Keeping Squirrels Away

Best Tips For Keeping Squirrels Away From Campsite

If you fall into the category of normal human beings, then I am quite sure you adore cute things, for example, puppies, kittens and the squirrel. Let’s forget about the former two and take a deeper look at the squirrel. Those tiny balls of fur are undoubtedly quite wonderful to behold and probably even play with  that is if you can manage to catch one.

Now I would like us to move away from that idealistic world where man and squirrel are friends. That world where your pet spends long hours playing with these furry creatures to your amusement.

In the real world, squirrels can be very annoying pests and probably even drive you mad if you don’t know how to use a proper squirrel deterrent.

So let’s say you have gone camping somewhere in the woods. When these little rodents find out that you are around and moreover you have food, let’s just say your outdoor vacation may not be very pleasant.

If you leave your tent for a few minutes; probably to go and fetch water, you may not like what you will find when you get back. They will eat your food, chew up books and probably even leave you a little present from their rear ends. So the question is; how do you keep squirrels away from your campsite?

One effective squirrel deterrent is pepper or any other spicy substance. I am not talking about going online and purchasing pepper spray as one of your supplies  that just won’t do. All you need to do is get a container of something like cayenne pepper and bring it along with you.

After setting up your tent, sprinkle some of this spicy stuff around and even inside it. If a gang of squirrels were waiting to make you their next victim, they will be in for a rude shock because they simply can’t stand spicy substances.

Peppermint and garlic will also act as a squirrel deterrent and keep these annoying rodents away from your campsite.

So maybe you are wondering about how to keep squirrels away without wasting spices. Well, there is a very effective alternative in the name of cats and dogs. If you have any of these pets at home, then it would be a great idea to bring them along with you on your campout.

Here is a helpful hint: if you leave your dog or cat behind when you go camping, it might get very agitated. As a result, it may decide to vent by tearing up your books, sofa, curtains and pretty much everything else that can be torn. I am pretty sure this is not something you would want.

Maybe you are wondering how your pets can repel squirrels. Very simple really; these two creatures simply ‘adore’ the squirrel,  adore in this case of course is not at all positive. Dogs like chasing squirrels the same way they do cats while cats like to chase squirrels the same way they do mice.

Needless to say, when you bring either of them with your on your travels, you will have a good rodent deterrent . In fact if your dog has been trained to hunt, you might end up with a little extra meat on your camping plate — that is if you fancy roasted rodent. Warning: consumption of squirrel meat is not a good idea.

If you like trapping things, then there really is no better squirrel deterrent. Squirrel traps,  are readily available, but if you happen to be quite the handy man then you can always build your own. Some of the most ideal baits include sunflower seeds and peanut butter.

Once you catch a few of these rodents you can either eat them or kick them back in the forest just to show them who’s boss. That was a joke; simply relocate them as far away from your tent as possible.

You don’t have to kill squirrels in the name of keeping them away from your campsite. They are pretty useful creatures to the environment; however, if they become too much of a nuisance then who are we to judge — that was another joke. The aforementioned methods will prove very effective in dealing with the issue of how to keep squirrels away.

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