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Best Bug Zapper Reviews in 2018 – A Comprehensive Guide

While actually looking around for a bug zapper, you need to be clear about whether you are looking for a heavy-duty machine or a portable model. Never underestimate looks, looks are important too.

According to my analysis and experience with bug zappers, Flowtron Insect Killer, 40 Watt is the best bug zapper in the market right now. Hoont Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper could be a worthy alternative in the reasonable price range.

Things to Consider While Buying a Bug Zapper

Design and Construction

In the bug zapper world, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. User safety, durability, strong construction, ease of use and maintenance are the things that ensure that the product keeps your priorities into consideration.

For instance, the best electric bug zapper should ensure that you don’t get a shock by accidentally touching. However, at the same time, it should not compromise on performance.

Effective Range

As a general rule, when selecting your bug zapper, only invest in as much killing power as you require of the product. Bug zappers have ranges, while some can be effective for acres, others are effective for only a few square feet.

I would encourage potential investors to accurately ascertain the area of infestation. Also worth noting considering is the wattage or energy efficiency of the product.

Additional Features

There are available some variants of bug zappers which include chemical attractants and other types of repellents.

Some other variants also have a timer for the “set and forget simplicity”. It has been generally seen that customers usually love bug zappers which are easy to maintain and install.


Let’s admit, price is the first thing we all notice while buying any product. Bug zappers are one time investments.

Therefore, you should avoid opting for super-cheap options that make huge claims.

To put in very general context, the electronic bug killers offer more extensive coverage zones and more efficient kills.

I guess you would always want to invest in a product that offers more value for money in terms of utility, performance and price ratio.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Bug Zapper

Among the things that could spoil your perfect summer day, the annoying presence of bugs reigns supreme. 

Honestly, bugs like mosquitoes, black flies, and biting midges have really no point of existence other than biting you, bothering you and ruining you quiet evening siesta outdoors.

Now, not only are these bugs expert in ruining your mood and locales, they also often act as the carriers of disease that infect human beings.

Now, there are quite a few things that you could do about this. If you can stand the smell of citronella, you could apply it on you till you reek of it or you could invest in the best bug zapper.

To ensure that these pests are swiftly and efficiently eliminated, you need to select the device that fits your needs and preferences.

#1. Flowtron Insect Killer, 40 Watt (best outdoor bug zapper)

The Flowtron insect killer is an absolutely beautiful piece to look at.

Given that, it also performs pretty well as compared to most other wired product.

The design of the product reminded me of the lamppost heads of yore.

Obviously, with such a beautiful design you obviously run the risk of spoiling out your interior look with the classic design of the product.

In terms of performance, this product is an absolutely monster.

After I started using the product, I discovered that bugs indoors were almost non-existent.

The thing would just endlessly keep on attracting and zapping any bug that comes into its contact.

This brings me to any important point. The product lacks any sort of a safety catch plate with which you catch the bugs after they have been zapped.

This means that every morning, you have to pick up heaps of dead bugs from the floor.

This was a bit of a bother for me. This also meant that cleaning the product was also a tedious affair which is not something I faced with other indoor bug zappers.

The Flowtron is perhaps, in spite of its many shortcomings, the best indoor bug zapper in terms of performance.

I mean I have a pool right beside my house and yet after having installed this product, I found out that there were no mosquitoes or bugs in my house.

Another thing that I like about the product is its waterproofing. The product can be used outside too.

As a result, its waterproof exterior is a great help against the elements of the weather like rain and snow.

As the product does not clog, I didn’t have to clean it every day but only within 3 days interval. I have no qualms about the product’s durability either.

Feature We Like

  • Great design.
  • Waterproof
  • Can be used outdoors

We Dislike

  • Does not have a catch plate.

#2. Hoont Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper

How much you try to ensure that your surroundings remain insect-free, sometimes, it's just unavoidable.

However, a good bug-zapper always adds a layer of extra credibility to this attempt.

The Hoont Indoor bug-Zapper covers a large area and prevents any buzzing insects in a proximity of 6000 sq.ft.

I was posted in one of the remote regions and didn’t want to spend too much in the name of pest control.

At the same time, I was dealing with an almost continuous influx of a variety of insect.

I used to keep it on all the time and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t give out due to over-use.

Nevertheless, the technology is very simplistic and yet effective. Insects like shiny things this zapper is designed with a 10 watt UV bulb that draws in the little pests.

The electric grid of the zappers kills them before they can go any further. It is not even that difficult to get rid of the dead insects either.

You just have to clean out the tray that they collect in.It is primarily an indoor appliance and can be used for any kind of commercial or even residential buildings. 

However, it won’t serve for a camping trip as I was disappointed to learn. 

It uses a 15-W bulb whose higher intensity is more useful for the outdoor settings. Further, it covers a decent radius of half an acre. 

You can pair this with the Flowtron MA-1000- 6 Octenol Mosquito Attractant
. The 6 packs that you get with one purchase will last up to 3 months. It is very convenient and remarkably easy to set up and works well with the insect killer.

