply pick it up and walk away with it. And, while it would be hard to pry the safe off these bolts, it wouldn’t be impossible. And, that is exactly why this safe also comes with an extra security cable and key. The cable allows you to attached the device to another secure point.

  • Small and discreet designed keeps the safe hidden and out of sight
  • The interior is lined with a protective coating to prevent against scratching and abrasions
  • Holds up to 5 handguns
  • Has CA DOJ approval
  • Quick access mechanism


  • The LED light is not the brightest in the world

#7. V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe

V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe with Quick Access Lock, Black
V-Line is proud to introduce its new line of gun safes. And, they are impressive, to say the least. This new series is known as the BRUTE series, and it is called that for a reason. While it might offer a small storage capacity with a small design, it offers one of the most durable and rugged designs that you will find in a home safe. It is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to keep handguns and valuables safe around the home or on to go.

Heavy-Duty Laser Cut Handle

When looking at the safe one of the first things that you’ll probably notice is the handle. The safe offers a laser cut welded handle that is not only impressive in appearance, but it assists in opening and closing the safe. It makes the entire process easier, but the really impressive part is that it surrounds the lock faceplate and offers additional anti-pry protection. Speaking of protection, you’ll have even more thanks to the oversized lids with close tolerances. Prying into this safe won’t be possible.

  • Sleek and small compact safe fits in small storage spots, but large, deep storage capacity
  • 10 gauge steel that is tough as 12 gauge with the finished with tactical black textured powder coating for security and durability
  • Break free 360-degree rotation knob
  • Anti-pry clamshell design
  • Opening silent strut
  • Only offers a one-year warranty
  • Non-electronic design with no smart features

#8. Vaultek MX Wi-Fi Safe High Capacity

Vaultek MX Wi-Fi Safe High Capacity Smart Handgun Safe Multiple Pistol Storage Smart Safe with Alerts to Smartphone Auto-Open Door and Rechargeable Battery
Valutek is probably a name that you are more than familiar with by now. And, you should be because they are one of the most dependable and reliable safe manufacturers on this list, possibly in the entire world. That aside, the MX safe here is much different than most traditional safes because it offers powerful Wi-Fi connectivity that allows users to view live safe data and receive instant alerts. You’ll receive all this right on your phone. In addition, you can monitor and manage the safe from there as well.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

This safe also features a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that is capable of providing 24/7 power for up to a total of 4 months, on a full charge. However, the model does feature a power cord and can be plugged into an electrical outlet. Unfortunately, it will take nearly 4 hours for the batteries to recharge, but on the upside, they are rechargeable whereas most safe just AAA or AA batteries that have to be replaced.

  • The safe offers a large storage capacity of up to eight handguns
  • Includes a number of anti-theft protection devices
  • Illuminated keypad with built-in proximity sensor
  • Safe does not regulate humidity, but you can monitor it via your phone

Best Long Gun Safe Reviews

#1. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652The Barska AX11652 is for the gun owner who wants maximum security and protection. At the same time, the AX11652 makes it easy to access your firearms in case the situation calls for it.

The biometric fingerprint system on the AX11652 stores up to 120 fingerprints, giving you complete control over the access. The electronic fingerprint keypad works exceptionally well.  By recording your fingerprint, you only have to press the scanner and the safe opens. Now there is no need to memorize long combinations and worry about lost keys.

The AX11652 utilizes an advanced biometric module so the safe opens quickly. It also comes with an external battery pack and 2 backup keys for emergency access.

It ensures that your long gun safe remains secure at all times so you can keep your guns protected. If you intend to keep guns in your house and you want to keep them out of reach, this is one of the best gun cabinets you could buy.

There is also silent mode if you want to run the safe quietly. With sound or not, the AX11652 is easy to use. After your fingerprint is recorded, the data is kept in its database.

At 1.833 cubic feet, there is ample space for 4 riffles. The AX11652 measures 8.6in x 9.8in x 52.17in, while the interior dimensions are 6.3in x 9.7in x 52in.

The long safe has pre-drilled mounting holes so you can mount the safe for even more security. Thee door is pry resistant and is equipped with three deadbolts on the bottom, side and top for good measure.

If you’re looking for an outstanding safe that is DOJ approved, you should look no further than this one. This safe is the best for protecting your items including your long guns. Thanks to its design, it can hold long guns and any small gun very easily. You’ll also find that it is going to provide plenty of protection to four rifles. The unit comes with a removable shelf as well.

