Best destinations for boating adventure in the USA

It is a known fact that boating helps you relax and reduce the stress of your life. Thankfully in the USA, you do not have to go looking around for a water body to escape from the daily humdrum of life. There is one near to almost 90 % of the major destinations and if you are keen to spend some time on boating adventures here are the best ones that you can go on to.

Newport, Rhode Island- It is one of the most famous boating towns of New England and rightly so. The harbour has acted as the part of a call for America’s cup for many years. People from all over come to experience the quaint boating culture. Not to forget the awesome seafood that you can relish from any of the major restaurants located there.

Lake Havasu Arizona- Located in the middle of the Arizona desert Lake Havasu boasts of having 60 miles of waterways to experiment with. The place has lots to offer to the boaters like coves, sandbars and the famous London Bridge. The place is frequented by the young crowd and is brimming with the action the whole day.

Seattle Washington- Though a premier business destination Seattle also has a bustling boating life. With hundreds of miles of pristine water, these bodies are surrounded by beautiful mountains. All the boating centres are surrounded by natural parks and are a perfect spot for nature lovers.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida- Also known as Venice of America Fort Lauderdale has more than 300 miles of inland waterways to welcome you. The city has 40000 yachts and you can even know it as the yachting capital of the world. For the boating lovers, there are many activities to choose from some of them being, snorkelling, scuba diving, and even fishing.

Key West, Florida- Key West is known for having the best sunset and one visit to the place is a must to enjoy the same. The place has a laid back attitude and those who visit it get to enjoy a very relaxed time. In case you have your own sailboat then you can definitely have a lifetime's worth of adventures here,

Marina Del Rey, California- It is largest man made harbour in the USA and its high-level amenities are set to woo the rich and famous. Not only does the place have an amazing setting and ambience it also boasts of stocking more than 4300 boats on its docks. For the normal people just renting out a boat is sufficient to keep the adventures going. If you want Party Cove can prove to be the best choice to help you plan a boating adventure here too.

America has lots to offer to those who are craving to be out in the seas often. For those who are unaware of its potential, these were some destinations they can go to. The picturesque locations plus amazing facilities are enough to make you enjoy the adventure to full. Not to forget the food and party life which makes your trip memorable too.

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