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When it comes to best long range rifle scope, there are several options available. Many companies have joined into the production of several long ranging scopes.

Even if you set your budget at a thousand dollars or less than that, you can still get lay your hands on durable long range scopes. The best scopes are often fog proof, shockproof, as well as waterproof.

They present high levels of light transmission and offer the best in terms of clear images. If you want the best, you have to expend a few thousands of dollars, and you are sure of getting a scope that offers a powerful magnification.

These days, there are different computer aided long rifle scopes that offer enormous objective lens, as well as sunshades in addition to high magnification. There are several of them on the market; you have to look for the best. and Reccomended Best Long Range Rifle Scope For The Money

Best Long Range Rifle Scope Under $1000 

If you do not have the time or that you are finding it difficult to make your choice, the best long range reviews are done for you here. You can just read the reviews and pick any of the products. Make your choice based on your personal preferences and your budget.

Steiner 5X-25X-56mm MSR

This is one of the best long range rifle scope you can use for an extended and distance shooting. It can be used for a distance of one thousand five hundred meters and even more than that. It works very well in a low light situation.

This product is considered the best among sniper riflescopes because of the fantastic features. It features an illuminated reticle, as well as the first focal plane. The scope offers high image magnification of at 6X to 30X.

It can be used for different purposes such as hunting, plinking, targeting, as well as general purpose use. Most importantly, it can be used for tactical purposes.

You can see that this brand offers the best in terms of long range features, but the most outstanding features that make it outstanding for long range hunting purpose include its good elevation level and high power.

It is durably constructed. It can be used in even in the most rugged environment. It is extremely shock free. If you are looking for the most durable and efficient long range scope on the market, you can opt for the product.

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NightForce C507 5.5-22x56 NXS Riflescope MOAR-T Reticle

If you are looking for the best long range scope on the market today, you should not hesitate to buy this product. The brand has made a name over the years and it remains a brand you can easily recognize.

The product has great features that set it apart from several others. It was originally meant the US military. It is now used for other purposes apart from tactical or military shooting purpose.

In terms of magnification, it offers a broad magnification range. It is durable and a reliable product. It is sleek in design and that is why it can be easily adapted to various kinds of mounting systems.

The scope is famous for its superior resolution at a very high magnification. This means that you are going to enjoy extended range shooting when you use this first class product. It is estimated that with this long range scope that you can aim about two thousand yards and even more than that. This product is one of the best that you can lay your hands. It is highly recommended.

Leupold Waterproof VX-6 7-42x56mm Side Focus Rifle Scope Matte Black

Leupold is known to offer the best long range rifle scope. The VX-6 series from the company offers various kinds of magnification. Perhaps the best that you can lay your hands on the market is the VX-6 7-42x56mm Side Focus Scope Matte Black.

This product is exceptionally good and it is recommended for those aiming at long range shooting, especially for competition and targets.

This product is waterproofed and this means that you can use it under any condition, as water would not constitute a threat. The optical quality stands it out from several others out there. It is built with the most superior material and that is why it is very tough.

Most importantly, it offers ultra clear images. Its users are never disappointed because it integrates all the features they want from a long range scope.

It uses a powerful six to one zoom ratio, and this implies that it would deliver the best views. This makes it relevant for target shooting. It is certainly one of the best and you are going to have real value for your money when you opt for this product. It is highly recommended because of the outstanding features.

The product would always deliver accurate precision even if you are targeting objects at the extreme distances. It is durable because it is produced from 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum product. If you are looking for a product that offers the best in terms of accurate targeting, opt for this brand.

Schmidt Bender PMII 5-25x56 L/P DT MSR FFP MRAD CCW

Many people who have used S&B would not hesitate to recommend the product because of the outstanding features. It uses the best glasses and many people have already crowned it the king of the scopes.

One shortcoming many people have about this product is the elevation range, which many users believed is limited because it can allow just two revolutions of adjustment. Moreover, it is heavier than several other products out there.

These are the few shortcomings. These do not detract from the great features. No other scope can compare with its glass quality. In terms of mechanical precision, it offers the best and is better than any other scope you can think of.

This product is also the best in terms of repeat-ability. It offers an efficient and amazing turret design. Moreover, in the area of usability, this scope is easier to use compared with similar products. It is going to offer the best value for your money. This is an exceptional product and it would provide the best for its users.

