Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review in 2020

After an in-depth research and numerous trials, I have come up with the list of the best ultrasonic pest repellents that are very effective and provide 100 % solution to your pest problems.

All the products in this list are equally effective. So you need not be confused while making a choice. Have a look at these reviews and choose the product that suits your requirements best.

Best Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Review & Comparison




Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

ONSON Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

  • Coverage Area : 1600 SQ.FT
  • Chemical & Poison Free
  • Safe for Kids & Pets
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    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    Skilling Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 6 Packs

    • Coverage Area : 1900 SQ.FT
    • Chemical & Poison Free
    • Safe for Kids & Pets

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    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    MADPOWER Pest Repeller

    • Coverage Area : 5000+ SQ.FT
    • Chemical & Poison Free
    • Safe for Kids & Pets

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    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    I-pure items Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

    • Coverage Area : 1290+SQ.FT
    • Chemical & Poison Free
    • Safe for Kids & Pets

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    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    Anmago Ultrasonic Electronic Indoor Pest Repeller

    • Coverage Area : 1200 SQ.FT
    • Chemical & Poison Free
    • Safe for Kids & Pets

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    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    Ultrasonic Pest Repellent with 3 Pilot Lights

    • Coverage Area : 1,000 SQ.FT
    • Chemical & Poison Free
    • Safe for Kids & Pets

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    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    MADPOWER Pest Repeller

    • Coverage Area : 1,100 SQ.FT
    • Chemical & Poison Free
    • Safe for Kids & Pets

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    #1. SavHome Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller

    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    If you have a bug-infested residential or commercial to take care of, this is a product you might consider. It provides an effective coverage up to 1600 sq.ft area.

    This might come handier for hotels, shops, hospitals, warehouses than for average residential houses. Nevertheless, it suffers from the same issue every other ultrasonic pest repeller does.

    Since ultrasonic sound waves cannot pass through walls, you will need to keep one device in every room to aid faster action.

     It is an RoHS certified device which testifies that this pest controller is free from hazardous substances like lead or cadmium.

    Its advanced dual-chip technology ensures no bug or rat ever dares to hover in your property again.

    The powerful ultrasonic machine spares you the trouble of disposing of rodent and insect carcasses.

    Besides that, this energy-efficient machine also cuts back on electricity consumption.

     Thus, you end up saving a couple of bucks on your monthly electricity bill. To obtain maximum effect of the ultrasonic waves, place the repeller 30 cm above the ground.

    This is to ensure that the waves are hindered by any obstacle in the room. As far as children and pet safety is concerned, you have nothing to worry about as these frequencies are too high to be heard by humans and animals like dog or cat.

    What We Like
    • 1600 sq.ft of effective coverage area
    • Energy-efficient.
    • Emits powerful ultrasonic waves using its advanced dual-chip technology.
    • RoHS certified
    • Absolutely safe for kids and pets
    What We Didn't Like
    • We did not encounter any issue during our test period

    ​#2. ONSON Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    This ultrasonic pest repeller from ONSON is a one-stop solution for rodents and bugs, that too without any bloodbath.

    Like all ultrasonic pest repellers, it releases ultrasonic that impairs the audio and nervous system of the targets.

    Instead of straightaway killing them, it forces them to abandon your property with a warning.

     From big-fat mice, squirrels, rats to spiders and bugs, it works like a charm on nearly all types of pests that commonly infest our homes.

    The biggest strength of this product is its large coverage which is 100-150 sq.ft.

    Although you will get tons of ultrasonic repellers providing a better coverage, ONSON delivers a satisfactory performance in this price-point.

    If multiple rooms in your house are invaded by these little menaces, the safest practice is to install one machine in each infested room for optimal effect.

    This is mandatory as well because ultrasonic waves cannot pierce walls. You don’t have to worry about ultrasonic waves affecting the children and pet in the house.

    These waves are completely inaudible to human ears. Moreover, you are neither dealing with pest carcass nor toxic chemicals in this case.

