Best Tactical Scope

Best Tactical Scope for Rimfire – Guide & Reviews

If you’ve just bought, or has been using tactical rimfires for a couple of weeks now, then it is likely that your next purchase is a tactical rimfire scope. The best tactical scope can further enhance your experience in using a tactical rifle.

Tactical rimfires are so popular these days, with many shooting enthusiasts preferring them to get their fix of fast action and high volume shooting.

But even experienced users of tactical rimfires know that they can get the best out of their weapons if they mount a rimfire scope.

Whether you need to zoom in on a target that’s a 100yards away from your or you simply need one for low-light conditions, there’s a rimfire scope built for your tactical rifle.

Recommended Best Tactical Scopes (For Rimfire)

Freehawk Gun sights Red & Green Laser

Best Tactical Scope

Freehawk® 2.5-10x40 Tactical/Optics Accessories/ Rifle Scope/Gun Scope/Gun sights Red & Green Laser

This is a reasonably priced rimfire scope for your tactical rifle. It is built to withstand various weather conditions as it is waterproof and shockproof.

It is also very easy to use, with a quick-mounting system and fast zeroing in on close quarter targets.

Plus, it has a long and comfortable eye relief. It is also designed to reduce glare under bright lighting conditions.

Build Quality

This is a mid-range scope if we’re talking about price. But you might think it is a high-end scope just by looking at how well made this scope is. When I opened my unit, it looked well built without any scratches or dents.

I didn’t encounter any problem when I mounted it on my Armalite Eagle 15. It took some time for me to get used to the eyepiece diopter adjustment, though.

Ease of Use

After only a few adjustments, I was able to zero it in on my target. I found its clarity very impressive. I’ve only used it at 100 yards, but so far, so good. I’m still anxious about how it performs at 200 yards but based on reviews on, it can pretty much do the job.

There are some reviewers on, though, who found its power ring a bit tight. Others said it took them some time to get used to the windage and elevation adjustments.

Aside from those issues, some comments on indicated that the batteries that go along with this product don’t have any power at all.

Monstrum Tactical 3-12×42 AO Rifle Scope

Best Tactical Scope

Monstrum 3-12x42 AO Rifle Scope with Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle and Offset Reversible Scope Rings

This is a very versatile scope that you can use not only for tactical use but also for hunting and target shooting.

It offers 3 to 12x magnification, and capable of targeting objects up to 500 yards and beyond.

This is one of the top-rated tactical rimfire scopes available on Not surprisingly, a lot of owners of this unit have good things to say about it.

Optic quality

Many owners of this scope agree that it is very clear. With its 30mm tube, it is very efficient in light transmission.

The mil-dot reticle with markings is also something most users love because it lets them estimate range and compensate for bullet drop. Its adjustable objective lens, meanwhile, enables it to give a sharp focus on its targets.

Build Quality

This scope measures about 11 inches in length. It weighs around 1.5 pounds. I feel it’s a bit heavy for a scope but basing on the reviews by customers, the added weight won’t really affect the way you would handle your weapon.

Its body, made of aluminum alloy typically used in aircraft, gives it a solid feel. It is also resistant to water and fog, so you could bring this out in the woods.

Some unsatisfied owners, though, say the reticle is unevenly lighted. Others comment that the rings have limited positions. Another common concern is that the focus won’t hold long enough after a shot.

Despite those shortcomings, I still say this is one of the best scopes you can add to your tactical rifle.


Monstrum Tactical 3-9×40 Rifle Scope

Best Tactical Scope


Monstrum Tactical 3-9x40 Rifle Scope with Illuminated Mil-dot Reticle

This is very similar to the preceding scope, with the difference basically it having a 40mm objective lens instead of the 42 of the other model.

Also, it has a limited magnification of 3 to 9x. But I highly recommend this if you only need a scope for short to mid-range shooting.


Optic Quality

Like the other Monstrum Tactical rifle scope, this model is getting a lot of good reviews for its superior optics performance.

Similar to its cousin, this scope has a reticle with markings that can compensate for bullet drop. But unlike the other Monstrum model, this one has better illumination. It can also be adjusted to suit your preference, as well as the lighting conditions.

The scope has an eye relief of 3 inches. It’s a bit short, as I prefer it to be around 3.5 to 4 inches.

Build Quality

This scope is a few inches shorter than the other Monstrum Tactical scope. Its length is just 8.5 inches, with a width of 2.5 inches and a height of 2.5 inches. But it also weighs more than 1 pound. Many reviewers on describe it as solidly built.

Again, I think it is quite heavy for a scope but most reviewers on the popular website disagree with me. They say that it feels very solid and should last for a long time.

There are also some issues with its durability. The usual complaint is that the focus ring has a tendency to come loose.


Monstrum Tactical 3-12×42 AO Rifle Scope with Illuminated Mil-Dot ReticleMonstrum Tactical 3-12x42 AO Rifle Scope with Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle and Offset Reversible Scope

Monstrum Tactical makes it back to our list with this powerful rifle scope offering 3 to 12 x magnification.

It’s something useful for long-range shooting as it can let you see objects up to 500 yards away.


Optical Quality

Similar to the other Monstrum Tactical scopes mentioned in this list, this model gets a lot of positive reviews for providing clear and bright images.

I can’t say enough for how well Monstrum Tactical scopes can magnify targets and make them look closer with relative ease. The images are bright and clear, even during times when the sun is about to set in.

I also like how I can easily zero in on a target with this scope. Many reviewers on share the same sentiments.

The main criticism is that the illuminating reticle is terrible. It is described as fuzzy by most owners. Some owners even comment that they just don’t use this feature because of that drawback.

Build Quality

Again, the main issue I have with Monstrum Tactical rifle scopes is their weight. This one is no exception, as it weighs 1.5 pounds. It’s also long at around 11.5 inches.

But let’s give credit to where it is due—this one is made of highly durable aluminum that should make it last long for a long time.


Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-22 BDC Rimfire Reticle Riflescope

Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-22 BDC Rimfire Reticle Riflescope with Target Turrets

Bushnell makes it to our list with this scope offering 2-7x magnification and a bullet drop compensation (BDC) reticle that can optimize accuracy and target acquisition.

Almost everyone who’s used and wrote a review for this scope on agrees—the optic quality of this rimfire scope is second to none.

They say that the glass is very clear. It also has click adjustments that are very true to the specified by the manufacturer. Suffice to say, I haven’t had a shot that was different than what I had clicked on the turrets.

I also have to commend Bushnell for giving this scope with a side-wheel parallax focus. This is one feature that you could only see in more expensive scopes. I find its eye relief of 3.75 inches very good.

Build Quality

This may be an affordable rimfire scope but you wouldn’t get that feeling when you see it up close. It feels very solid, weighing around 1.2 pounds.

This Bushnell ar scope is a bit long at 13.5 inches. But most users on have no qualms about the size of the scope. They say it doesn’t really add a lot of weight to their weapons.

And yes, this is one of the more reasonably priced scopes you can get for your tactical rifle. It doesn’t get any better than that.


Final Verdict

You may be an experienced tactical rifle shooter, or you may just be honing your skills. Regardless of your skill level, I can assure you that these scopes can significantly improve your accuracy.

All of these tactical rimfire scopes are highly rated on, and like me, most of those who’ve used these scopes are pretty happy with their performance.

There may be some scopes listed here that aren’t that durable; while others are hard to adjust. Sure, these scopes are far from perfect.

But guess what—there’s no such thing as a perfect scope. What I can assure is that any of these scopes will make your experience using your tactical rifle all the more memorable and fun.