  • 120 fingerprint module works great
  • Stores 4 rifles at once
  • Solid steel construction
  • CA DOJ approved
  • A little more expensive

#2. Stack-On GBC-1522 Steel 22-Gun Gun Cabinet

Stack-On GCB-1522 Steel 22-Gun Security Gun Cabinet with Foam Barrel Rests, Black
This cabinet is great for ensuring your guns are secure at all times. It offers plenty of protection and can support a maximum of 22 guns simultaneously. This means it is bigger than many of the alternatives. You’ll also appreciate the fact that this cabinet features 1 shelf. So, you’re going to have a place to store your ammunition. You will be able to get the cabinet open in seconds but nobody else can. This one features a 3-point locking system with a key-coded cylinder lock. This adds more security to the equation.

Best For Guns

This long safe is excellent for your guns. It has a high-gloss finish that you’re going to love. Simultaneously, it features foam barrel rests so your weapons can be protected at all times. Again, it can hold multiple guns at once. If you have 20 guns, this case is the best one for you. It’ll keep your guns neatly stored away so nobody will be able to access them without your permission.

  • Paint finish is beautiful
  • Can hold up to 22 guns
  • Has foam barrel rests
  • Inside is not padded


#3. V-Line 31242-SA Quick Access Long Gun Safe

V-Line 31242-SA Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe (Black, 42-Inch)
This keyless long safe is a good option for many consumers. It works well for the intended purpose and can hold multiple guns. When you need to open it, you’ll be able to do so easily. If you’re looking for a safe to keep your guns protected at home, this is the best one for you. It can be opened without a key. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing the key in the future. It features pre-punched mounting holes too. This ensures that you’re able to mount the safe on the wall. It has front and top openings as well.

Added Security

If you read gun safe reviews, you’re likely going to come across this one. And, it will have positive reviews. It features a keyless high-grade lock and 2 additional keyed locks. This means that nobody will be able to open your safe without your permission. This case is very small but it is still suitable for multiple guns. Depending on your unique needs, you should be able to store a rifle and handgun in this case without any issues.

  • This rifle safe will keep strangers out
  • Ample storage space for a rifle and handgun
  • Provides extra peace of mind for gun owners
  • Might not be large enough for multiple rifles


#4. Best Choice Products Steel Electronic Storage Safe

Best Choice Products Steel Electronic Storage Safe for Firearms, Valuables w/Digital Keypad, Keys, Padded InteriorIf you’re looking for a long gun safe with steel construction and high gauge steel, you’ve come to the right place. The Best Choice Products Safe is going to satisfy to no end. It delivers maximum security so you can guarantee that you will be able to keep unwanted people out. This spacious long gun safe is large enough to accommodate five rifles simultaneously.

This makes it a good choice for serious gun owners. Inside you will also find plenty of space for bullets, ammo boxes, and other accessories. Despite being large on the inside, this case is compact so it won’t consume too much space.

The long gun safe uses an electronic keypad to lock the content inside. Even if you have never programmed one before, the procedure is straightforward. The keypad is very secure and won’t open unless the right combination is punched in. In addition to the keypad, there are 4 backup keys that you may use.

The keys are designed to open the safe as an override option. But you can also use it to manually lock the safe. The housing is made of solid steel and will not wear out even with years of use. The design is not only durable but stylish, allowing it to blend with other items easily.

The interior is 13.5”(L) x 7.75”(W) x 6.75”(H) and at 99 lbs is not as heavy as those of others in the industry. This does not make it any less dependable though, only that it is easier to set up.

The BCP gun safe is a nice compromise for those who need something bigger than a 2 rifle safe but smaller than those with a 30 gun capacity.

Rifle Rack

This safe is equipped with a built-in rifle rack. This means that you’re going to have sufficient storage space for 5 rifles. The solid design is not limited to the exterior though. It also has a padded interior so you won’t have to worry about scratching your firearms. This also means that the case is going to be much quiet. If you like guns and want to keep them at home safely, you’ll want to buy this long gun safe.

  • Built from heavy duty steel
  • Can hold 5 rifles
  • Features a digital keypad
  • Has a built-in rifle rack
  • Screw holes for mounting included
  • Tighter than described

#5. Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Gun Safe

Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe, 59x36x25-InchLooking for a long gun safe with an eye-appealing but very durable design? If so, look no further than the Second Amendment by Blue Dot Safes. The long gun safe is designed to endure exposure to the elements and resist tampering by unauthorized individuals. Manufactured in the United States, the safe will protect your guns, rifles, pistols, and other valuables from potential home invasions and break-ins.

