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Over the years, Barska has established itself as a powerhouse when it comes to high precision optical instruments. Barska rifle scope not only rank top when it comes to the superiority of products but also in competitiveness in pricing. Check out below list for top five best barska rifle scope reviews.

When buying a product, the measure of the deal you get is determined by the quality of the product you acquire and the price you pay. We at Barska ensure that you get the best possible deal by giving you the best product possible for your budget.

5 Best Barska Rifle Scopes Comparison Chart


Field of 




See Price

36.75 feet over 100 yards at 3x to 12.5 feet over100 yards at 9x



[easyazon_cta align="none" identifier="B007QEUWSI" key="small-light" locale="US" tag="proreviewly-20"]

31.5 feet over 100yards



[easyazon_cta align="none" identifier="B00AU6N8YE" key="small-light" locale="US" tag="proreviewly-20"]

36.6 feet over 100 yards at 3x to 13.6 feet over 100 yards at 6x



[easyazon_cta align="none" identifier="B000W1WNV6" key="small-light" locale="US" tag="proreviewly-20"]

16/5.3 feet over 100 yards to 6.5x and 5.7/1.9 feet over 100 yards at 20x



[easyazon_cta align="none" identifier="B001JJCHOS" key="small-light" locale="US" tag="proreviewly-20"]

19.9/6.6 feet over 100 yards at 4x to 5.8/1.9 feet over 100 yards at 16x



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Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Barska Rifle Scope

It is a common practice for many people to choose a product they want to buy depending on its price. Some people believe that the cheapest product is the best while others believe the most expensive product is the best.

When choosing the best rifle scope to acquire, the price of the product is not a comprehensive determinant of the quality of the product. There are other factors that play a key role when determining the worthiness of the rifle scope.

Some of these factors include:

Internal adjustment range : This refers to the extent to which the elevation turret’s internal range can be adjusted. The more internal range your scope has, the further you can shoot accurately depending on the caliber of your rifle.

First Focal Plane (FFP) Options : An FFP scope rearranges the reticle lenses and the target lenses of the optical system in a way that both are affected in the same way by magnification. Although FFP scopes are more expensive than other scopes, the technology they use makes them more accurate.

Tube Diameter : The size of the tube determines the weight of the scope. However, the larger the tube the more room there is for more components in the scope which translates to better management of light. Larger scopes will be heavier but will give better imagery.

Understanding the ‘Exit Pupil’ : The ‘exit pupil’ is the ratio of the lens diameter and the magnification of the lens. It is the main determinant of how the eyes react to low illumination scenarios. The ‘exit pupil’ has to be kept at more than 4 mm when being used in low illumination scenarios.

Parallax correction: Parallax represents a complicated issue when it comes to optics and can cause a variation of the point of impact. Scopes that are equipped with parallax adjusting mechanism are best suited for use. Avoid acquiring scopes that deem it not necessary to correct parallax errors.

Top 5 Best Barska Rifle Scope Reviews

#1: Barska 3-9x42 ir 2nd Generation Sniper Rifle scope

The scope is designed for quick and accurate targeting.

It is ideal for target practicing or hunting and delivers excellent results. 

It has quality high-end optics and offers excellent value for money.

The sniper scope is designed with precision in mind. It is easy to use in adverse tactical environments and can cope with changing environments.

Equipped with multicoated optics, this sniper scope delivers clear, bright high contrast images in different levels of illumination and weather conditions.

The scope also has illuminated green and red mil-dot reticles which make targeting easy in different levels of illumination.

To make the Barska rifle scope ideal for all environments, the device is 100% water proof and also fog proof.

The device is also equipped with a robust, shock-proof design. It has an ergonomic rubber design that works to protect the scope from shock and give it a firm grip to avoid slipping.

The Barska rifle scope also has a unique sniper edged sun-shade which is set in the housing which makes the sun shade cast a shadow so as to reduce the glare when being used in bright sunlight.

Things We Like

  • 100% water proof and fog proof.
  • Inbuilt shock absorption and repulsion
  • Multi-coated optics for crisply clear images
  • Easy-grip elevation adjustments and target style windage with parallax adjustment.
  • The device comes with a complete set of auxiliary components including protective scope caps, set of rings and lens cloth.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The scope does not have a bullet fall compensation
  • Although it is equipped with shock absorption and repulsion abilities, they are limited to the type of rifle and the device would be damaged by high caliber rifles.

Bottom Line

The Barska 3-9x42 2nd generation sniper scope is among the top rifle scopes Barska offer. It offers value for money and delivers as specified.

#2: Barska 4x32 ir Contour Rifle Scope

The Barska 4x32 IR contour rifle scope is designed to combine a weather resistant housing with a fully coated set of optics for close range targeting during the day.

The device can be mounted on a rifle or easily mounted on a crossbow.