    Therefore, safety should be the least of your concern.

    What We Like
    • Banishes the pests without any bloodshed.
    • Chemical-free.
    • Safe for pets and kids.
    • Large cover area
    • Maintenance-free.
    What We Didn't Like
    • You will need multiple devices for multiple pest infested rooms in a house

    #3. Skilling Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 6 Packs

    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    Ultrasonic pest repellers are the most humane and hassle-free way to get rid of bugs and rodents, it goes without saying.

    Skilling Ultrasonic is a top-tier pest repeller that uses high-frequency ultrasonic waves that aggravates these creatures. As a result, they dart back to the outside in no time.

    During our test, we observed that this device started showing results within just an hour of plugging it in. One rat that was hidden under the couch of our living room quickly scurried to the garden.

    The coverage area of 1900 makes it a strong-suit for spacious residential houses, hotel rooms, warehouses, hospitals, offices, and shops.

     For best results, you should use 1 unit per room since ultrasonic waves cannot travel through walls. Also, plug it into a socket placed above 12 cm off the ground.

    However, even a height lesser than that won’t affect the effectiveness of the repeller. The plug is well-constructed and compatible with the standard power outlet of American homes.

    There’s also a blue LED light on lets you know whether the unit is switched on. We had a Labrador in the house where we tested the equipment. It did not bark or showed any signs of annoyance while the machine was in action.

    What We Like
    • 1900 sq.ft coverage.
    • Shows instant results.
    • No toxic fumes or chemicals to deal with.
    • 100% safe for kids and pets
    What We Didn't Like
    • The blue light cannot be turned off manually

    ​#4. MADPOWER Pest Repeller

    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    The next product on our list lets you harness the combined force of ultrasonic waves, electromagnetic waves and nightlight function to banish insects and rodents from your house.

    Electromagnetic waves amplify the impact of the ultrasonic, showing almost instantaneous results.

    The product is designed to support the standard domestic power outlets of U.S homes, so, you don’t really have to worry about the voltage requirement. 

    There’s one more thing you don’t have to worry about- picking up the dead body of mice, rats, lizard, and spiders.

    That’s perhaps the coolest feature of these gadgets. The ultrasonic waves merely bug the bugs and rodents to a point that they are forced to leave your home.

    Saw the irony in that? Moving on, we think the coverage area of 5000 sq.ft makes it an ideal suit for outdoor uses, especially during camping and hiking in the wild.

    Depending on the type of pest and intensity of the infestation, you can choose the ultrasonic frequency to maximize the effect.

    Also, you might have to use to more than one device in order to treat a large area or multiple rooms. MADPOWER pest repeller is designed to disturb the pests, tiny replies and rodents only.

    The frequency range is too high to cause discomfort to humans and common pets like dogs and cats.

    What We Like
    • Triple power of ultrasonic, nightlight and electromagnetic function
    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
    • Eco-friendly, kids and pet-safe.
    • Works on a number of pests.
    What We Didn't Like
    • Not very effective on mice and other rodents

    #5. I-pure items Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller​

    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    It would not be fair of me if I don’t mention I-pure items Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Control in the list of best ultrasonic pest repeller reviews.

    Besides using ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves to drive away the pests, this repeller also chooses its frequency according to the environment.

    It comes with varied frequencies of ultrasonic waves that make sure that the rodents do not get immune to a specific kind of wave.

    This forces them to leave your house instantly. It is absolutely safe for humans and pets.

    Unlike traps and chemicals that burn the eyes or have a bad odor, this repeller is odorless and harmless.

    This Pest Repeller Control is a worthy alternative as it is an overall intelligent machine that equipped with a user-friendly manual which makes it easy to handle.

    It is very easy to use. You simply need to plug it in and it will start its job. The best part about this rodent repeller is that it has a night light that attracts mosquitoes, thereby letting you sleep peacefully.