U.L. Listed Lock

The safe is integrated with a U.L. Listed lock to ensure the highest level of security. The lock will protect your valuables even in the worth possible circumstances. The great benefit of this long gun safe is it can be customized to your suit your preferences and needs. If you contact Blue Dot Safes, you will be given the option of choosing from various available locks.

RELOCKER Bolt System

To eliminate break-ins from prying, the Second Amendment is designed with a unique bolt work system. RELOCKER is designed with an extra spring-loaded relocking device, which activates during lock-punching attacks. Protect your valuables from the worst and most experienced thieves with the help of the Second Amendment Gun Safe.

Durable Coating

The manufacturer utilizes a black powder coat to ensure the integrity of its Second Amendment Safe. The coating is very durable and resistant to scratches and scuffs. It also offers eye appeal, along with the beautifully written model name located on the top of the door. It is these features that make this device so special.

The Blue Dot has 14 bolts, 5 fixed and 9 live for extra security. Its plate is drill resistant and the design exceeds the DOJ requirements.

The long gun safe has the capacity to hold 30 guns comfortably, and it comes with 5 ammo pouches and 8 gun holsters. As should be obvious, there is a lot of room here for the gun enthusiast. You’ll be able to organize the guns and accessories without worrying about the space.

This 650 lb gun safe has been rated fireproof up to 1700 F. There are not a lot of gun safes that meet this specification, and that tells you how durable the Blue Dot is. The body is made from 12 gauge steel and is going to hold up to long term use without wear and tear.

The safe is heavy as it should be, and the interior has more than enough room for gun buffs. The baked finish looks good and adds durability, and the heavy door makes prying difficult. The deadbolts, finish and durability makes the Blue Dot an excellent choice to keep firearms safe.

With several pockets and shelves, the Blue Dot is also suitable for storing documents, gold and other pieces of jewelry. Its fire resistance level is greater than those on a regular gun safe, and that is what makes this a good storage solution.

Aside from the security measures that have been mentioned, the Blue Dot also has a drill proof plate. This means a burglar with a drill won’t get past it.

  • The durable bolt lock system
  • 1700F fire protection rating
  • Meets DOJ specifications
  • Holds up to thirty rifles
  • Manufactured in the U.S.
  • Doors direction is not interchangeable
  • Battery replacement is slightly confusing

#6. Viking VS-52BLX Security Wall Safe

Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe
Depending on what type of design you are interested in, a wall safe may be exactly what you need. The design allows for discretion, as the safe door can be hidden behind hanging wall art. Of course, you will need to have the art designed specifically for that purpose but it is possible. The Viking VS-52BLX Security Wall Safe is are durable and can hold a decent amount of valuables.

Easy Access

The VS-52BLX is designed with two access options – a keypad and fingerprint system. Both of these devices will provide you with quick and easy access in seconds. Setting up the fingerprint scanning process is simple when utilizing the in-depth instruction guide. You will need to scan your fingerprint for future access.

The fingerprint scanner will hold multiple fingerprints. So, you can set it authorized access to your spouse, adult children, and trustworthy friends in seconds.

Reliable Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism integrated into the VS-52BLX is a 20mm deadbolt. When the door closes, the deadbolt along with the steel locking bolts will automatically lock, preventing future potential unauthorized access. This design protects against tampering from those who are not authorized access into the safe.

When the door does not shut completely, the warning will be initiated. The alert will let you know that the safe door is ajar.

Decent Size

The safe is a fairly decent size, measuring 19” L X 14” W X 4” D. It could easily hold a biometric rifle. Most of the is hidden inside of a wall, with only the door being exposed. As mentioned above, it may be possible to cover the door with hanging wall art. You can speak with your designer about décor just for that purpose.

  • Includes a backup key
  • Easy to install
  • Offers some discretion
  • Poorly designed interior shelving

#7. Steelwater Heavy Duty AMLD593924-blk Long Gun Safe

New and Improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMLD593924-blk

Built to hold 24 to 39 guns, the AMLD593924-blk long gun safe is for those who don’t want to compromise security.  The 9 gauge steel body is complemented by the 5 inches, 3 layered fireboard door.

There are 18 bolts in the long safe, 11 active chrome plated and 7 inactive. Fry sides have bolts covering them, and the bolt and gear lock mechanism act as an anti-tampering and anti prying protection.

