Vortex Diamondback spotting scope review

Two Vortex Diamondback Spotting Scope Review & Comparison

Vortex is one of the leading brands in the spotting scope industry, and there’s a plethora of reasons why you should try the scopes from the “Diamondback” series.

First of all, these scopes boast superb levels of reliability and performance while being decently lightweight and compact.

The “Diamondback” spotting scopes are among the best on the market in terms of durability as well - the rugged design provides decent protection against various environmental hazards, the quality most outdoorsmen tend to value above all else.

We’ve prepared reviews of the two models from this generation, the DBK-80S1 and DBK-60S1, so let’s see what they can offer:

Comparison Of Two Vortex Diamondback Spotting Scope Reviews







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XR multi-coat

Porro prism

Dielectric prism 


Straight body

Water & fog-proof

Adjustable eyecup

Built-in sunshade

Rotating tripod

Superb quality,

Could easily

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toe with boutique 

Porro prism

Straight body

Water and fog-proof

Adjustable eyecup

Built-in sunshade

Rotating tripod

Dielectric prism coat

Remarkable light-weight spotting scope,

Outstanding optics,

Very easy to use

DBKS-60S1 vs DBK-80S1

Vortex Diamondback spotting scope review

Generally, both Diamondback spotting scopes come with the same features with the exception of the lens. The DBK-80S1 features a spotting lens which is 80mm wide, while the DBK-60S1 has a 60mm lens.

Most people usually go with wide-lens scopes as they provide better image quality, but there’s a price to be paid for that - namely, the bigger the lens, the heavier the scope is. On the other hand, those scopes which feature wider lenses take up more space, so it’s up to you to decide on the priorities.

Generally, comparing the two representatives of the Diamondback family falls to the choice of lens, which is why we accentuate this feature so much - all the others are exactly identical. As a reference, let’s see the performance chart of these two scopes:

Vortex Diamondback spotting scope review

As we can see, both of these scopes are absolutely great in terms of performance. They are outfitted with superb, exquisite features which provide the exceptional versatility rating, even though the Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x80 costs a bit more than the 20-60x60.

Nevertheless, both of these scopes are exceptionally affordable, belonging to the “moderate” price point category. Overall, it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong if you choose either one.

Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x60 review

Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x60 review

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This exceptional spotter is favored by most casual bird-watchers and hunters, as it offers a splendid, clear magnification while still being light enough.

The majority of outdoorsmen like this particular model because its wide-lens counterpart is somewhat impractical due to its huge lens.

You can benefit from heavy magnification up to 60x, which is more than enough if the atmosphere is kind.

It features multi-coats and dielectric prism coats which substantially boost the overall optical power, which combined with weatherproof design results in a remarkable spotting scope.

The only bad thing about it is the single focus, while the digiscope adaptability, the rotating tripod, and superb image quality are just some of the things you’ll find as extraordinary.

Further on that note, you’ll notice that the Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x60 comes at a very affordable price.

Vortex has the reputation of making some of the finest high-end and boutique spotting scopes, but they’ve certainly outdid themselves with this entry-level scope.

The single best thing about Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x80, however, is the unique VIP warranty.

This warranty guarantees free replacements and/or repairs of your Vortex Diamondback spotting scope, regardless of the cause of damage/ruination.

I’m pretty sure most companies would shun to make such a bold move, but Vortex, apparently, cares about their customers more than you’d think.

Things We Like

  • check
    Exceptional image quality
  • check
    Very affordable entry-level scope
  • check
    Outstanding features
  • check
    Very practical for hunters, bird-watchers, outdoors-men, and people who like wilderness in general
  • check
    Weatherproof design
  • check
    Durable, yet lightweight construction

Things We Didn’t Like

  • check
    Single focus

Bottom Line

The Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x60 excels in a multitude of spheres of performance, and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s in need of a lightweight, extremely reliable, quality spotting scope.

It’s remarkably durable and it boasts a set of outstanding features, and, in case anything goes awry, you can just rely on the VIP unconditional lifetime warranty for free & easy repairs or replacements. All in all, this spotter is absolutely phenomenal and highly valuable for the cash.

Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x80 review

Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x80 review

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Just like Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x60, the Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x80 comes outfitted with multi-coated design complemented with dielectric prism coats.

It boasts outstanding levels of performance, alas at the cost of versatility and practicality.

The superb 80mm lens is the only feature that sets this spotting scope apart from the 20-60x60 model, but that’s more than enough.

Namely, small-game hunters prefer small-lens scopes due to their practicality and lightweight qualities, but big-game hunters need the extra punch.

Even so, the performance levels of Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x80 are off the charts. This scope excels in a number of fields of performance, which makes it one of the best entry-level spotting scope which money can buy.

Vortex Diamondback spotting scope review2

Now, this model costs just a bit more when compared to the 20-60x60, but they’re essentially within the same price range. The words that would best describe this spotting scope are reliability, exceptional performance, and durability, above other things.

Just like the Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x60, this model also comes with the unique VIP warranty which was mentioned in the review above.

There are plenty of things you’ll find as beneficial on this scope, with the only bad thing being the heavy-duty lens - certain people find it too big to be practical.

