Best Nerf Sniper Rifle Reviews in 2017- Buying Guides

Today’s world sees kids trying to have fun through the various toys they get. However a nerf sniper rifle is a toy which makes kids find the adventure streak with a fun aspect to it too. Most parents have a problem in figuring out which nerf rifle would work best for their kids.If you are also looking for the best nerf sniper rifle then certain factors need to be paid attention to. We are presenting to you a detailed comparison of 5best nerf sniper rifles available so that it becomes easy for you to make a selection.

Why and How to choose a best nerf sniper rifle?

A nerf sniper rifle is the perfect way to get a sense of adventure. Using these rifle even parents can share the same passion with their kids. However the choice of the perfect sniper rifle depends on a lot of factors.

One thing that everyone needs to pay attention to the durability of the rifle. Since the usage of the product is going to be a little rash it is critical that any flimsy product not be selected.

Secondly you need to find out which rifle is going to suit your playing style the most. Pick up a highly accurate gun if you are very serious about game playing.

However if it is only for fun purposes any of the below nerf  airsoft guns would work for you.

Lastly price of the gun plays an important factor as you would not want to put extra money in a high priced one. Figure out how much you are willing to put and then choose from the options available. Instead of just picking up the cheapest one try to opt for one which gives you the best deal possible.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice Centurion

Marketed by Hasbro the elite sonic ice centurion Nerf sniper rifle is provided with great accuracy and high power.

Definitely, a very good looking rifle it is able to launch the darts at a considerable far off distance. Ideal for kids who wish to practice some hunting skills before venturing into the actual process.

The darts are huge and they whistle while flying through the air. Since the product has been made such it gives you the feeling of a rocket launcher hence making the entire shooting process a fun one.

One of the best nerf sniper rifles it also comes accompanied with a retractable bipod and 6 mega darts the use of which provides stability to the entire shooting experience.

However, at times, the product shows signs of rattling which can be a concern for the child using it for the first time. Apart from that this sniper rifle takes some time before the user gets adapted to the entire process of putting darts and shooting them.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Spectre Rev-5 Stealth Blaster

Coming with a revolver style loading action the Elite Spectre Rev-5 Stealth Blaster is provided with a 4-pound spring to give a much powerful response during long shots.

The blaster is provided with attachments which can be customized to make your shooting change as per the kind of requirement.

The folding stock can be added at any time to provide stability to the shots while the barrel extension comes in handy in ensuring that the accuracy of shots is maintained.

These stock and barrel work well with other N-strike attachments however they need to be purchased separately. Weighing 1.8 pounds this best nerf sniper can be comfortably used by any kids above the age of 8 years.

The cylinder has the capacity to hold 5 darts at a time and it rotates conveniently to give you a clean trigger response. An ideal choice for a gunfight involving many kids the blaster is provided you with a silencer which reduces the noise level to a large extent.

However, people do complain about the product getting jammed during usage which can be difficult for a kid to understand. Apart from that the price of the product is also considered to be on the higher side and may not make it an ideal deal for everyone.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapid strike CS-18 Blaster

Made from safe materials the CS -18 blaster has the ability to hold up to 18 darts at one time. There is an acceleration trigger which gives power to the motor and hence speeds up the firing.

All the 18 elite darts are stored in a clip which is viewable and hence you can check them at any time. One pull of the trigger ensures that there are rapid fires of darts at one go making it an extremely competitive option.

Another point which makes it one of the best nerf sniper rifles is that it comes with a capability to shoot at a distance of around 75 feet.

However, unlike other nerf sniper rifles, this one needs batteries for operation. With a length of 2 feet and a weight of 3.3 pounds, the rifle may seem a little cumbersome for little users to play with. However, with usage, the child may get adapted to the rifle and hence this may not be such an issue of concern.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster

The retaliator blaster accompanying this nerf gun has the ability to be built in 4 separate configurations. This results in darts being able to reach as far as 90 feet at a time.

The gun is provided with a stock which can be quickly removed with just the flip of a switch.

There is a stability handle which provides the user with a high level of mobility making it easy for him to move the gun around.

The stock provided can be customized for usage with other nerf rifle gun variants. If you are looking for the best nerf sniper rifle for your child then this becomes the best bet as he can challenge any kind of shooting with this gun.

Best nerf sniper rifle

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strong-arm Blaster

Available at a modest price this nerf rifle is available with 6 darts and can fire at a distance of 90 feet. There is a slam fire slide provided which provides you the ability to fire all the darts one after the other.

Apart from that there is a rotating barrel which makes the loading of your gun rather easy and hence you do not waste much time doing that.

One of the best nerf sniper rifles it gives the user a speed and mobility which is beyond imagination. Since the loading is quick even users in the age group 5-8 can practice their skills on it.

However, this speed of loading also means that the user at times gets a stinging feeling on the skin which may not be appropriate for kids. Overall an entire budgeted nerf gun which can solve your purpose of gifting your kid's something unique.

Final Verdict

The nerf rifles are an innovative way to let your kids learn the basics of hunting and have some fun in the process too. The mentioned above are the best nerf sniper rifles that are available for you to choose from. Going through the same and then making a choice would help you in making your final choice.

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