It has Mil-Dot reticle that is either green or red illuminated. Red illumination is ideal for low illumination levels and in woodlands while green illumination works best in daylight.

The rifle scope has an inbuilt sun shade that helps to reduce the glare that is present in sunlight.

The rifle scope is designed to endure shocks associated with high caliber rifles. It can easily be mounted on pistols, shotguns and other high recoil firearms.

The device is perfect for a hunting expedition. It combines performance with innovation to create a rifle scope that does not sacrifice ruggedness, dependability, and craftsmanship.

This makes the rifle scope able to produce low magnification and long eye relief to make it excellent for close range action from rifles, pistols, crossbows and rim fire action.

Things We Like

  • Illuminated reticle-red, green and black
  • The device comes with a full set of auxiliary parts
  • Low magnification resulting in long eye relief making it ideal for close range action
  • Robust construction which makes it shock proof to various vibrations and recoil actions of various firearms
  • Built in sun shade to reduce glare caused by sunlight

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Although the device is water resistant, it is not completely water proof
  • Despite being re-enforced to absorb shock from different caliber firearms, the device will be damaged by some high caliber rifles.

Bottom Line

The Barska 4x32 IR contour Rifle scope is an excellent addition for hunters who desire a device that gives them excellent short range views. The low magnification of the device ensures that you get clear, precise and accurate views.

Its versatility makes it easily usable on crossbows, and rifles.

#3: Barska 3-9x40mm Tactical p4 Rifle Scope

The Barska tactical P4 rifle scope is built for top notch performance at a reasonable price. 

The device is excellent for mid-range to long range spotting and targeting.

It has a 3-9x magnification which easily brings action from distance up close making it easy to spot and hit targets accurately. A 40mm objective lens enables clear, bright images for easy resolution.

The Barska rifle scope is equipped with a range finding P4 reticle which enables quick sight acquisition.

The device is also completely water proof and fog proof making it ideal for all weather applications at all terrains available.

The device is also made to absorb and endure shocks and recoil actions produced by rifles when they are discharging.

The Barska tactical P4 rifle scope is ideal for situations that require a high level of detail and tactical awareness. Its wide range of view makes it suited for long distance engagements and combat.

The device also comes in handy with all necessary parts expected. These include mounting rings and protective flip up covers. The mounting structures are versatile and allow the device to be mounted on different types of rifles.

Things We Like

  • The device is completely water proof and fog proof making it ideal for different types of environments.
  • The device is equipped with shock absorption mechanisms that make it endure the vigorous rifle recoil actions.
  • The huge magnification of the device makes it give high-resolution images from a long distance
  • 40mm objective lens aids the device to produce clear high-resolution images
  • The device has a range finding P4 reticle that enables quick sight acquisition.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Although the device has a well-built robust body, it may be damaged by high caliber rifles

The Barska tactical P4 rifle scope is the most cost effective rifle scope you will find. The value of this scope offers is unrivaled.

#4: Barska 6.5-20x50 ao Varmint Target Dot Rifle Scope

The Barska AO Varmint Target Dot rifle scope is designed for precision. The device is very effective on long range targeting and is also very accurate.

The rifle scope is equipped with a 50mm objective lens which increases light transmission.

The device also has multi-coated optics which are crucial in enabling the rifle scope to offer maximum clarity.

The device is equipped with an adjustable objective to correct parallax. The device has twice the precision required for varmint hunting or tactical shooting done over long ranges.

The versatility of the device is enhanced by the fact that the device is water proof and fog proof. This makes the device usable in diverse terrains and climatic conditions.

The device has a strong foundation that makes it endure vibrations and recoil actions produced by rifles. The robust structure of the device makes it easily mountable on different types of rifles and pistols.

The Barska AO Varmint Target Dot rifle has a 1-inch tube and is equipped with a Target Dot reticle. This combined with its large objective lens makes it ideal for clear, precise and accurate images of targets.

The device also comes with a complete set of mounting structures. The mounting structures are versatile making the device mountable on different types of rifles.

Things We Like

  • Water proof and fog proof gadget which can be used in all types of climatic conditions.
  • Large objective lens for clear and precise images.
  • Massive magnification for easy target spotting.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Parallax correction does not work well for short distance target.
  • The eye relief is low at 3.6 inches.

    Bottom Line

    Whether you desire a scope for long range shooting, precision shooting, varmint shooting or target shooting, this is the gadget for you. It offers excellent images all day long and is not affected by low illumination levels.

    #5: Barska 4-16x50 Varmint 30/30 Rifle scope

    The Barska varmint 30/30 rifle scope offers a durable package for long range targeting and precise shooting.

    The device easily produces high-quality images of target objects at long distances.

