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Must Have Hunting Tools Checklist For Small And Big Game Hunting

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Your hunting gear is what you will be relying on to get you through a trip. You will be looking to take along everything that you need for each trip without having to carry too much weight that will keep you back. With the right gear, hunting is much more fun and you need not worry about struggling without necessary equipment:

Essential Gear Items for your Hunting Checklist:

Hunting is still considered to be a game and you still need to enjoy the challenge of searching and finding your game. However, this checklist could make hunting trip much easier for you and you might even return with much more than you bargained for:

1: Water

Water For Hunting

Water is an essential part of any journey and without water; your trip might be cut short. Carrying the right amount of water could make all the difference.

2: Ammo

Hunting Gun

While this will vary from person to person, you should always consider carrying additional ammo for your hunting trip. Should you run out of ammo due to bad shots, it can easily be replaced. Also, don't forget to carry supporting gear like rimfire scope for your ammo.

3: Hunting Binoculars

Hunting Binocular

Binoculars for hunting are an imperative addition to your kit. Should you encounter something at range, you can determine the size and type before taking a shot.

4: Compass

Hunting Compass

Direction is fundamentally important to your hunting trip and with a compass, you can keep yourself from ever being lost. It also works great with a map for finding your location and determining the direction you need to go.

5: Map or GPS

Hunting GPS and Maps

The map is the common way of moving about if you are on foot and it will never run out of battery power. However, a GPS does make life a little easier. With modern technology, GPS watches with solar batteries can easily be found.

6: Hunting Knife

Hunting Knife

Skinning the animal might be important as you finally hit your target, but a hunting knife is useful for bad shots as well. Should the animal fall, the hunting knife enables you to kill the animal without wasting expensive ammo. The small blade might be ideal for smaller game, but Elk and Deer might require a larger blade.

7: First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit For Hunting

No matter how careful you are, injuries are bound to happen at some point. With the right equipment and first aid kit, you can be patched up instead o having the trip cut short. The first aid kit should include bandages and something to disinfect the wound.

8: Emergency food supplies

Emergency Food For Hunting

Should you need to camp out the night, emergency food supplies can be a necessity. Hunger can strike at any time and if the camp if too far away, you will be left fighting through the day. Having something small to munch could be a real lifesaver.

9: Hunting Permits

Hunting Permission

Depending on the state and the animal you will be hunting, you might need some sort of permit to ensure that you are allowed to hunt. Should you be caught without the permit, you could face serious ramifications as well as having your gear confiscated in certain states.

10: Lighter/Matches

Hunting Lighter

Having a lighter or matches can be a real lifesaver if you need to make a fire or when you are stranded somewhere due to bad weather. The lighter enables you to make fire and keep yourself warm in times of need.

11: Protection

Bear Spray

Depending on where you are hunting, having protection like bear spray is handy. Protection could mean the difference between life and death and the bear spray does have a proven reputation to work. 

Final Thoughts

Tanking the right precautions and having the right gear will have a major effect on your hunting experience. While it might be expensive at first, these items can be reused from time to time as well. It also makes the hunting experience much more fluid and you should not have any reasons to cut a trip short. For more details hunting guide you can check this guide.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would like to encourage you to share some of your thoughts on these essential gear items. Please let us know in the comment section if we might have missed anything you generally include.

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