The AMLD593924-blk hard plate is ballistic and drill proof. Larger than those on other gun safes, it also acts as a protector for the combination lock. There’s also a re-locking bolt so you get added security.

The door has an expandable seal. If there’s fire, it activates and protects your guns. It also keeps water out as well. Once you bolt the safe, the anchors provide extra security along with the metal plate.

The interior has full upholstery to safeguard your weapons. The rack has 3 sections where you can store lots of rifles. There are also adjustable shelves where you can put pistols, ammo and other items. The door also has several more pockets, pouches and sleeves if you need more storage.

The AMLD593924-blk has a couple of USB charging ports as well as 3 AC outlets included. The body also has a black powder coating, giving it a smooth and durable finish.

The AMLD593924-blk is a feature packed long gun safe that’s going to keep your guns and gun accessories safe. At (HxWxD) 59 x 39” x 24” and 689 lbs it’s built for the task.

  • 24 to 30 gun average capacity
  • 60-minute fire protection up to 1875 F
  • Exceeds CA DOJ regulatory requirements
  • 9 gauge steel body
  • UL listed combination lock
  • A bit expensive


Things to Consider before Buying a Gun Safe

Before buying a gun safe you should consider a few things. With just a few points and clicks it’ll be shipped to your home. But considering what’s involved, you have to be careful about what you buy and make sure that it meets your requirements.

Many people utilize their long gun safe for storing all kinds of valuables, including their rifles, pistols, and shotguns, making the construction even more crucial. There are a few thieves that can crack a nut in seconds. So, what makes you think they can’t crack your long gun safe? Well, they can if it is vulnerable in any aspect. For a longgun safe to be safe from all criminals, it must be constructed of durable materials. Below, you will discover a buying guide with important factors to consider when shopping for a new gun safe.


Gun safes can be divided into two types for handguns and long rifles. If you own just one pistol, a single handgun safe will do. If you’ve got a doze rifles or more, get a large gun safe. It should have enough room for your long guns, accessories and pistols as well.

If you’re thinking of buying another pistol or two, get a safe with a 3 to 5 gun capacity. Even if you don’t have a lot of pistols, you can use the extra space to store documents, jewelry and other valuables.


A large gun safe can weigh up to 700 lbs and is delivered via a tractor or truck. Make sure that you’ve got the space for it before placing an order. And don’t forget to check your doorway to see if the safe fits.

For handgun safes it’s all about portability. If you want to take your pistol with you, the safe must be portable without being flimsy. The more room a pistol safe has, the heavier it will be.

Security Mechanism

There is no shortage of options here. Gun safes may use biometric fingerprints, electronic keypads, key locks, mechanical locks, bolt and key or any combination of these systems. If you opt for an electronic lock, make sure there are backup keys available that can override the electronics just in case.


Durability is measured in steel gauges, and the lower the number, the thicker the steel. Long gun safes are stronger than handgun safes of course, but the quality of handgun safes have improved a lot.

Aside from the gauge, look for live and active bolts, concealed hinges, fortified steel plates and anti prying. Long gun safes are usually fireproof, but the extent and durability varies from safe to safe.


All good gun safes meet or exceed the CA DOJ requirements for a gun safe, and they are also built of heavy duty materials. You can check the product specs and that will give you an idea of how good the product is.

The rule of thumb is thick doors, hard metal plates, lots of bolts, fireproofing, heavy gauge and fortified plates make for a good gun safe.


As mentioned above, the construction of a gun safe is crucial. If the construction is lacking in any way, it will be vulnerable during break-ins. The highest-grade construction material utilized today for gun safes is 12-gauge carbon steel. This material is so durable that can withstand long-time exposure to the elements and high impact. Anything less will render the gun safe useless.


The biometric locking system is guaranteed to protect your valuables from break-ins. The system is high-quality with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest level of security. If you are concerned about your existing gun safe, you may be time to upgrade to a model with a biometric lock. Most of these locks are integrated with an electronic keypad and fingerprint scanner. These devices prevent access to anyone who is not authorized to get into the gun safe.

A fingerprint scanner will offer quick access to authorized individuals as well.

Door Design

The door design is another good factor to consider. It is recommended to only consider gun safes with at least a 12-gauge front door. This design will ensure durability and longevity. Most manufacturers utilize a powder coat finish to protect against corrosion when exposed to elements, such as moisture and high humidity.

