Rodent Sheriff Review – Everything You Need to Know


Rodent Sheriff Reviews – An Effective Pest Controller?

Let me tell you one thing. Rats in my house are like bees in their hives. I had journeyed from one store to another to find that one right rodent spray repellent to get my house back from the clutches these mini-monsters.

But nothing seemed to work the magic until I read some Rodent Sheriff Reviews and planned on giving it a try. I definitely didn’t have my hopes high but this product played its cards nicely. Almost instantly post the first few sprays, I could see the rats escape their usurped abode.

Rodent Sheriff Review

Rodent Sheriff Pest Control - Ultra-Pure Peppermint Spray - Repels Mice, Raccoons, Ants, and More

In a mob of self-proclaiming rodent repellents out there, choosing the right rodent spray is not an easy job. Having tried and tested numerous products I zeroed down on this Rodent Sheriff.

I am writing this review because I want to help anyone who is going through a tough time finding the right spray. Having detailed and analytical information about a product means half the work is done.

This article captures my experience with this product after using it for two months. I hope this review will help you decide whether this spray is worth your money and time. So, here we go:

Product Specifications

  • Made using peppermint oil which is natural
  • It can be sprayed anywhere, in your house and the garden, alike
  • ​It effectively erases any kind of rodents out of the house
  • ​The product contains 8 oz of peppermint which implies a considerable amount of sprays to last really long
  • ​It is safe for pets and children but will scare away the rodents
  • Its strong odor adds to its purpose.

What I Like

Made from Purely Natural Substances

The best thing about Rodent Sheriff is that it is purely natural. It is composed of peppermint oil which is absolutely non-toxic.

This ensures that it can be used anywhere you find a rodent. Areas prone to pests can be dealt with within a matter of seconds.

Safe for Kids and Pets

This particular feature of the Rodent Sheriff makes it the most wanted product in the market as people are easily attracted to anything natural.

However, this really stands the test of time. You can use it freely anywhere you see roaches, mice or raccoons, irrespective of whether you are using it outdoors or indoors. It is absolutely safe for humans as well as pets.

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Soothing Odor

I really love the odor of Rodent Sheriff. More than anything else, its odor chases away the rodents. In fact, my dog used to excrete in unwanted places.

I sprayed some of this in those places and now my dog is least interested in these areas. The odor is really liked by humans, although pets might find it unpleasant.

However, the creatures that are in question will run away at the very first instance of smell.


The spray is very effective. Once sprayed, it chases away the roaches and mice for good and ensures their absence for a considerable period of time.

Even in the dirtiest or critter contaminated places, just one spray repels the rodents instantly and fills the air with a strong, fresh peppermint smell.

Additional Features

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It even has a time-release gateway which is invisible and natural at the same time. It gradually lets out the peppermint spray into the air.

The Rodent Sheriff has a variety of promising features and lives up to each one of them. It is safe for pets and children both. Because it is natural it is absolutely non-toxic.

It has a strange smell that is very strong and is bound to scare away the rodent. However, despite this smell, humans have been seen to like it because it has a mint flavor.

What I Didn’t Like

Despite all its effective features, it is not a flawless product per se. The product only sprays up to 5 to 6 inches.

Hence, it becomes difficult to spray in enclosed or narrow spaces where the rats usually hide.

So, you will need to wait for the rat to get out of there, which it gradually will, so as to spray it out of your house.

Rodent Sheriff Reviews Conclusion

That’s my honest Rodent Sheriff review for you. Prepared in the most natural way using peppermint oil, Rodent Sheriff is a safe and effective way to get rid of roaches in your surroundings.

It is absolutely non-toxic and has a strong herbal odor that chases the rodents away. For the kind of product that it is, it is definitely worth its price. Its minor flaws can take a backseat, given the kind of service it provides.

Hope this review will help you analyze the features and flaws of the product with a cautious eye.

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