    What We Like
    • It is a safe rodent repeller and causes no harm to humans and pets
    • It alternates between different frequencies thus preventing the insects from getting immune to one kind of rays
    • It is environment-friendly and non-toxic
    • It is absolutely easy to use and also fuss-free to maintain
    What We Didn't Like
    • You will need more than one repellent for larger areas like basements

    #6. Anmago Ultrasonic Electronic Indoor Pest Repellent

    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    This ultrasonic pest repeller is the most preferred pest controller that is assisted with an LED night light and releases high-frequency ultrasonic waves.

    These waves are very effective as they repel a lot of rodents. And while they are at their job, they do not harm the humans as they are inaudible.

    To a certain extent, you can even say that these are non-toxic and harmless even for the rodents.

    They do not kill or harm the pests in any way, instead just drive them away from your home. It even reduces any human contact with the disease causing rodents.

    This Anmago pest repeller solves all your pest problems in an eco-friendly way. Because it does not kill rodents and only chases them away, you won’t be stuck with carcasses to clean up. Hence, a less messy situation to deal with.

    What We Like
    • This rodent repeller is not harmful for humans, pets and pests alike. It only chases them away from your house
    • It is non-toxic and safe for the environment
    • It is very easy to use
    • It does not require and maintenance or batteries. You simply need to plug it in the socket and it will do its job
    What We Didn't Like
    • Even though it is very easy to use you will need to make sure that when it is plugged into the socket, nothing should be blocking or covering the device.

    #7. Ultrasonic Pest Repellent with 3 Pilot Lights

    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    This ultrasonic Pest Repellent emits two types of very low electromagnetic waves. These waves keep alternating so as to not let the rodents get accustomed to one kind of ray.

    This way, the pests get uncomfortable leave your house. It shows result within three to four weeks. But if the pest infestation in your house is very severe, its effect time may even increase.

    It does not harm your pets, hence you can use it without a worry. It is very easy to use and all the more easier to maintain.

    You will simply need to plug it into a power source to get it to work. Post that, it chases all the rodents away, and does not leave any mess behind for you to clean.

    ​This is one of the best rodent repellent as it comes with eight different frequencies of the wave that work very effectively to chase the pests out.

    It ensures you a clean environment, away from any kinds of annoying pests or insects.

    What We Like
    • This ultrasonic pest repellent is absolutely safe to use
    • It is a non-poisonous and eco-friendly product. It does not have any harmful effects on humans as well as pets
    • You will not have to worry about cleanliness as it does not leave behind dead pests
    • It shows fast results, usually within three to four weeks.
    • It does not kill any insect or animal, instead just chases them away.
    What We Didn't Like
    • The repellent will not work efficiently if there is an obstacle within forty meters of the repellent

    #8. DR.OWL Ultrasonic Ultrasonic  Pest Repeller

    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    This Ultrasonic Pest Repeller uses a biological ultrasound technique. These rays have a wavelength that ranges from 25 Hz to 65 Hz.

    The rays keep alternating so as to make the rodents uncomfortable. This way, the insects will run away on their own.

    It is a great product for its price and does not take a toll on your wallet. It does not use any harmful chemicals or leave behind dead insects or rodents.

    It covers a vast area of 1100 square feet. These ultrasonic waves kill rodents in every corner of the room.

    What We Like
    • This Ultrasonic Optimal Pest Control Repellent is highly efficient
    • It is very safe to use
    • It is a good buy for its price
    • The repellent covers a large area of infestation
    What We Didn't Like
    • As the area gets bigger, you will need to install more repellers because one of these repellents won’t be sufficient for a large area.

    #9. Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

    Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

    This Bell Howell ultrasonic pest repeller is the most popular rodent repeller in use. The Ultrasonic technology that it works on is amazing.

    It is very fast and efficient. Thus, maintaining cleanliness in your house and providing a safe environment to live in.

    These are not at all harmful for the pests and any noise that they make will not bother your pets. It kills all kinds of pests, right from cockroaches to ants.

    Besides being a very smart device, it is also very easy to use. By pressing the touch switch, you can easily choose between the automatic and function modes.

