Best Rimfire Red Dot Scope

Best Rimfire Red Dot Scope in 2019 – Guide & Reviews

Now that you have been acclimated with your rifle, you can’t wait to enhance it with upgrades. A best red dot sight scope is one of the first accessories that pros will recommend to you. The best rimfire red dot scope can significantly enhance your accuracy.

A red dot scope incorporates a red circle of different sizes. The dot or chevron is then aligned with the target. Aside from scope, red dot sights are used in other technologies like fiber optics and holographic reticles.

A red dot scope for your rimfire isn’t just a fancy addition. It can facilitate fast and superior target acquisition.

With the numerous red dot scopes available in the market, you might get confused on which model to buy for your firearm. Let me help you in choosing one.

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Recommended Best Rimfire Red Dot Scope

Best Rimfire Red Dot Scope

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One of the more affordable models in this list is this Tasco .22 1x30mm red dot scope. It’s something you might want to consider if you have a limited budget.

Yes, it doesn’t have the so-called bells and whistles but it’s pretty functional for its price range.

Build Quality

The first thing that I noticed with this best red dot sight scope is that it feels solid. It fits on most dovetail rails. It mounts very tightly on most weapons. It’s not that heavy at 6 ounces though. It’s also compact that it should fit in nicely in your bag.

The rail screws are perhaps the weakest link as far as build quality is concerned. They feel cheap, simply put it.

Optic Quality

There are 11 brightness settings on this scope. The size of the dot is decent, good enough for short to medium distances. According to the reviews I have read on online, it is very good at 50 yards but struggles beyond that distance.

I’ve used this once and I was pretty impressed at how quickly it zeroes in on a target. The glass is also clear; something you don’t really expect from a cheap scope. If you want to save on battery life, you can turn off the red dot.

Aside from the rail screws, I also found the product having difficulty to retain its zero. Despite those major drawbacks I would still recommend this scope especially to the budget-conscious shopper.

Best Rimfire Red Dot Scope

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This is another best red dot sight riflescope that I can recommend to the budget-conscious rimfire owner. Similar to the item preceding it, this scope is pretty decent for its price range.

I like its build quality and I find it very easy to use. With just 1x zooming magnification, it’s really designed for short distances.

Build Quality

This model is slightly heavier than the other scope; weight nearly a pound. It is made of solid metal which explains why it is that heavy.

But I don’t have any problem with the weight as I thought it didn’t really add up to the weight of my rifle. I also like that there’s a rubberized material that protect it against scratches and bumps.


As mentioned earlier, this scope is intended for short distances. I find it good for shooting targets up to 40 yards away.

Beyond that distance, this scope will definitely struggle. It has a short eye relief, which is something that most reviewers hate.

While the eye relief is a bit disappointing, you won’t have any problems with the clarity of the optics. The glass is clear and clean; no question about it. I also found it easy to adjust the windage and elevation knobs.

The usual complaint about this scope is that the red and green dots are often blurry, even on a low setting.

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Again another highly recommended scope for the budget-conscious, this tactical scope with red and greed dots.

Many satisfied owners say that the scope feels very solid, has a clear and clean glass, and is generally easy to use.

Of course you can’t expect an entry-level scope like this to be perfect so you should be able to deal with some of its shortcomings which we will mention later.

Let’s discuss the good points first.

Build Quality of this best red dot sight 

Right out of the box, I loved that this unit feels very solid. It looks like a small chunk of quality metal. You’d forget that you paid a relatively small amount for this model.

The battery loads not on the bottom but from the side. This means you won’t have to remove the scope and re-zero during those times you need to swap batteries.

When I mounted this on my rifle, I didn’t really encounter any issues. Mounting was quick and easy.

Optic Quality

The glass of this sight is very clear. The red dot is a bit small for me; although most of the reviewers seem to be OK with it. But it does a good job of holding zero. Other reviewers say that they found switching modes very easy.

The major issue that owners have with this scope, however, is the lack of marked sight adjustment knobs. Clearly, you’ll have to do some guessing with this model. But aside from that drawback, there aren’t a lot of issues with this scope.

Best Rimfire Red Dot Scope

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Unlike the other scopes in this list, this sight can be used for long range shooting. It offers 2.5 to 10x magnification.

With its clean and functional designed glass range finder reticle, it can be very useful for long distance targeting. I like its black matte finish as it makes my rifle look more attractive.

Build Quality

This scope is like the other models discussed in this list. It looks really solid right out of the box. I was able to easily mount this on my AR.

There is a knob located on the side which lets you change the illumination to red or green. I just found its power ring a bit tight. The eyepiece dioptre adjustment would require some getting used to it.


I also have no complaints on the optic quality of this scope. It has red and green dots, with the option to control the brightness level or intensity.

As far as distance is concerned, I’ve noticed that it works well for 50 to 100 yards. I haven’t used it beyond 100 yards, although many reviews suggest it should do well for longer distances.

There aren’t a lot of issues with this scope. Some owners wrote that they unfortunately got units with scratches, though.

Best Rimfire Red Dot Scope

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With a magnification or power of 4x, this ultra compact rifle scope is ideal for short and medium range shooting.

I find its eye relief short at 3 inches although most reviewers disagree with me.

The glass of this scope is ultra bright clear, and its red and green illumination can further improve your accuracy.

I also love its built—this very small and compact that you won’t have any problems slipping it inside your bag.

Build Quality

As mentioned earlier, this is a very compact scope. It is just 6 inches long, and weighs 12 ounces. It won’t take up a lot of space in your bag; that’s for sure. The markings are wide and dark that I can easily see them. Moreover, you can easily mount and un-mount it.

I found its reticle a bit thick, though. The turrets also have that cheap feel, with no tactile or audible click. But this is something not uncommon with cheap scopes.


I haven’t used it shooting beyond 100 yards. But so far, I haven’t had any issue with it. The reticle grows red with a number of intensities. The glass is very clear and bright.

Aside from the aforementioned issues, I didn’t like that this scope has a short eye relief of 3 inches. But overall, this scope is still a solid choice for most hunters.

Final Verdict

These are all quality best rimfire red dot scopes that I can recommend to novice and experienced shooters. Most of the models in this list are affordable, so you need not worry about breaking the bank so to speak.

The build quality of these red dot scopes is also very impressive. You would likely mistake them for being a more expensive unit. The Monstrum Tactical 4x30 Ultra-Compact Rifle Scope, for one, is only six inches long. Others are so lightweight that they won’t add up extra weight to your rifle.

Most of these scopes are also easy to use. Mounting them should be quick and easy. Adjustments may not be good in some models, though. But overall, you can’t question the ease of using these scopes.

It’s hard to pick one model that stands out. All I know is that you will like any of the models in this list.

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