Things We Like

  • check
    Superior optics and magnification
  • check
    Exceptional image quality
  • check
    A set of premium-quality features
  • check
    Remarkable value
  • check
    Weatherproof design & high durability

Things We Didn’t Like

  • check
    Mediocre versatility
  • check
    Impractical for certain activities

Bottom line

Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x80, just like the 20-60x60, is an awesome scope. It’s not as light as its “younger brother”, and it costs a bit extra, but, nevertheless, it’s as valuable as can be.

Even though the extra-wide lens might not appear to be conventional for light-packers, big-game hunters find it as extremely helpful and reliable. It comes outfitted with the same features as the 20-60x60 (the only exception is the 80mm lens), and it also includes the VIP warranty. In conclusion, this spotting scope does a major bang for the buck.

Buying guide - Why Should You Consider Vortex Diamondback Scopes?

There’s plenty of reason why you should consider Vortex diamondback scopes, and the Vortex Diamondback spotting scope review will include some of the most notable ones. First of all, they’re remarkably affordable, after which comes their high level of performance, and, most importantly, a set of exquisite features.

Diamondback scopes are very affordable

People who need spotting scopes are often burdened by a tight budget - hunters need to pay for ammo and guns, outdoorsmen need crafty tools and trinkets, while bird-watchers require special glass enhancements, and so on.

That’s just one of the reasons why affordability is such a huge benefit. Most entry-level spotting scopes can’t even compare to models from the “Diamondback” series, and I daresay that these models are some of the finest budget scopes you’ll ever come across.

The interesting fact about the budget price range is that it spans to the border of approximately $500 - most Vortex’ top-shelf scopes cost two grands (and more), but such models can’t even begin to compare to entry level ones. I highly recommend Diamondback scopes not only because they’re so good for the money, but because there are no better scopes for the cash.

Exquisitely high performance level

Vortex Diamondback spotting scope review

The supreme performance of Vortex Diamondback scopes leaves similar models within the price range pale in comparison. These scopes are light, compact, feature superb optics, come at an affordable price, come outfitted with a straight-body design, and boast a water & fog-proof construction - topping that is quite hard, if not impossible..

Vortex spotters are great for long-range scoping, regardless of your hobby/profession. You’ll be able to benefit from unparalleled zooming capabilities complemented with exquisite optics, resulting in the outstanding image quality and accurate target acquisition.

Superb construction

The sleek, beautiful design of Vortex Diamondback scopes is something to marvel at. On the other hand, these beauties aren’t just for show - they feature adjustable, convenient settings which substantially simplify the technique of operation while allowing you to easily customize your scoping experience.

Furthermore, both Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x60 and Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x80 feature waterproof and fogproof design.

The waterproof design features O-ring seals - special seals that prevent moisture from entering the scope, allowing for absolutely reliable performance, especially when used in humid environments.

The fogproof quality was earned through nitrogen gas injection, and you can rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy your scoping even through thickest fog and mist.

Complimentary features

The Vortex Diamondback spotting scope is absolutely wonderful on its own, but it’s not the only thing you’ll get when you buy it. Namely, the brand added a couple of gratis features for your convenience.

These complimentary features are just another sign of bona fide, just like the unconditional VIP warranty - Vortex surely does appreciate its customers, and I daresay that the majority of confirmed buyers stuck with this brand.

The complimentary features include the eyepiece cap, the objective lens cover, and the view-through easy carry case. Each of the aforementioned items further boost the easiness of use of this splendid spotter.

  • Eyepiece cap - this feature is a sort of a protective piece for Vortex Diamondback’s eyepiece. It prevents external damage, dust, and similar hazards,
  • Objective lens cover - just like the eyepiece cap, the objective lens cover “shields” the lens from environmental risks and hazards
  • View-through easy carry case - a simple, yet convenient carry case through which you’ll be able to see your Vortex Diamondback spotting scope

Outstanding features

The features of Vortex Diamondback scopes are the reason they’re so amazing and awe-inspiring.

Each feature reflects the unparalleled craftsmanship and ingenuity of Vortex engineers, and I’ve come to realize that their technology appears to be unrivaled at the moment. For a full list of features, consult the bullet list below:

  • XR multi-coats - these coats increase the light transmission using several anti-reflective coatings on virtually any air-to-glass surface.
  • Dielectric prism coats - these prism coats allow for remarkably bright and clear imaging, regardless of the distance between you and your target
  • Porro prism - the traditional design offers superb image quality without cutting back on versatility
  • Straight-body design - plain and simple, the straight-body design is ideal for hasteful target acquisition (both 20-60x60 and 20-60x80 are also available in angled-body design variations)
  • Adjustable eyecup - this customizable feature makes sure that you feel comfortable using this spotting scope
  • Built-in sunshade - protects the lens from rain while reducing glare
  • Rotating tripod - this feature allows you to rotate the eyepiece sideways for better viewing angles

The Final Verdict

Even though pitting Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x80 versus Vortex Diamondback spotting scope 20-60x60 isn’t entirely possible (as they’re different types intended for different purposes), we need a victor, and I’d say it’s the 20-60x60.

Though smaller, this spotting scope is vastly superior in terms of versatility, not to mention that it comes at a more approachable price.

We shouldn’t neglect the importance of 20-60x80, though, as it’s also a phenomenal scope - it just happens to be a little more complicated to use and carry than the smaller version.

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