    You simply need to plug it in the holder and it will do its job. Hence, it is very handy as you can use it anywhere, even in your office and not just at home.

    What We Like
    • This pest repellent maintains cleanliness. You won’t have to deal with the dead insects as there won’t be any
    • It works very efficiently. Even though it takes some time to act, but within a week, you will not have any pest problem
    • It has a wide coverage area up to 1200 square feet
    • It is safe for children and pets alike
    • It can be used anywhere according to your needs in the home as well as in the office
    What We Didn't Like
    • These are not battery operated. They work only when connected to a power source.

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    Frequently Asked Question About Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

    Q: Is ultrasonic pest control safe for humans?

    A: Ultrasonic pest repellers release high-frequency sounds that are practically inaudible to human ears due to low intensity.

    Only insects like flies, mosquito, roaches, and rodents like mice and rat can hear them. It is a much safer alternative to poisonous substances used for eliminating bugs.

    Q: Is ultrasonic pest repeller effective?

    A: Post the intervention of Federal Trade Commission in 2011, the top ultrasonic pest repeller manufacturers made it clear in their statement that these devices work, but only up to a certain level.

    You shouldn’t expect 100% elimination as pests grow immune to ultrasonic waves over time.

    To maximize the effect of these gadgets, you have to be careful enough to place the machine in a place where the waves won’t be blocked by furniture or any other object.

    Q: Is ultrasonic sound harmful to humans?

    A: The intensity of the ultrasonic sound emitted by pest repellers is too low to cause any discomfort to humans.

    Q: Are ultrasonic pest repellers safe for pets?

    A: Commercial ultrasonic repellents emit ultrasonic waves at a frequency of up to 60,000 Hz.

    Dogs can hear sounds at frequencies up to 45K Hz, while for the cats, the range is 64K Hz according to a report of Louisiana State University

    While the gap is huge, there’s no denying the fact that common pets like dogs and cats are sensitive to low decibels of ultrasonic sounds.

    So, while the frequency range of these devices falls with a safe range for dogs, cat owners better give it a skip. However, the effect of ultrasonic sound also varies from species to species of both cats and dogs.

    Q: What are the negative effects of ultrasound?

    A: Low-power sound waves haven’t shown any ill-effect on humans or domestic animals so far. 

    However, some recent studies have shown have ultrasound may raise body temperature of pregnant women to an unsafe level. 

    This is, of course, still a theory and the adverse effects are influenced by exposure time and intensity of the sound. A test conducted in Lancet in 1996 also found the negative effects of ultrasound on fetal growth.


    Pests and rodents create havoc in our lives. They enter our homes and bring along a variety of diseases. These rodents stay in our house and make our lives difficult. This is where the Ultrasonic Pest Repellents come to our rescue.

    Even though there are different ways of getting rid of pests, Ultrasonic pest repellents are by far the best. They are easy to use and maintain cleanliness. The best part about these repellents is that they do not harm anyone, not even the rodents.

    These pest repellents curb the spread of pests by releasing ultrasonic waves that make it difficult for the rodents to stay in the house. As a result, the pests run away. This is a very environment-friendly way of getting rid of rodents.

    Besides this, you do not have to clean their dead bodies as well. Thus, they ensure cleanliness and proper health as well.

    An ineffective repellent will only cost you the time and effort. The best pest repellents help you not only to get you rid of rodents but also save you the time and effort of trying new repellents over and over again.

    A lot of time and effort is wasted in searching for the right pest repeller. Pests and rodents come unannounced and bring along a lot of fatal diseases that will harm your health. Hence, you will need to seriously think about the right solution.

    You need to have an informed knowledge about your needs to maintain your life and save yourself from pests. I hope my attempt to help you find the best ultrasonic pest repeller will pay off in future.

    In this Ultrasonic pest review, we have tried to build a list of best pest repellents that you can buy without pinching your pockets or harming your health. Hope this review helps you in making the right choice.

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