Other Features to Consider

  • A stealth mode that turns off any beeping sound. You don’t want to alert any burglars while you’re grabbing your gun.
  • Gas compression strut: this allows for a quiet opening of the lid to avoid alerting anyone.
  • Security cable for mounting on walls or floors.


All the 10 gun safes I have are of exceptional build, but some are just better than the others,  as I mentioned earlier.

If you own handguns, the Awesafe Biometric Gun safe is ideal. It is easy to set up, has plenty of room for your pistols and offers peace of mind and security. The Awesafe Biometric Gun safe also uses batteries very well.

Are you looking for a long gun safe? Then the Steelwater is the one to get. I won’t repeat the features that I’ve already said in the best gun safe reviews, but suffice to say the Steelwater will keep your guns safe and secure.


Are all safes fireproof gun safes?

When you are looking for a gun safe to store your two or more firearms, fireproof capabilities is a good thing to consider. In fact, you can read any gun safe reviews Australia and they will tell you that the best gun safes are fireproof. Whether you are shopping for a large safe or a small gun safe that can handle one gun, you’ll want one that is fireproof. Unfortunately, not all steel gauge safes are fireproof. Electronic gun safes like the good ones mentioned here will come with a fire rating. This will gauge the fire capabilities of the electronic gun safe.

Are Gun Safes For Firearms Burglar Rated?

Just as gun safes are fireproof rated, they are also burglar rated. A safe provides this rating by assigning experts to attempt to break into the gun safe within a specific time. For instance, it might take some thieves 120 minutes to break into a mechanical lock, whereas it might take only 60 minutes to break into a similar one. The department of justice will tell you that you don’t want a safe that is too hard to get into because in case of an emergency, you’ll need a biometric gun that is easy to access. One or two locks might be enough to do the trick.

How important are fingerprint biometrics on long gun safes?

You’ll find today that the market is filled with different types of gun safes that offer 120 fingerprints. This type of specific combination lock is design to keep gun owners guns safe. Not only this, but they’ll provide you quick and easy access to your gun collection in a hurry. A combination lock takes time. You’ll have to enter in 4 or 5 digits. This won’t be he case with a rifle safe that offers fingerprint technology. Keep in mind that there could be times when you need to open the safe in a hurry. Gun owners even with steel construction safes will still be able to access them quickly with features like this.

Why Do You Need A Gun Safe?

When it comes down to it, you don’t need a gun safe. However, you will benefit greatly from installing the best gun safe in your home. If you live with kids, you want to keep your best handgun locked away at all times. You can’t leave your gun sitting out or your child may decide to play with that gun. A gun safe will give you peace of mind since you’ll know that your kids can’t access your gun or guns. Simultaneously, you should know that pistol safes are going to protect you in the event of a robbery.

Your safe comes in handy during this event. A large safe will prevent the thief from getting inside and stealing your items. This is why you’ll want to choose a safe with steel locking bolts and a reliable power source. There are other storage options but a rifle safe is one of the best investments you could make.

Are Gun Safes Worth It?

Handgun safes are great but many people do not believe the best long large gun safes are worth it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 30 minutes spent on buying guns safes can make a world of difference. Remember that you can buy these items at Amazon Com and you should do so. You’ll want to find one of the best safes for guns or a large gun safe. Also, make sure it has an electronic lock and works well as a pistol safe. High quality gun safes and the best small gun safe are going to give you confidence that your guns won’t be tampered with.

If you’re worried about them being destroyed, you should buy the best fire resistant gun safe. Just make sure that you choose a long safe gun safe that is capable of holding all of your firearms. If you own a long rifle, you’ll need to make sure that long safe has plenty of space in the inside. This ensures that your long runs will fit into the safe with ease. Then, you can use the safe to hold your long rifles. Ultimately, gun safes with the best biometric fingerprint systems and steel plates will keep your gun safe. That makes the best long gun safe with compression gas strut worth the investment.

What Kind Of Gun Safe Should I Buy?

You need to buy a gun safe that you’re going to use. If you don’t use the safe, there is a risk that your kids will get your gun and use it. So, the best gun safe you can buy is one that you will use and one that will work for you. Also, make sure that the safe is UL listed so you can guarantee that it is going to work great for the intended purpose.

What is the best gun safe for the money?

The best handgun safe for the money is the Awesafe Biometric Gun safe.

Which is the best long gun safe for the money?

The best safe for long guns is the Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe.

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