UTG Bug Buster Scope Review

UTG Bug Buster Scope Review


As a passionate hunter, this utg bug buster scope review might be very helpful to you. Simply speaking, this top-notch spotting scope might be one of the best out there.

Anyhow, in this review, we will be presenting how this spotting scope works, its advantages and disadvantages in order to give you the full insight of the product.

Also, we will be discussing some general things about scopes, which can be applied to UTG bug buster scope as well.

Now, let’s take a look at this outstanding spotting scope.

Things to Know About the UTG BugBuster Scope

Generally, we will be discussing manufacturer’s specs, features, details and other significant things in order to get a wider picture of this amazing product.

As one of the leading spotting scope manufacturers like Swarovski Scope, UTG can be proud of this particular scope model as well. Anyway, this scope might be one of their best-valued products.

Manufacturer features, specs, and details of UTG bug buster spotting scope

UTG Bug Buster Scope Review

Now, keep in mind that every feature we mention is directly related to the scope’s value and overall performance.

First of all, this scope comes with a tube of one inch and obtains Emerald coating- this will maximize a light transmission. Secondly, there are lockable turrets which are resettable with ¼ MOA per click adjustment.

Furthermore, for a better aiming as well as performance while shooting, there is range estimating Mil-dot reticle. Also, there is a dual illumination with red and green color.

Anyhow, one of the most important things that this scope has is great point of view and the most accommodating eye relief.

When it comes to materials from which this scope was made, BugBuster scope is sealed and filled with nitrogen. Also, for maximum reliability, a scope is fog, rain, and shockproof when installed properly on your air gun or firearm.

Anyway, what makes this spotting scope different from others, other than its overall performance, is the true strength platform. The most importantly, it obtains a smart spherical structure (SSS).

This design will provide you with ages of reliability and guarantee responsive and precise windage or elevation adjustment over time. True strength platform is the best one out there for more than a decade and has been fully tested on elephant rifles and scope-killer air guns with extreme recoil.

Furthermore, target turrets are of high importance to a whole spotting scope. These turrets are consistent and precise with wintage and elevation adjustments.

Using the adjustable wide-angle front objective, this amazing scope grants you with an outstanding view that goes from only few yards.

Now, there is one interesting feature with this scope. It’s called RGB slide wheel illumination.

Simply speaking, this will give users quick and easy access to reticle light.

Anyhow, this scope has mil-dot reticle which is, nowadays, one of the best out there. In other words, using this feature, you will enhance accuracy and overall performance in a way you couldn’t imagine before.

Finally, this scope is super easy to install and ready to meet your needs right out of the box.

Pros and highlights

UTG Bug Buster Scope Review

There are countless pros of this product, but we will point out some of the most important in order to give you a wider picture of UTG bug buster spotting scope.

Outstanding performance- Simply speaking, thanks to the amazing features that we previously mentioned about this spotting scope, performance is guaranteed.

Easy to use/install- As we mentioned, this scope is ready to use right out of the box. It is very easy to set up and with amazing features that scope benefits, your enjoyment will be maximized.

Adjustable wide angle- Now, this amazing feature will allow you to set your scope to an angles you didn’t imagine one scope could be set. This is an amazing benefit that every hunter should crave for.

Lightweight- The most important, you need steady arm when aiming. This scope belongs to a lightweight category and its weight won’t be a problem to a hunter while aiming.

Great durability- Made out of the best materials, this scope will definitely serve you for a great amount of time. Anyhow, the scope is fog, rain, and shock proof when mounted on your air gun or firearm.

Cons and potential flaws

Now, for a greater view and wider picture of this scope we will point out some of the cons and potential flaws that you might not like.

Limited eye relief- Due to its compact size and limited eye relief, you might find yourself a bit uncomfortable with how far you need to lean in order to get proper eye relief.

Great value of UTG bug buster spotting scope

UTG Bug Buster Scope Review

This amazing spotting scope belongs to affordable price point category. Therefore, it pays a great value for the cash.

Simply speaking, we have pointed all the benefits of this spotting scope. Considering the reasonable price of it, and great benefits that this scope brings, it is way more than just “worth”.

A Short Guide About the UTG Bug Buster Spotting Scope

Now, for those that lack with experience of spotting scopes, we will make a short guide about the scope in general and put the final word on the utg bug buster review.

 Anyhow, there are some things you should consider when using the scope in order to get the best possible quality of an image.  Following these few steps will make you maximize the overall performance with spotting scopes.

Things you should consider when using the scope in order to provide the best image

Position yourself to the best possible location

First of all, positioning is one of the most important things when it comes to hunting. If you manage to camouflage yourself and position in a good location with a great view, you did half of the job.

Get rid of those shaky hands

Simply speaking, there are certain tools that can hold your gun and the scope perfectly still. Having a shaky hand might compromise your hunt, no matter how good scope is.

Using one of these tools can ease the hunt in general.

Scope with the best possible weather conditions

The weather conditions are of high importance to every hunter. On the “scoping field”, they can ruin the image, or increase its quality.

Anyway, this scope will perform well in almost every weather occasion, but in order to get the best possible picture, try to avoid rain, snow or haze.  

Recharge yourself

Keep in mind that your eyes and body are one of many factors of the successful hunt. Being tired won’t help.

Keep resting your eyes especially, since they take a great part in creating an image trough the scope.


In the light of everything that we previously said in this utg bug buster scope review, we may conclude that this product is a top-notch spotting scope that is highly positioned on the market.

Having one as a part of your collection, or starting one with this great scope is what every hunt lover should do.

Anyhow, we surely hope that this bug buster scope review will provide you with the needed information about UTG bug buster and scopes in general. All in all, getting one UTG spotting scope for yourself will drastically increase your hunting enjoyment.

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