Tips you should follow to stay healthy when you are outdoors

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Once the winter sets in its time to set free and explore the wild side of nature. Most people find being in the wilderness a nice escape to stay away from all the stress of their work schedules. However, what happens when you reach the destination and fall sick on the first day itself. Obviously a fairly difficult scenario, here are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that it does not happen to you.

  • Sun protection- Sun can be a major reason for spoiling your vacation and it is important that you do not allow that to happen. Pack full sleeves clothes if you are going to a place when the sun is visibly very strong. Use sunscreen when leaving the camp and keep applying it again to save your skin. You could also opt for a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses as they are able to keep the impact of sun reduced.
  • Safety of the water- Waterborne diseases are very quick to show their effect. Some lakes, rivers, ponds etc. can have very poisonous water. To avoid that boil the water before you drink. You could also add 5 drops of home bleach to liter water and consume it after 30 minutes time. It would also be wise to use an approved filter to get the water rid of any germs and microbes.
  • Muscle cramps- When outside you could also get affected by serious muscle issues like sprains and cramps. This can really prove difficult especially if you have planned a long trip ahead. Instead of letting your trip get waste you could get yourself a sports massage in London. This would relieve your body of any muscular pain and you could relax and enjoy the coming days.
  • Food care- Since you need to carry enough supplies to last your whole trip it would be wise if you take care of your food too. Another issue is that food attracts rodents and other animals too. To stay safe keep all your food packed away in airtight containers. Always keep the stuff in a cool area and if possible carry a cooler to do so effectively. Whenever you are washing vegetables and fruits make sure you use safe water to do so.
  • Keeping pests away- Pests are a huge problem when you are outdoors. You have to find a way out especially when they have been bothering you way too much. Do not leave your rubbish outside instead pack it in strong bags. To avoid flies use fly spray or screens. You could also cover yourself and apply insect repellent where your skin is exposed.

Lastly, it is very crucial that you carry a first aid kit. It should include bandage, pain relief tablets, sunscreen, antiseptic lotion, mosquito repelling cream etc. Apart from that, you should always stay away from any plants that you feel are prone to being poisonous. The incidence of such plants being there in the wilderness is very high and it is better to be prepared in advance.

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