Best 4x Rimfire Scope reviews

Best 4x Rimfire Scope – Guide & Reviews

There was a time when most hunters would go with a scope of 4x magnification when they use plains and mountain rifles. But with more powerful optics becoming available, you’d think that 4x scopes are no longer in vogue.

This is far from the truth, however. Many hunters would still pick the best 4x rimfire scope when they are in the bush.

Why? With a 4x power, the scope can make your rifle ready when you are walking in the woods. During those situations, targets like squirrels can pop out at any minute. With a scope of 4x magnification, you can engage very quickly.

Moreover, 4x scopes are usually lighter compared to those with greater magnification. This is very much important for hunters who don’t want to be bringing a heavy rifle and scope in the woods.


Recommended 5 Best 4x Rimfire Scope

#1.TASCO MAG39X32D Rimfire Series 3-9x


TASCO MAG39X32D Rimfire Series 3-9x 32mm 30/30 Reticle .22 Riflescope

This riflescope, particularly designed for .22 rimfire rifles, has been getting good ratings from users.

I’m not surprised as this one is well-made with good optic quality. It also doesn’t hurt that this scope is reasonably priced.

Optic Quality

The 4x magnification of this riflescope is just right for the effective range of .22 rifles. I’ve used these once, and I was able to make clean shots on a couple of squirrels hiding in the trees. Some users say that the scope struggles when the target’s distance is past 50 yards.

Aside from the optic being bright and clear, this scope is also very user-friendly. Its windage and elevation adjustment are easy to change.

Build Quality

I can’t say anything bad about the construction of this scope. It feels solid in hand. It is well-built. At just 10 oz., this is a scope that won’t really add significant weight to your rifle.

Versatile mounting

Another quality of this scope that has its owners raving is the versatility of mounting. I mounted this on a Henry .22 rifle with relative ease. Some Users say that they’ve mounted this on older models like a Winchester Model 190.



#2. Leupold FX-I Rimfire 4x28mm Fine Duplex

Best 4x Rimfire Scope

Leupold FX-I Rimfire 4x28mm Fine Duplex

This is another good rimfire scope with a 4x magnification that I can highly recommend.

Like the Bushnell model, it is reasonably priced. Its optic quality is also pretty decent for an affordable scope. And it is easy to mount and use as well.

Build Quality

Measuring 9.2 inches long and weighing 7.5 ounces, this is a compact yet solidly built scope. The rings can be even heavier than the scope itself.

Another reviewer shared he was able to find a mount for this scope that allowed him to fit the weapon in his bag, even if the scope was installed on the rifle. These testimonies illustrate how small this scope is.

Because of its compact size, this scope will have no troubles fitting inside your bag. You can bring this lightweight scope to the woods.

Optic Quality

Another thing you’ll love about this scope is the clarity and brightness of the images you’ll see when you use it. This scope has tremendously improved its accuracy when using their rifles.

I personally like its long eye relief of 4.5 inches. This should make it a lot easier for you to sight moving targets.



#3. Tasco Rimfire 4x 15mm Crosshair Reticle Riflescope


Tasco Rimfire RF4X15D 4X15MM Black Matte Crosshair Ret Clam

If you’re the type of hunter or shooter who’s not inclined to spend a lot of bucks on a scope, then I recommend you this 4x 15 mm riflescope from Tasco.

This is perhaps the most affordable scope in this list.

Build Quality

Despite being cheap, this scope is surprisingly durable. It is made of aluminum, including its tube and mount. The bezels and caps are made of plastic. There’s also a plastic adjustment for focusing.

Ease of Use

When I first used this, I had some problems adjusting the focus. But I eventually found how to adjust it, and the view became more sharp and detailed.

I just noticed that the ghost ring that develops when you adjust the focus even makes it hard for you to view through the scope.

Many users have a different experience, however. They say that they have problems focusing on it. Other users were disappointed with the windage and elevation adjustments. They say they have a hard time adjusting these.

The eyepiece of this scope is small, too, so it wasn’t a surprise to me that there are a lot of one the reviewers who complained about it. They say that it is very hard to see through such a small hole.

Of course, you can’t expect such a cheap scope to have every feature found in high-end models. I think this scope is still a good choice for hunters who are hesitant to spend a lot of money on a scope. It is also a great scope for people who are just getting started in shooting.



#4. BARSKA 4X20 Rimfire Riflescope


BARSKA 4X20 Rimfire Riflescope

Rounding out our list of scopes with 4x magnification is this one from Barska. This model is ideal for small bore rimfire rifles.

It has fully coated optics that can reduce glare and yield clear and bright images. With a black matte finish, this should be a useful and attractive addition to your rifle.

Barska backs this up with a lifetime limited warranty. Like some of the scopes in this list, this Barska model is very cheap.

It is within the price range of the other entry-level scope in our list, the Tasco Rimfire 4x 15mm Crosshair Reticle Riflescope. Despite its price, you’ll be surprised that this model comes with the mounting lens, lens cap, and a cloth for cleaning it.

Optic Quality

Save for the 2.5-inch eye relief which I find a bit short; I was impressed with the optic quality of this scope. It is easy to zero in. It is very clear and bright, even when I use this scope late in the afternoon.

It’s very decent to use when the target is around 50 yards from you. Anything farther than that and the scope performs rather poorly.

Some reviewers though say they have to re-zero the scope every outing, which adds up to the discontentment. Others lament that its accuracy is atrocious. But who said you can get everything in a cheap scope such as this?

Still, for its very affordable price, good build quality and decent optic quality, this scope can be considered a good deal.



#5. Weaver Rimfire 4X28 Riflescope


WEAVER Rimfire 4X28 Riflescope

This rimfire riflescope is not as affordable as the item preceding it. This riflescope, however, is a lot better in terms of build quality, ease of use, and optic quality.

It comes from one of the more respected brands of scopes, known for its reliable optics and mounting systems.

Build Quality

This scope measures a little over 10 inches in length. It is lighter than most of the scopes mentioned in this review, weighing just 8.5 ounces. Despite its size and weight, the scope does have a solid feel to it. Let’s just say that it doesn’t feel cheap at all.

Optic Quality

As you would expect from a scope coming from Weaver, this 4×28 scope has lens that are fully multi-coated. It is designed to reduce glare and produce sharp and bright images.

This scope is very much capable of producing clear images even when used in low lighting conditions. It is also able to withstand various weather conditions because it is waterproof and shockproof.

Ease of Use

Mounting this scope should not be a problem at all. It is very easy to mount. It should fit in nicely in most rifles. In my case, I mounted this on a CZS 452 Trainer rifle and suffice to say, it has fit in very well.

The adjustments are ¼ of an inch, with its turrets protected by aluminum caps. Windage and elevation adjustments are also easy to adjust. There are no lens caps, though, so you’ll need to buy one.


Final Verdict

These are the five top-rated rimfire scopes with 4x magnification. All of these scopes are highly recommended by hunters on the website.

The consensus is that these scopes are very handy for close-range shots. These scopes will improve your accuracy and make your trips to the woods a lot more fruitful.

There’s no clear-cut winner if you ask me what is the best scope is in this list. All these scopes are solidly built. I also find them very easy to mount and adjust.

Perhaps your budget will dictate which scope you’ll eventually get. But what I can assure you is that no matter which rimfire scope you purchase, it is very unlikely that you will regret buying it.