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Best Ant Bait Reviews for Indoor,Outdoor and Yard

Ant killers are sort of baits that are aimed to destroy not only the ants but the entire hive population along with the queen bee. While being extremely easy to use, the best ant baits ensure an effective and lasting solution to the ant problem. 

The best ant bait is by far the Raid 11717 Ant & Roach Killer. It doesn’t leave much residue and has a tremendous impact. However, I would earnestly urge you to ensure the fact that the substances you use are not poisonous.

Toxic substances are a potential danger threat for pets and kids.

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How to Select Ant Baits?

Ants have garnered a reputation owing to their nature of living in hive systems. This entails that they go out in search of food to supply and replenish their food stocks.

This is usually done by foraging and exploiting surrounding areas around the hive. Nothing gets in their way of food and if your house is near the hive then it is in the imminent danger of an ant invasion.

Now, however ecologically fascinating that might be, ants around the house are a bit of a bother.

For even the smallest of crumbs lying on the floor will be enough to facilitate such an attack. The worse part about ant attacks is that they leave behind a sort of scent trail for subsequent ants to attack the source.

While killing the ants might be a solution, it won’t really stop the ants from repeating their attacks. That unless you can find an effective way to prevent such attacks from happening altogether. This is where the ant killers come in.

The first thing that you must understand while investing into rat baits is that different types of baits are recommended for different types of ants.

Certain baits may be effective for Pavement ants and certain others for Carpenter or Odorous ants. Ants would be attracted to sugar and oily food substances.

While most of these baits would work for almost all varieties of ants, there are certain elusive species which would obviously be requiring a special type of bait. Here are some tips on how to choose the best ant bait-

  • If you are unsure about the type of bait you need to invest in, pick multiple baits, one from each category. You could also invest on baits that ants would feed on both cycles. However, they are normally not as effective as specific lure type baits.
  • If you wish to invest in a residual repellent spray, it is advisable that you drop the idea. It is more recommended that you use a non-repellent residual spray.

#1. DuPont Advion Ant Control Bait Gel ( best outdoor ant killer & best ant killer for yard ant killer )

The DuPont Advion gel is a product that you shall fall in love with from the moment you start using it.

The first impression that I had was obviously misleading. The gel was absolutely translucent and did not have any odor.

I suspected that maybe it was a bad product. But after using it, I was convinced that it is the best ant bait of its kind. Not just that.

It is perhaps the most potent outdoor bait as well- enough for it to be labeled as the best outdoor ant killer.

From the very beginning, I noticed that the gel did not stain any of the spots I put it on.

It would stay fresh for long periods of time whether it is used indoors or outdoors. Now, because the gel remains active for a greater amount of time, the ants tend to eat the bait for a longer amount of time.

This, in turn, results in greater control over and faster elimination of ant colonies.

The gel comes in a tube rather than bait traps. This allows for a greater flexibility in putting it around the premise. So, now I could put the gel anywhere I wished to, including attics, garbage areas and even cracks in the wall.

I would like to highlight here that it is absolutely safe to put it on wooden furniture without the fear of stains.

The outdoor applications of the gel, as I found out, greatly surpassed its indoor applications. I could use the gel on trees and rocks and even sewers with extremely positive results.

This makes it the best ant killer for yard. The gel, if properly used, is even safe for pets and can be used against all major varieties of ants in and around your house. However, the gel is a potentially strong pesticide.

Therefore, I would advise you to dispose of any waste arising from this product carefully.

Feature We Like

  • Odorless and translucent
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Stainless application

We Dislike

  • Not efficient enough against fire ants.

#2. Raid 11717 Ant & Roach Killer ( Best indoor ant killer )

The Raid 11717 is one of the best ant baits that I have come across in this segment for a variety of reasons.

While I do not like aerosols, there is something intrinsically different about the Raid in terms of content and performance.

Firstly, the Raid is extremely efficient in its task and has an extremely quiet and fast knockdown effect.

The residual effects like smell are so light that you would hardly notice it.

This is great especially for people like me who are allergic to aerosol smells.

Given its popularity as an insecticide, I was very interested in what ingredients made up the formula.

I found out that the main component used in the formula was a synthetic pyrethrin which is basically an extraction from the chrysanthemum plant.

For the purpose of durability, a petrochemical is added into the formula. However, I found no traces of smell with respect to the petrochemical.

I used this product mostly indoors and found that once the ants crossed the path sprayed across with the Raid, they were killed.

The effects of the spray were effective for ten days. Having said, that I would also point out that this product would not be really effective in killing the ant colony or the queen.

But if you are looking for a product for indoor use, this is by far the best indoor ant killer.

Another thing that I noticed is that it does not leave behind any sort of oily residue that is so common with the other products.

