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Some Facts To Know About The US Army’s New Handgun

After a quest for half a decade the US army has finally zeroed in on the handgun they would be using in the future. Yes, they have selected Sig Sauer’s P320 as the new service pistol. For those who do not know much about it here are 11 interesting facts about it.

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  • This pistol was released by its makers in the year 2014. The P320 as it is popularly called is a polymer striker-fired pistol.
  • Previously the army was using the M9 Beretta. As per their declaration on January 19 this year, the M9 Beretta had been serving them for the last 30 years.
  • The P320 has interchangeable grip modules and is the first known air pistol to have this feature. These modules allow it to adjust to any frame size or caliber.
  • Sig Sauer informs that the P320 can be modified and adapted to shoot at any range. This allows it the convenience of 9mm, .357 Sig, and .40 S & W ammunitions.
  • The army and the manufacturer both have not disclosed which range of the P320 has been picked up by them. However, things don’t remain subsided and media reports say it is the 9 mm version which gets the honor.
  • However the manufacturer Sig Sauer has confirmed that the US army has opted for both the full size and the compact versions of the P320.
  • The army soldiers will start getting these new pistols by this year-end. As per the contract, the guns will be delivered to the army for a period of 10 years.
  • The P320 has been configured such that it becomes easily suitable for silencer usage. This also affirms why it was given preference in selection in contrast to its other contemporaries.
  • All the pistols being provided will come packed with standard and extended capacity magazines. This would ensure that they will be apt for usage for any kind of situation or emergency.
  • The company has issued a promotional material that mentions the advantages of the P320. It mentions how the pistol has been equipped with a stainless steel frame which allows the soldiers to change its fit, size, and caliber as per the requirement. The company also informs that the P320 has a clean trigger reset and safe takedown which makes it suitable for delivering quick and accurate shots.
  • The army had first announced the competition for handguns in the year 2011 but by the time things were properly finalized it reached February 2016. Sig Sauer’s P320 defeated reputed companies like Glock and Beretta to grab the $580 million contract.

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Though the US army has not released any fixed information on the contact details of this new handgun the manufacturer seems to have started working on the delivery of the same. According to them, this choice has proved that their company is focused on creating and providing the best quality firearms. Sig Sauer has time and now produced some good quality weapons but they’re being selected by the US army will open new avenues of business for them in the future.

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