Best Mole Traps Reviews in 2018- Buying Guides

After a thorough discussion with my teammates, we have come to the conclusion that Wire Tek 1001 easy Set Mole Eliminator Trap is overall the best mole traps in the market. If you are looking for a trap for commercial you, Pesky Varmint Rat Trap is specially engineered for that purpose.

6 Best Mole Traps Comparison


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Pesky Varmint Rat Trap

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Wire Tek 101 easy Set Mole Eliminator Trap

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RCO International MT1 Moles Trap

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Aspectek Rotatable Ultrasonic Pest Control

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Vensmile Solar Powered Mole Gropher Repellant

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Solar Powered Mole Repeller

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How to Get Rid of Moles?

Ever noticed deep tunnels dug overnight in and around your property? Moles are at work again!

Moles can be among the most annoying of pests that can cause immense damage to your property.

These furry creatures with unnaturally large paws and claws are a recurring threat to your gardens.

All those over the counter products and local mole traps are inefficient in curbing the menace that these pesky pests create.

Often the problem is aggravated to such an extent that the only solution is to hire professionals to take care of the situation.

Getting rid of moles, though tough, is not an impossible task. All you need is the correct trapping device and you can successfully drive the nuisance away from your garden.

Beware of the duplicate brands floating around in the market that can cause more harm than good. The first thing you need to do is locate the mole tunnel or the breeding ground.

Next, you have to set up the trap and cover the traces so that the moles aren’t suspicious of your activities.

All the products mentioned below are duly tested on the grounds of efficiency, accuracy, user-friendliness, safety and price.

#1. Pesky Varmint Rat Trap

Best Mole Traps Reviews

The vibrant and innovative Pesky Varmint Rat Trap can be used on moles as well.

The product features a very intuitive design with a large orange pad inside the trap that acts as a trigger, indicating the extermination of the mole.

The orange portion is distinctively marked so as to prevent users from accidently putting their hands inside the trap.

Moles are blind and will not be able to spot the color difference in the product.

The powerful spring action produces an impressive momentum and immediate shutting movement giving the mole no chance to escape.

The sharp scissors and blades on either side of the device kill the mole immediately.

All you have to do is insert a bait inside the trap (avoid placing your hand inside the orange area), press on the handle and wait for the mole to meet his fate.

The plastic construction of the frame is immune to rusting and corrosion. Also, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Feature We Like
  • This varmint trap works not only on moles but also other pests such as rats and rodents.
  • Very easy to set up and use.
  • The smart design of the trap protects users from hurting themselves.
  • ​The spring action is extremely powerful in trapping and killing the moles in a single move.
  • Sharp teeth-like scissors and blades on either side finish off the mole immediately thereby reducing the suffering.
  • You can use the product both indoors and outdoors.
We Dislike
  • The trap can be messy and difficult to clean.
  • Should be kept away from children and other animals.
  • Should be kept away from children and other animals
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#2. Wire Tek 1001 easy Set Mole Eliminator Trap

Best Mole Traps Reviews

Also known as the Easy Set Mole eliminator Trap, this mole traps lives up to its name.

Compared to any other mole trap that will require you half a day to set in to place, this is very convenient and requires the least bit of effort from the user.

Mole traps, in general, are versatile as well.

While poisons will require you to know the species of the mole that has been disturbing your garden, a trap is bound to work on every kind.

To begin with, it is safe for the user on several levels. Did you ever get injured while juggling all the clamps and the cables and spears that are required to set up a mole trap?

Well, the Wire Tek 101 removes all those necessities, leaving you with just the jaws and the setting lever.

What is even better is that there is no need to dig up a mole burrow to place the trap.

All you need to do is to tightly insert the jaws in the middle of the tunnel. Just ensure that the base sticks to the ground.

Now to trigger the trap, you need to press on the setting lever and it’s done.

The mole skirting through the tunnel will hit the portion that has been dented and will be killed by the trap.

It’s safe for humans and deadly for moles. However, there have been a couple of issues when the trap is set on sandy earth.

It requires a firm grip by the soil to be truly efficient.

Feature We Like
  • Safe to use
  • Effective
  • Work fast
  • ​Do not require many equipments
  • ​Do not require you to dig the tunnel.
We Dislike
  • Nothing worth mentioning.
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#3. RCO International MT1 Moles Trap

Best Mole Traps Reviews

RCO is a leading brand, known for their top quality products and the MT1 model is no different.

With its simple framework and user-friendly design, the trap is perfect or both amateurs and professional.

The traps are armed with a pair of durable scissor blades and all metallic body that immediately kill the mole in the garden.

The foot bar helps in adjusting the position of the blades, while the spring action design adds on to the power and efficiency of the task.

The product, though easy to use, is specially designed for commercial use. However, some features do make the trap more farm-friendly.

You can install the trap even in the narrowest of burrows and underground channels.

It leaves no stone unturned when it comes to exterminating these annoying creatures.

It is extremely safe and poses no threats to other animals as it will be set underground. The durable design can battle any terrain and weather.