    The device has a 50-millimeter objective lens that allows for high quality, accurate and high-resolution images of target objects. The large objective lens allows for high illumination of images by the rifle scope.

    The device is water proof and fog proof making it useful in extreme weather and all types of terrain.

    The device is equipped with a robust body that is able to absorb shocks and recoil actions produced by rifles as they discharge. The rigid body of the rifle scope makes it easily mountable on many types of rifles and pistols.

    The device has a 1-inch tube which translates to a low weight of the gadget. The gadgets weight is around 21-ounces which makes it ideal for long distance hunting while carrying the device as it is not heavy.

    When purchased, the device comes with a full set of auxiliary parts which include mounting structures, lens cloths, and protective scope caps.

    Things We Like

    • The device is water proof and fog proof making it usable in extreme weather conditions.
    • The device has a large objective lens for clear and precise images.
    • The device is ideal for long range targeting and shooting.
    • The device has a rigid body that is shock proof.

    Things We Didn’t Like

    • The device has low-resolution ability over short distances.

    Advantages of Purchasing Barska rifle Scopes Over other Brands

    Highly competitive prices

    We at Barska pride ourselves in providing quality, reliable rifle scopes at budget friendly prices. When you acquire a rifle scope from us, we guarantee that you are the best possible product for the money you are spending. You can get a quality rifle scope from us at less than $100 and we are sure that it will serve its purpose as intended.

    Versatility of the rifle scopes

    Barska rifle scopes are designed in a way that they can be mounted on different types of rifles and other hunting devices e.g. cross bows. The mounting structures used by the rifle scopes are versatile enough to be adjusted to different types of rifles and fit. This means that you do not have to buy several rifle scopes if you have several firearms.

    Barskas’ rifle scopes commitment to precision and accuracy 

    Hunting is an excursion that can be frustrating if you continue to miss your targets. Barska rifle scopes are designed for accuracy and precision. Other than being very comfortable during use, our rifle scopes are the most accurate and precise that you will find in the market.

    Success is a key motivator for most hunters. With our high accuracy and precision equipment, hunters are likely to have extended sessions.


    Barska rifle scopes are designed for comfort. Hunting expeditions can be long and exhaustive. A rifle scope that helps reduce the strain is a welcome addition to any hunters’ kit.

    Barska scopes are designed with classic internal features that help the eye focus better. The construction of the rifle scope ensures that it has a minimum weight which comes in handy when you have to carry your rifle for long distances.

    Robust construction and durability

    Barska rifle scopes are designed to endure tough conditions expected during a hunt. The devices are water proof and fog proof making them very versatile in areas of use.

    The devices are also designed to withstand vibrations and recoil actions produced by rifles as they discharge.

    Although rifle scopes have a predetermined function; enabling the user get a better view of the target, their use is not as straightforward.

    Tips and Techniques that Make Your Rifle Scope More Effective and Durable

    Every rifle is different from the other.

    Although different rifles may have same model numbers, they are not necessarily similar. Carry your rifle along when going to buy a rifle scope so that you get the best rifle scope for it.

    Familiarize yourself with your scope and get to know the functions of each part.

    It would be a shame if your scope malfunctions during a hunt and you have no idea what might be wrong and how to rectify the situation.

    Determine the eye relief that your rifle scope offers.

    Eye relief refers to the distance from your eye to the lens. The higher the power of your lens, the lower the eye relief. Determining the eye relief enables you to know where to put your eye to get the best image.

    Adjust your scope based on the impact of rounds fired.

    Consistency is key when firing rounds and an assessment can be made on the accuracy of the rifle scope. If the rounds do not hit the target consistently, you need to adjust the windage.

    Adjust parallax if the need arises

    Some rifle scopes have a parallax adjusting mechanism. Parallax refers to the movement of the target in reference to the image displayed on your lens when you move your eye from the center of the lens.

    Frequently asked Questions

    Q. What does the power of a rifle scope refer to?

    A. Power refers to the number of times the rifle scope magnifies the target. For example, a 3-9x rated rifle will magnify the image 3 -9 times.

    Q. Does the rifle scope come with mounting structures?

    A. Most rifle scopes come with an assorted number of auxiliary parts and it’s unlikely you will buy a rifle scope without its mounting structures.

    Q. What does eye relief mean?

    A. Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the rifle scope where you can get a clear image of the target

    Q. Will the scope pick up light from an infrared source?

    A. No. Scopes designed for civilian use are not equipped with infrared detection.

    Final Verdict and Conclusion

    From the above Barska rifle scope reviews, it is clear that our products are superior to other brands. We have a global appeal which is a further testament to our expertise. We offer the most competitive prices in the market and coupled with the fact that we offer the best product, we are clearly the best choice when it comes to choosing a rifle scope to buy.

    Try us today and get a product that not only meets your expectations but surpasses them in all areas of scrutiny.

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