Types of Mouse Repellents

Types of Mouse Traps and Their Working

Types of Mouse Traps and Their Working

Often our houses and yards get infested with the menace of mice who not only spoil our things they even transmit diseases like Hantavirus. Even the poison fails to act as a remedy in such a case as there is always the possibility of other animals falling prey to them. Hence arises the need to use mouse traps to catch the critters. Here is a brief overview of the different types of mouse traps available and their working.

Mouse trap

Wooden snap traps

The snap trap is the original wood-based trap with a wire trap and metal trip pedal. An ideal tool to evict and catch the pesky rodents it is easily reusable. Once the rodent steps on the trap it is caught and killed though there is no intimation of the same. However, only one mouse can be killed at a time and also is not very safe if kids are around.

Plastic traps

One of the traps available features a high tension spring to remove mice and rats. It can be easily set up with hand or foot and works best with a solid or liquid bait. Since it is made up of plastic it can be set up in any kind of location and space without any worries of damage.

Electronic traps

The latest in the trend of mouse traps the electronic traps deliver an electric current to kill the rodent on the spot. With an ability to kill nearly 10 mice at a time they remain the rat trap to remove the huge infestation. There is a red indicator light that informs of the kill happening and since the rodent is trapped inside it is safe for indoor home-usage.

How to set a Victor mousetrap

Setting up a mousetrap is not very difficult however it is essential to use your hands carefully while doing so. The toughest of the mouse traps available are the wooden snap traps and the following things should be taken care of while setting them up.

There is a small staple that holds the armbar to the base. With the help of a screwdriver pick that up removes it from that location and hang it at the back of the trap. Next, is preparing and placing bait on the metal bait pedal. Normally peanut butter is preferred by all rodents and is the best choice for baiting.

You will now have to pull back the kill bar and hold it firmly to the wooden frame. Next, pick up the armbar and you have to place it in the notch in the bar pedal. Once that is done your trap is set.

Mouse trap

Catching a mouse

Most mice love to eat peanut butter and the moment they put pressure on the bait the trap swings and traps him. In case the mice are smart enough to eat the bait without getting trapped then applying dental floss on the bait pedal would help. Apply peanut butter to this mixture to ensure that the teeth of the mice get stuck in that dental floss and the trap gets pulled harder making it easier for it to swing into action.

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