Budget-Friendly Ways Dog Owners Keep Their Homes Clean

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There is a reason dogs are so cute. They need those big, adorable puppy dog eyes to trick you into loving them and cleaning up after all their messes.

They can’t help it. When you’re covered in fur and your favorite pastimes include digging in dirt, you’re bound to make a mess. Thankfully, dog owners everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief. These helpful cleaning tips will keep your dog-friendly home spotless without breaking the bank.

Breathe Easy

Pet dander is a major contributor to indoor air pollution. It’s especially a problem if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma. You can help keep your home’s air clean with an air purifier specifically developed for pet-friendly homes.

There are some filters that are better suited for households with increased fur and dander in the air, so be sure to compare different models when searching for one that is within your budget. You can also help control pet hair and dander with regular grooming compatible with your pup’s individual needs. Do your grooming at home to save money DIY-style.

Make a Mud Station at the Door

There’s nothing worse than muddy paw prints all over your clean floors. To make sure your beloved pooch doesn’t track in a big mess on rainy days, set up a mud station at the door he uses most.

Place a paw-cleaning rug at the entrance for a preliminary clean. You can also create a little area where you store baby wipes, cleaning mitts, a brush that reduces shedding, and towels to dry your pup off when they get dirty playing outside.

And don’t forget to keep a little canister of treats at your station to reward you pup after he is so good and patient with your cleaning.

Remove Pet Odors with Vinegar

No need to invest in overpriced perfumed products that claim to get rid of pet odors when all they really do is mask them.

You can cut the stench for pennies with a common kitchen staple: vinegar. Keep a spray bottle full of it handy and spray on fabrics when they start to smell funky. You can also freshen up carpets by renting a cleaner and filling it with vinegar instead of solution.

Keep Furniture Fur-Free with Rubber Gloves

If you love snuggling with your pup on the couch, but you hate the layer of fur he leaves behind when you’re done, you can easily remove it with a lightly moistened rubber glove.

The same gloves that protect your manicure when you wash dishes can also help you remove fur from fabrics and carpets around the house. And unlike lint rollers, rubber gloves do not leave behind a sticky film that only attracts more hair and dirt.

Uh-Oh… Accidents

Even the most well-trained dogs have accidents and get sick inside the house. When this happens, clean it up as quickly as possible to prevent further staining and odor absorption.

Soak it up with rags, paper towels, or newspaper until it is nearly dry. You can also fight stains and clean carpet with common household ingredients.

For urine, use a solution of two cups vinegar, two cups warm water and four tablespoons of baking soda.

For vomit, you can use a solution of two cups of warm water, one tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of liquid dish soap and a half cup of vinegar.

If you love your dog but you’re not so crazy about the messes he drags into your house, there are budget-friendly ways you can help keep your house clean.

An air purifier prevents indoor air pollution and reduces allergy symptoms. Having a makeshift mud station at the door makes it easier to clean muddy paws on rainy days.

You can also remove hair from furniture and carpets with a simple rubber glove and remove pet odors and stains with common household ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and liquid dish soap.

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