Feature We Like

  • Covers a large area of 6000 sq. ft.
  • Easy to clean
  • High quality 10 W bulb and Wall-mounted

We Dislike

  • Not for outdoor use.

#3. Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer by LiBa

There was a time I was living with an army of insects and could get little or no help by the ineffective bug zappers available in the market.

A pest control specialist friend recommended this product.

He hailed it as one of the most advanced bug zappers till date.

I decided to see for myself what the fuss is all about.

The first impression was a lasting one. See, this product uses an optimized wavelength that insects can see, and it’s lab-tested to attract them.

The result was visible in the very first hour of plugging it in as tons of insects were flocking towards the light just like that.

The massive 2800V bulbs make this device a powerhouse, a guillotine for insects.

It’s a luxury if I compare this to the 1500V bulbs in my previous bug zapper, and now I don’t even need the aid of other pests repellers.

Impressed by the initial result, I did some digging. This zapper is safe to be used in residential complexes (mine is wooden) and guarantees a completely electronic, chemical-free solution to my pest problems.

Now I don’t have to worry about the harmful chemicals in those over the counter products and my family feels safer.

You can also consider Elucto Electric Bug Zapper which makes banishing mosquitoes both indoor and outdoor a child’s play, quite literally. It can be used by anyone anywhere.

Just press the ON button and the racket will be ready to zap insects as soonas it flashes a green light.

The design of the equipment is pretty straightforward and it is lightweight so, your hands won’t feel fatigued swinging it around.

Feature We Like

  • Effectively attracts and zaps insects.
  • Environment-friendly.

We Dislike

  • Makes some loud noise .

#4. Stinger Cordless Rechargable Insect Zapper

Stinger has always been a formidable name when it comes hi-tech bug zappers.

So, I had extremely high hopes from the Stinger Cordless.

Obviously, the cordless feature of the product is what initially attracted me to it.

For the record, I would just like to note that the cordless feature of is the coolest thing that I have seen so far in this segment.

It does let you do your chores while the machine takes care of the pests.

Unlike other bug zappers which could be installed at one place and not moved away, the greatest advantage of the Stinger Cordless is its portability.

I could carry it around the house and place it wherever I felt was most needed.

Once fully charged, I got around 3.5 hours of run time, thanks to the Lantern feature.

The black UV technology that the product incorporates not only successfully kills all types of bugs but is also easy on the eyes.

The Octenol lure which comes with the product easily lures in bugs and is more efficient for indoor uses.

A distinctly prominent shortcoming of the product that is easily noticeable on the very first use.

Unlike other products which can keep cover a broad area, the Stinger is only effective around 14 feet.

This was essentially a problem for me because it was not really useful during large family gatherings.

However, on a two person basis, it performed exceedingly well. If you need a bug zapper for personal use, look no further.

Feature We Like

  • Removal tray for easy cleaning.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Portable.

We Dislike

  • Effective area under control is very low.

#5. HIG Electronic Bug Zapper ( Electric bug zapper)

I would finish off my best bug zapper reviews with this easily maneuverable and powerful bug zapper from HIG.

I live in a mosquito-infested area and was, therefore, looking for a bug zapper specialized to tackle mosquitoes.

What I came across is the new HIG Electronic Mosquito Killer and Bug zapper.

It is a complete solution for mosquito infestation as per my observation.

The installation procedure and plugging in were very easy, and the initial result was quite impressive.

The bug zapper killed hundreds of mosquitoes in my living room in the very first hour of plugging in.

The zapper is effective against mosquitoes, bugs and many other kinds of insects. However, the flies were immune to it.

The unique coherent mechanism of the device makes it highly effective against the bugs.

The purple light attracts mosquitoes and insects and they are sucked into the fan as they get closer, enabling the electric power grid to kill them immediately.

I suggest you to use it in dark places where the LED light is clearly visible.

The dimming function allows no glare, and despite the little noise that the fan makes, I managed to get a sound sleep in the absence of mosquitoes.

This bug zapper proposes an environment-friendly solution to my pest problems.

Now I am not bound to use those harmful chemical pest control solutions readily available in the market.

This zapper is also very portable and can be placed in any indoor environment. You can also connect it to a computer USB port to charge it which also adds to the portability factor.

Feature We Like

  • 100% effective against mosquitoes.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Portable.

We Dislike

  • Ineffective against flies.
  • The fan makes some noise


Back in the good old times, if you happened to get a mosquito bite, you just dabbed on a calamine lotion and ignored the bite.

Those may have been crazy times, especially when you now look back upon them and see that they used to spray fogger all over the kitchen while preparing a family meal.

The situation has changed drastically now. Given that mosquitoes now carry all kinds of diseases, it would not be wise to use insecticides.

In such a scenario, the bug zapper is almost a god sent product. While the segment may be overflowing with all kinds of products offering you a lucrative deal, an informed choice will ensure that you receive your money’s worth.

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