These are the best long range riflescopes. You are going to derive real value for your money if you buy any of these scope products. They go at different prices and they offer different features, this means that when you want to make your final choice, you have to compare the various scopes reviewed above with the buying guides also discussed above. Compare them and relate them to your needs, preferences, and your budget before you make your final choice. Any of these products is good and they are recommended.

Best Long Range Rifle Scope Under 1000 Dollar

The optics market is a massive market, and because of that there are various kinds of long range scopes. Even with one thousand dollars, you can make unlimited number of choices. It can be a high price point but that does not mean that at that price, you are going to get the best optics on the market.

However, if your budget is around one thousand dollars, you can get products that meet your highest expectation. You are going to get a clear scope that can deliver bright images.

A long range scope at one thousand dollars is expected to be durable and offer precise services. Most of them should boast of zero reset turrets as well as multicoated lenses and even single construction. This means that you can always get the best at the price. However, before you can do that, you must search diligently for that.

If you are looking for the best long range rifle scope under 1000 dollars, here are the best recommendations for you:

Burris XTR II 3X-15X-50mm Illuminated FFP G2B Mil-Dot Reticle Riflescope - 201033

This is a good product and sells below one thousand dollars. It is meant for long range precision shooters. If you are engaged in competitive and tactical shooting, you can always opt for this great product.

Apart from that, this scope has other great features that make it great and here are some of the great attributes: it features a focal plan reticle, and this makes for an increase or decrease in magnification.

Furthermore, the ergonomic side focus as well as the easy to reach parallax adjustment is for fifty years and infinity and this makes for enhanced accuracy, especially during long distance shooting.

Most importantly, the product offers the best resolution optics as well as appropriate tactical reticles. This is great because it makes it possible for users to identify their targets, as well as make appropriate elevation and windage adjustments.

It features illuminated reticle. This is helpful because it cuts down time required to get the target under any lighting condition and it can increase accuracy.

Every user is going to enjoy the product because of its sophistication, which makes for accurate and precision shooting. It is produced with state of the art technology, and that is why it would always deliver the best for both tactical and competitive shooters. If you are looking for the best, you should not hesitate to use the product.

SWFA SS 3-15x42 Tactical Rifle Scope

This is another great tactical riffle scope. It can perform flawlessly, especially when put in use under harsh conditions. The scope features first focal plane and because of that, it would always deliver precision shooting.

Its reticle is located at the first focal plane, and because of that, it is convenient to hold for wind irrespective of its power settings. Furthermore, it features a mil-quad and this facilitates the holding process and makes it straightforward.

Most importantly, you can see that this would always deliver superior quality and clear images that can compare with any other product.

When it is in use, you are going to like the feeling of the turrets. The turrets further make the product easy to use. Most importantly, zero setting of the scope is not difficult to do.

This product is extremely rugged and this means that it is durable and can be used under different conditions. The scope as you can see is easy to use, and it is good for tactical shooting. It is highly recommended.

Vortex Optics VHS-4310 Viper HS-T 6-24x50 Riflescope with VMR-1 Reticle

This is another great range scope you can choose today, it can be used under different conditions and different environments such as mountaintops, tree stand, bolt guns and so on. One thing many users find great in this product is the fact that it can be applied to wide ranges of shooting applications.

Vortex is known for the manufacture of great quality products, and this blend the good qualities of viper PST, the Viper HST riflescope, as well as Viper HS riflescopes.

The brand is durable as it is constructed using superior quality thirty millimeter machined aluminum tube and because of that, it would always deliver the best for its users. The product is an advanced optical system and offers four times magnifications.

You can achieve your purpose when you use this product and that is why it is highly recommended. It has long-range performance features. It enjoys VIP unconditional lifetime warranty.

Weaver 4-20 x 50 Tactical 30-mm SF Matte Mil Dot

Weaver is one of the best tactical long range scopes you can lay your hands on the market. It offers a lot of features that would help you enjoy tactical shooting. The system provides for first focal plane reticles, as well as side focus adjustment.

It can be used in different weather conditions because it is fog proof, shockproof and weatherproof. This means that it does not pose any danger to using it in difficult and rugged environments.