This is definitely worth your money and I highly recommend it.

Feature We Like

  • Water base technology
  • Strong and effective
  • No chemical smell

We Dislike

  • Cannot be used outdoors.

#3. TERRO T300 Liquid Ant Baits - 6 Pack

Terro products have always been fairly effective in dealing with ant infestations.

I had high expectations from the T300 before testing it.

And needless to say, it lives up every bit to its expectations.

The T300 consists of pre-filled liquid bait stations that I had to just place around the infested areas.

The rest was taken care if by the product itself.

After I had planted all the baits around the house, I found out that they liquid lasted for quite a long while.

Upon researching into it, I discovered that a special patented product in the liquid prevented the liquid from drying up too fast.

This also attracted ants towards the liquid faster and as a result, killed them off efficiently and easily.

It is important to place the bait in an area where the ant trail is thicker or there are numerous ants. This would obviously mean a faster disposal of the insects.

Moreover, it would also aid a much more efficient use of the product. I even used the product outside with a fair amount of success. 

I would also recommend you to use all the six baits together in a planned layout to increase the effectiveness of the product.

A word of advice here, you may notice that the ants initially don’t seem to die. They merely come to the bait and upon consuming it go away.

I would request you to have patience as this is how the bait works. It does not immediately kill the ant. Instead, it acts after some time.

By that period, the ant would hopefully share it with its companions in the hive and then kill them all. Neat huh?

Feature We Like

  • Long action formula
  • Bait traps help in better placement
  • Very effective

We Dislike

  • Takes some time to act. It means that gaining complete control over ant colonies could take as long as two weeks

#4. Amdro Yard Treatment Kills Fire Ants Fire Ant Bait Granules 5lb ( Best fire ant killer )

A common shortcoming of even the best ant baits is that they cannot deal with fire ants very well.

Fire ants, by virtue of their strength, speed, and capacity for destruction, require a more potent bait.

Enter the Amdro Yard Treatment which has been specially made to tackle the fire ants.

Believe me when I say this that the product aims to keep your yards and house free from fire ants on a seasonal basis.

I came to know about the product when I was living on my friend’s farm and he encountered a problem with numerous fire ant infestations. The first product we decided to try out was this Amdro.

Thankfully, it was the last we ever tried out because quite simply this is the best fire ant killer.

Merely one packet was enough to treat an area up to almost 10,000 square feet. The granules were effective in wiping out all the infestations in a matter of two weeks.

Not only that, it prevented new mounds from forming over existing mounds.

However, we had to be careful about a few things and I would like to note them up.

Firstly, the bait is very potent. It is not safe to keep livestock around areas where the bait has been spread.

Secondly, the product, while not poisonous, is not really safe for pets. Do keep them away from animals.

Thirdly, you must also make sure that the area where you are spreading the treatment is not wet. Water negates the effectiveness of the product.

That’s why, it would probably be a good idea not to use this product during the rainy season.

Feature We Like

  • Eliminates fires ants quickly and efficiently
  • Prevents new mounds from forming
  • Seasonal control

We Dislike

  • Rendered ineffective upon coming into contact with water

#5. Terro 1806 Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits, 1.0 fl. oz. - 6 count

There is just something about Terro products that consistently make them one of the best products in the category.

The Terro 1806, unlike the T300, is designed specifically for outdoor and yard use.

However, unlike the T300 which really sucks for outdoor use, the Terra 1806 can be used indoors with moderate success.

Now, given all the products I had already used previously, it was really tough coming up with something that could impress me.

But this product did just that. After planting these baits around the yard, the ants stopped coming into the house.

While using this product, I had a large ant infestation in my yard. Needless to say, I needed something that could efficiently tackle that situation. And the 1806 was more than up to the mark.

The kill baits are provided with stakes which give extra support and stability to the bait when placed on the ground.

The baits are weatherproof which means that you can use them under all weather conditions without any issue.

The weather-proofing also has the desirable side effect of prolonging the liquid state of the bait. Thus, it can supply the ants with endless food and poison.

It is very easy to activate the baits and set them up. After twisting the cap of the baits, I placed them around the trails where I expected ants to frequent a lot.

I would advise you to use the stakes to secure the bait so that the liquid doesn’t fall off. For best results, repeat planting these baits every three months so that the ants don’t return.

Feature We Like

  • Stakes along with baits for additional stability
  • Effective and efficient

We Dislike

  • Nothing worth mentioning.

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The market is overloaded with options. It is extremely difficult to select the best ant bait. Keep your requirements clear and keep a track of the type of ant infestations you wish to eliminate.

Making any informed choice will ensure that you get the best return on your investment. Hope this review helps you find the best product. That’s all for today.

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