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Cockroaches Problem? Learn How Do You Get Rid of Cockroaches

Getting rid of roaches naturally can be a time taking process. However, with the help of powerful insecticides, you will get instant results. The most significant method of getting rid of cockroaches is always to keep your home clean.

Then seal all the cracks that have even the tiniest of a chance of serving as an entry gate for the roaches. And in the end, if your house still gets infested with cockroaches, opt for baits, insecticides or natural solutions to get rid of this havoc creating roaches.

Cockroaches cannot survive for long without water. Hence, make sure that your taps are not leaking. Also, keep your house cool to keep these evil creatures out.

How Do You Control Cockroaches?

Once you have decided to opt for a cockroach control method, first examine your house for the possible infestation areas. Then take a decision on the kind of weapon that you are going to use. If you have a massive roach infestation, then go for glue strips.

However beneficial the traps are, they never succeed in preventing the cockroaches from entering the house. In this case, use caulk to fill small holes or gaps.

Gel baits have also proven to be an effective way to kill cockroaches. You simply need to apply these in cracks or under baseboards or in huge roach traffic areas. Boric Acid is another substance used in detergents that can act as excellent roach killers.

It is even safe to use as it is very less toxic and does not harm humans and pets. However, it tends to be very toxic for the roaches.

In case the infestation problem has got out of your hands, it would be better if you call in the pest control department for some help.

How Does a Roach Motel Work?

Roach Motels have always served as the most popular means of getting rid of cockroaches. They attract roaches into stations where these cockroaches feed on poison. This poisoned cockroach then goes back to where it had come from, dies over there and is then eaten up by other roaches.

This way it further passes on the poison to other roaches as well. However, these bait stations work only partially to get rid of roaches. They do not target all the roaches in your house. There is another drawback as well. When spread around in the house, these roach motels do not look very appealing so as to attract a lot of roaches.

What Is the Best Way to Kill Cockroaches?

The best way to kill roaches can vary in two ways. Firstly, if you are looking for natural ways to get rid of roaches, then you have a lot of effective alternatives to choose from.

You can make your own homemade roach bait combining boric acid, sugar and baking soda and apply it to the infested area. Or you can use a solution of soap water. Besides these, you can even use an insecticide spray to help you out quickly.

However, if you resort to quick heals then going natural wouldn’t be the deal for you. For instant freedom from cockroaches, you can opt for gel baits as it serves to be the most efficient of all methods. If you have a large infestation, then glue strips would come real handy. If used in a traffic area, it will certainly reduce the roach population in a noticeable manner.

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