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IOWA Lawmakers Decide to Hand The Kids a Gun at Age 14

A bill passed by the IOWA House of Representatives allows kids to pick up real guns from the tender age of 14 years. Approved by a 62-36 vote count the bill now heads to the state senate for final approval. However, the instruction is clear that kids can operate a gun and gun scope only under […]

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Some Facts To Know About The US Army’s New Handgun

After a quest for half a decade the US army has finally zeroed in on the handgun they would be using in future. Yes, they have selected Sig Sauer’s P320 as the new service pistol .For those who do not know much about it here are 11 interesting facts about it. This pistol was released […]

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Guide To Hunting For Beginners [Infographic]

No other Infographic is details as it is. In this Infographic we showed the exclusive tips on how to make fish bait without worms step by step without any step skip! Slide Note: You may also be interested on Hunting Scope. Read our in depth review on Best Scope For Hunting. Share this Image On Your […]

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