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Camping Supplies Checklist: The Top 7 Essentials

pending time out on the great outdoors is one of the best bonding activities a family can have. Make sure everyone is safe and comfortable during the trip by bringing all the essentials plus some extra for comfort. Here are some items that should be on your camping supplies checklist:

1. Shelter

Tents serve as shelter from the elements and the insects that roam around the area. Find a lightweight tent that’s easy to carry on long hikes. Check that it is waterproof to avoid flooding inside. Most of all, be sure that it has enough space to accommodate everyone plus bags and other gear.

2. Sleeping Gear

Quality sleep allows campers to rest well and have the energy to make the most out of their days in the wilderness. Get comfortable sleeping bags with a temperature rating that’s fit for the season. Add a sleeping pad with good insulation for cold-weather trips. Lightweight silk blankets and air pillows are nice bonuses.

3. Food and Water

Plan your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) in advance and make sure that they are enough to sustain everyone’s caloric needs. Add lots of trail food for extended treks and always bring extra water just to be on the safe side. There are ready-to-eat options for campers but making things from scratch works, too.

4. Cook Set and Mess Kit

It’s good to be able to eat something warm on cold nights and chilly mornings. Some use homemade alcohol stoves while others buy a fancier off-the-shelf stove (or two). Whichever you prefer, bring a sufficient amount of fuel to last the entire trip. Titanium cups and pans are durable yet lightweight. Don’t forget plates, glasses, spoons, forks, or practical alternatives.

5. Emergency Kit

Always carry a first aid kit for medical emergencies. This should contain bandages, antiseptics, painkillers, antihistamines, and other medicine. Emergency blankets, ponchos, garbage bags, duct tape, headlamps, para cord, a lighter, a small compass, a whistle, and a Swiss knife are fine additions to the kit.

6. Clothing

Plan for clothing needs for each day including tops, bottoms, underwear, jackets, headgear, and so on. Keep them to a minimum so as to carry less inside the backpack.

7. Toiletries

Don’t forget the little things like stuff for dental hygiene, body wash, shampoo, tissue, hand sanitizer, and the all-important shovel.

These are the must-haves in any camping list of supplies. Go over your camping kit list to see if you’ve overlooked something and fill the gaps right away. Have a great trip!

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