Nikon ProStaffRimfire Review

Nikon ProStaff Rimfire with BDC Reticle Review


You don’t need to be a hunter or shooter to know what to expect from Nikon. The brand is after all very popular not just to scope users but to ordinary Joes, especially those who have heard, seen, or used its cameras.

This Nikon ProStaff 3-9×40 mm scope with bullet drop reticle is a proof that the company remains a force to reckon with in the optics market.

This is the kind of rimfire scope you would want to bring if you expect to hunt until dusk.  It has fully multicoated optics that can assure up to 98 percent light transmission.

This Nikon ProStaff Rimfire with BDC Reticle is also filled with nitrogen, resulting in very clear and bright images despite low lighting conditions.


Nikon ProStaff Rimfire with BDC Reticle Review

Nikon ProStaff Rimfire with BDC Reticle Review

Multicoated optical layout

This is one of the outstanding features of this scope; one that separates it from the competition. This scope is able to let in nearly 100% of light transmission, which then results in clear and bright images.

More importantly, the multicoated optical layout makes it possible for the scope to display good images even when the sun is down.

Generous eye relief

This Nikon ProStaff Rimfire with BDC Reticle scope offers a generous eye relief of 3.6 inches. With this feature, you could easily pick up your rifle, add the scope, and find the eye relief distance. The 3.6 inch of eye relief also means it is unlikely that the end of the scope will hit your eye in the event of a recoil.

3-9x magnification

Pairing the 40mm objective lens of this scope is it’s 3 to 9x magnification. The said power of the scope makes it a very good optic to use for short to long-range shooting. According to most reviews on, the scope is able to maintain decent image quality even when the zoom is set to 9x.

This Nikon pro staff 3-9×40 mm scope is Easy to use

This Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 mm scope is also designed to be easy to use. Even if you have minimal experience in using a scope, it is unlikely that you’ll get confused about using this Nikon pro staff scope. Its windage and elevation adjustment dials, for example, have a very noticeable click and sound when you turn them.

Durable and sturdy

This scope is designed to withstand the most punishing of weather conditions. It is waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof. It is something that you would want to bring outdoors because even if it is exposed to the rain or dropped to the floor, this scope will continue to work.

  • It is very easy to use
  • It is durable and sturdy
  • It has multicoated optics for glare reduction
  • It provides generous eye relief
  • Mounts are not included in the package
  • Has some focusing problems past 7x


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it have an adjustable eyepiece?

A: Yes

Q: How long is it?

A: It is around 13.5 inches long.


Final Verdict

This Nikon ProStaff Rimfire with BDC Reticle scope could be the best in the 3x to 9x market. It is so packed with features that you would think it is a high-end scope.

The multicoated optic of this scope, for one, enables it to show very sharp, clear, and crisp images even when it is dark. This is a scope that should appeal even to hardcore hunters.

Because it is from Nikon, you can also be assured of the durability of this scope.

The lack of mounting rings, however, is a bit disappointing to most of its owners.  Others, too, didn’t like that the scope struggles past the 7x magnification mark.


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