Feature We Like
  • Easy to assemble, use without posing any serious threats to the professional or animals around.
  • Powerful scissor blades that can be adjusted to requirement and kills moles as humanely as possible, i.e., with least pain and suffering.
  • The foot bar set in at the base of the machine adds on to its flexibility, as it can now be installed anywhere and will be visible from a distance.
  • ​​The all metallic body is well-protected from external weather and environmental conditions.
We Dislike
  • The trap lacks the power and efficiency of a tunnel trap and can get rocks or pieces of mud in between the scissors.
  • It is best suited for experienced users and professionals.
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#4. Aspectek Rotatable Ultrasonic Pest Control

Best Mole Traps Reviews

Aspecteck is a rotatable ultrasonic pest repeller product that can be used to exterminate rats, moles, lizards spider, mosquitoes, and insects.

It is the best mole killer for commercial properties and small apartments alike as it has a high coverage area.

It emits high-frequency ultrasonic waves that though not audible to humans and pets can scare away the pests effectively.

The sound waves compel the pests to evacuate the property for a long time.

The device has a rotatable design that can be moved about 180 degrees in any direction and covers a wide radius of 5000 square feet.

You can plug in the device at the nearest power source using a cable, the long cable adds on to the movability of the device.

The framework also has a power plug at the side that can be connected to any electronic device. It features bright LED lights for better visibility at night.

The solid framework and durable plastic of the product last very long and require no maintenance.

Feature We Like
  • Very compact, lightweight and portable.
  • The flexible design comes with a rotating body that can be adjusted about 180 degrees in any direction.
  • A wide coverage area of 5000 square feet further enhances the performance of the machine.
  • The machine requires no maintenance, it doesn’t run on batteries.
  • Very eco-friendly and humane way to get rid of moles requires no chemicals or harmful traps.
  • The LED lights enhance the appeal and visibility of the device and hence a practical addition.
  • It comes with a power plug attached on the side that can be connected tp any electronic device.
We Dislike
  • The pests might make reappearance once the effects of the sound waves wear off, hence the product is not a permanent solution.
  • The device is not waterproof and has to be kept away from moisture.
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#5. Vensmile Solar Powered Mole Gropher Repellant

Best Mole Traps Reviews

If you are against killing those pests that frequent your garden, here is an easy way to repel them.

Killing may not be to the taste of all and they would have to suffer the moles in their garden instead.

However, repellants solve that problem conveniently.

The Vensmile Solar Powered Repellant is, of course, powered by solar energy.

This ensures that as long as the sun is out and it catches the rays, it will do its job. There is no need for any other source of power and that saves a lot of money.

The repellant works against more than just moles and tackles all kinds of rodents at the same time.

Not just rodents, it will further safeguard your garden from the dangers of snakes, Gekko, and other dangerous creatures.

So, now you can freely let your kid out to play without worrying about serpents.

The repellant has a range of 800 sq.ft. in average. However, this varies according to the condition of the soil.

It produces vibrations for a length of 3 seconds and repeats it at intervals of 20 seconds. This effectively reduces the population of unwanted rodents in your garden.

As repellants are placed out in the garden, there is always an issue of rain. You might even have problems while watering your garden.

However, this one comes with a tightly sealed waterproof cover that reduces the risks of damage.

But you might notice an increase in the number of mole hills when you first begin to use this.

This is nothing but the curious little moles trying to understand the change in their environment.

However, you should not surround the moles with repellents on all sides. The moles cannot escape and will be stuck in your garden.

Feature We Like
  • Humane method.
  • Easy and convenient.
  • Waterproof.
  • Solar powered.
We Dislike
  • Initial increase in mole hills.
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#6. Solar Powered Mole Repeller

Best Mole Traps Reviews

Want a break from all the blood and gore?

Mole repellers are a smart choice for users who wish to get rid of moles without actually killing them.

The solar powered mole repeller works on the principle of using sonic waves to scare off the pests, compelling them to run away from the property.

The supersonic pest repeller works on pests such as rats, moles, snakes and birds.

All you have to do is place them on the ground and activate it. The device emits sonic waves continuously for 5 seconds with about 20-second intervals in between.

The high-frequency waves pose a threat to the pests encouraging them to avoid the area covering about 8000 square feet from the repeller.

The method is very eco-friendly and convenient as you don’t have to deal with all the mess and hassles involved in trapping, exterminating and disposing of the moles.

Place the repeller in open areas with plenty of sunlight about 2 inches off the ground level.

Feature We Like
  • Mole repellers are perhaps the easiest and most effective way of dealing with moles.
  • The intuitive design of the product gets power from the sun and can work all day long.
  • The device poses no threats to the environment as the sonic waves created are of a minor intensity.
  • No batteries or maintenance is needed.
  • The device is waterproof and hence ideally suited for outdoor use irrespective of the climate
We Dislike
  • It does not kill the moles, they can make a comeback once the effect of the waves wear off.
  • Mole repellers are heavy in your pocket.
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The Bottom Line

Moles, though small and seemingly harmless, can create a hell of a problem for property owners.

Killing moles using natural or conventional techniques is a time taking process, that’s why most people opt for specially designed mole traps for exterminating these troublemakers.

Consider the features and specifications of each product carefully before making a choice.

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