Victor Mouse Trap

Victor Mouse Trap Review and Buying Guides

The victor mouse trap is the ideal solution for all those people whose houses have been invaded with mice and rats. A highly effective option this one has a straightforward design and is able to generate almost instant results when it comes to controlling the rodents. Made of environmentally friendly wood it is constructed and marketed by Victor a renowned brand in the mouse trap segment.

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The design of the trap is such that once the rodent steps on it the trap immediately springs up and eliminates the mice caught. Since the trap does not require the use of any rat poison or harmful chemicals it can be appropriately used in a homely setup where there are kids or other pet present. In locations where the infestation of rats is pretty high, these traditional traps offer the most efficient way of disposing of them.

Certified by the FSC all the traps are made in the USA and are easy to set up. The ease of usage is also the reason why these traps can be set up in any kind of location- indoor or outdoor. The most interesting thing about these traps is the fact that it takes very little time for the trap to swing and catch the rodent. Hence at times, the rodent can be captured even if he has just run over the trap.

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Depending on the size of the mice infesting your house you can easily adjust the trigger. This reduces the chances of mice escaping from the clutches of the trap due to size issues. While other traps fail at catching mice even after baiting them appropriately these traps are designed such that even a little bit of bait application is sufficient to catch the critters.

However like other things the Victor mouse trap has also received its share of flak. Most people find it tough to fix up the trap without hurting their fingers. This is because being able to set up the trap properly requires some amount of practice and if you are not patient enough then it may just spring back upon you. Though this is not very hurtful but users who consider this an important factor may have to think about it.

Apart from that, the size of the trap is 3 7/8″ Length x 1 3/4″ Width x 1/4″ Height which according to many users is not sufficient to catch hold of a big mouse. Though these traps can easily catch the household mice which are generally small for field rats it may not be a viable option.

To conclude the Victor mouse traps have had a higher success rate at catching mice than even the latest model of traps. Most users claim to get the rodents eliminated once they got the idea of how best to set up the trap. Some have even been able to get the job done within a small time frame of a week. Been in the market for a long period of time the Victor mouse trap according to us is the most feasible option if you are looking to make your house rodent-free.

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