Moreover, this is a one piece construction of thirty millimeters long. It is manufactured in Japan and it manufactured strictly for the harshest environments. This brand is meant to bring out the best in any shooter.

If you are looking for the best, you have to select the product. It is highly recommended.

Bushnell Elite Tactical Illuminated G2DMR FFP Reticle Riflescope (6-24x50-mm)

This is another great scope for those looking for the best long range rifle scope under 1000 dollar If you are looking for a scope that can offer reliable coverage, then this is brand is for you.

It was created based on feedback from military experts and law enforcement experts nationwide. This product offers optical precision and helps tactical shooters to achieve their objectives.

It is a thirty millimeters one piece tube construction. This means that it is a durable riflescope. Perhaps, the most reliable long range scope, it can serve you for a long time. If you are looking for the best, this brand is strongly recommended for you.

The rifle scope is not made in America, it is imported, but it can satisfy all your shooting needs.

Things To Consider Before Buying Long Range Rifle Scope

If you are looking for the best long range riffle scopes, you have to consider many factors before you can make the right choice. Remember that the best long range riffles would always come with money. This means that you have to be prepared to pay more for the superior quality riflescopes. Moreover, you have to consider the following factors to get the best.


Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the lenses or the glass of the riflescope. First, you require a crystal clear images, and you can get it when you use a good lens. With high quality lenses, you are sure of getting superior quality images even under high and low magnification.

To read the wind very well, you require an improved clarity. Long range scopes can aid you in shooting at one thousands yards or more, and for that to be possible, you should read your target wind very well.

Situation may be there where the grass or dust may be blowing, and this could tamper with your scopes operation, but with better lenses, you are going to overcome every possible challenge. Because of this, you must consider the lenses quality before you can make a good choice.

Scope Body

The scope body is equally critical when you are making your choice. The investment could be enormous and because of that, you have to look for a product that can serve for a long time. This means that durability of the product is very important.

This means that when you are making your choice, you have to consider the type of materials used in manufacturing the long range scope. The best scopes are often produced from graded aircraft aluminum material.

This type of material is very durable and of the most superior quality. Moreover, when you are making your choice, you must ensure that the body is a single design, indicating that it must be a product of just one single piece of aluminum. This is more stable than others.


Third important factor to consider whenever you are making your choice includes the scope reticle. There are various options available to you when it comes to reticle, but ensure that you choose those with single dots spread horizontally and vertically, as well as hash marks when you are making your choice.

The measurement could be MOA or MIL and the separations have to be done evenly. This type of reticles is recommended because it makes for elevation and windage.

Objective Lens Size

The objective lens size is another critical factor you must always consider when you are making your choice. Experts would always recommend that the bigger is the better. When you get a bigger objective lens, it means that you are going to get a higher and better light transmission.

More light you get in this, the better for you. However, you should know about the challenges that come with that. When you get a larger objective diameter, you must require a higher scope mounts.

Magnification Power

The other important factor you can consider when you are making your choice includes the magnification power. Many people pay more attention on this aspect more than any other thing.

Magnification power is good, but you have to consider your overall shooting objective when you are making your choice. The minimum magnification power for any long range optic should be at least 16 power.

Focal Plane

The focal plane is another important thing to consider whenever you are making your choice. When it comes to the focal plane, there is at least two categories which include the front focal plane and of course the second focal plane.

If you think of the front focal plane, you notice that the reticle would always change the size and this can always happen when the magnification decreases or increases. The reticle would not make any change in the second focal plane.

You have to consider these two options when you are making your choice. Many users would opt for the front focal plane because the hash marks do not make any change.

Adjustment Ranges

The other important factor to consider when you are making your choice includes the adjustment ranges. It is important that you adjust the turrets. The concern here is more on elevation adjustment and not windage.

These are some of the important factors to consider when you are looking for the best long range rifle scopes. There could be others. You have to research the market and read reviews and compare various products before you can make the best decision. If you follow the buying guide provided above you can hardly make any mistake

Final Verdict

These are some of the best quality long range scopes. Some of them are made from US, while others are manufactured from other countries. When you want to make your choice, you have to consider some important factors to ensure that you make the correct choice.

One thing is certain, any of the brands you use would be useful to you, but that depends on your shooting and tactical needs. They are all recommended.

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